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SUPER 370SED - Supermicro

Form Factor
MicroATX with PC99 color-coded double-deck I/O ports
- Size: 9.6" (W) x 7.15" (H)
Processor Support
- Single Intel Pentium III FCPGA 933-550 MHz
/ Celeron 370-pin PPGA 333 ~ 500 MHz processors
Intel 810E " Whitney" chipset
(82810E GMCH + 82801AA ICH)
Front Side Bus (FSB) Speed
133/100/66 MHz ( Celeron 133 MHz FSB processors are not available yet.)
- Two 3.3 volt, 168-pin DIMM sockets
- Up to 512 MB unbuffered SDRAM
- Standby voltage to support STR (Suspend to RAM)
I/O Expansion Slots
- One AMR (Audio Modem Riser)
- Three 32-bit PCI bus mastering slots at 33 MHz with suspend voltage
Onboard Devices
- Built-in 3D/2D accelerated graphics controller with 4 MB display cache supports resolutions of up to 1280 x 1024 x 16-bit colors at a 75 Hz refresh rate or 1024 x 768 x 24-bit true colors at an 85 Hz refresh rate
- TV Out (support PAL/NTSC)
- Two Ultra DMA (UDMA/66) bus master/EIDE channels that support IDE drives at a data transfer rate of 66 MHz
- AC'97 2.1 compliant link for audio and telephony CODECs
- Dual USB (Universal Serial Bus) ports
- PS/2 keyboard and PS/2 mouse connectors
- Two 16550 UART compatible serial ports
- One ECP/EPP parallel port
- One floppy port
Other Features
- One WOL (Wake-On-LAN) connector
- One infrared connector
- One chassis intrusion connector (OEM option only)
Chassis Compatibility
- Standard microATX or ATX chassis
- Fits Super Micro's SC350-M, SC501-A, SC-701A, SC-730A, SC750P4 and SC801A
Standard Retail Package Contents
- One SUPER 370SED mainboard
- One ball bearing fan with tachometer signal input
- One TV out cable with I/O metal panel
- One floppy ribbon cable
- One three-ended 80-wire/40-pin IDE UDMA/66 ribbon cable for high speed UDMA IDE devices
- One compact disc that includes:
SUPER Doctor Utility
DMI Browser for Windows
DMI Wizard
810 chipset and graphics drivers
Audio driver
BIOS Flash Upgrade Utility
Related Links
Jumper Settings
Users' & BIOS Manual in PDF format
BIOS file and BIOS flash utility
Technical Support
Special Features
Suspend to RAM (STR): All tasks are stored in RAM and can be resumed within seconds from the minimum power consuming suspend mode.
Wake-on-LAN allows for remote network management and configuration of the PC, even in off-hours when the PC is turned off. This reduces the complexity of managing the network.
Onboard auto-switching power regulator supports CPU core voltages of from 1.3 ~ 3.5 volts
Three tachometer fan connectors (for CPU, chassis and thermal control fans)
Keyboard wake-up from Soft-Off
CPU frequency settings - changeable in BIOS setup
Connector for LED overheat indicator
BIOS Features
Supports ACPI ( Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) and APM (Advanced Power Management)
Microsoft OnNow
Slow blinking LED for sleep-state indicator
Main switch override mechanism. Power-up mode control upon recovery from AC power loss
BIOS boot support for USB keyboards
PC Health Monitoring, which allows you to protect your system from problems even before they occur
Three tachometer fan connectors, including one for a thermal control tachometer fan to prevent system overheating
DMI support
ACPI/APM power management
RTC (Real-Time Clock) wakeup
External modem remote ring-on when system is in Soft-Off state
BIOS rescue hot keys for rescuing BIOS chip from flash failure
Hardware BIOS virus protection
4 Mb Firmware Hub (AMIBIOS)
PC Health Monitoring
Seven onboard voltage monitors for CPU core/s, CPU I/O, +3.3V, ± 5V and ± 12V
Three-fan status monitor with firmware/software on/off control
CPU/chassis temperature monitoring
CPU fan auto-off in sleep mode
CPU overheat alarm
LED and control for chassis intrusion detection
System resource alert
Support for SUPER Doctor and Intel LANDesk® Client Manager
Auto-switching voltage regulator for CPU core, up to 20A current

CPU Support

RAM Memory Support

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