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Tomcat i810 - TYAN motherboard

Single Socket 370
Celeron processor 300 MHz to 500+ MHz
Supports processor built-in 128K Cache
Front Side Bus support for 66 / 75* / 83* /95* /100 /105* /129* /133* MHz
Integrated VRM
Auto configure Clock Multiplier
Auto detect CPU Core Voltage
Processor speeds: CPU compatibility chart
Intel 810 DC-100 AGPset
GMCH (DC100), ICH(801AA), 4 MB FWH
ITE 8702/12F LPC Super I/O Chipset
System Memory
Supports 8 MB to 512 MB
Synchronous DRAM W/SPD
Two 3.3V unbuffered 168-pin DIMM Sockets
PC100 compliant 100 MHz SDRAM support
[ Compatiblity List ]
Expansion Slots
Four 32-bit PCI Bus Mastering Slots
Shared AMR slot
Integrated I/O
One Floppy port (1.44 MB, 2.88 MB, 3-mode)
Two 9-pin 16550 UART Serial ports
One 25-pin ECP / EPP Parallel port
One Fast IR TX / RX header
Two USB rev 1.2 ports
PS/2 Mouse & Keyboard ports
Integrated PCI IDE
Two 40-pin IDE connectors for up to 4 drives
PIO Mode 3 / 4, UltraDMA 33 / 66 supported
ATAPI IDE CD-ROM and LS-120 supported
Integrated 2D/3D Graphics
Intel 810-DC100 DVMT 3D graphics engine
4 MB 100 MHz / 133 MHz SDRAM Display Cache, flat panel (optional)
Standard 15-pin Analog VGA port
Integrated Audio
Intel 810 digital link audio
AC-97 Codec on board
One MIDI / Game port
Line-in, MIC-in and Line-out ports
4-pin CD-ROM audio (ATAPI) header
Other Features
3-pin Wake on LAN header ***
3-pin Wake on Ring header
Two 3-pin Fan speed monitoring headers
2-pin Chassis Intrusion header
AMI BIOS on 4 MB flash ROM (FWH)
Plug and Play
APM 1.2 / ACPI 1.0 / PC99 compliant
IDE drive auto configure
Soft power-down
Muliple boot options
Instanct PC (suspend to RAM) support
DMI 2.0 compliant
Hardware monitoring of CPU voltage, temperature and Fan status
ACPI Bi-color LED for PC99
Form Factor
Micro-ATX Design (9.6" x 7.4")
4-Layer board
20-pin ATX power connector
Stacked I/O connectors
Type "C" I/O Shield (Intel Caymen Compatible)
FCC Class B (Declaration of Conformity)
European Community CE (Declaration of Conformity)
3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
Specifications may change without notice
Package List
- Tomcat i810 motherboard / User's manual
- 40-pin IDE & 34-pin floppy cable pack
- 80-pin ATA-66 IDE cable
- Driver disk
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CPU Support

RAM Memory Support

Manufacturer - downloads drivers, manuals and BIOS :  TYAN
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