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- 66/100/133MHz FSB Slot 1 Based ATX Motherboard
Supports the following processors
- 133MHz FSB Pentium III Processors 533+ MHz
- 100MHz FSB Pentium III Processors 450/500/550+ MHz
- 100MHz FSB Pentium II 350/400/450 MHz
- 66MHz FSB Pentium II 233/266/300/333 MHz
- 66MHz FSB Celeron Processors 266~300MHz
- 66MHz FSB Celeron Processors 300A~433 MHz with integrated 128KB full speed L2 cache
- VIA 694X Chipset
- Supports 66/100/133 MHz FSB
System Memory
- Three 168-pin SDRAM DIMM sockets support up to 1.5GB
- Support PC-100/PC-133 SDRAM
- Provides ECC (Error Checking Correction) capability
Expansion Slots
- Five 32-bit Bus Mastering PCI slots (V2.2 compliant)
- One 16-bit ISA slot
- One Universal AGP slot (support 1x/2x/4x mode)
- One Audio/Modem Riser Connector (Revision 1.0)
On Board Audio Subsystem
- AC97 Codec on board to provide software audio solution
Built-in Chipset Super I/O
- Two RS-232 serial ports (16550 UART compatible)
- One parallel printer port (SPP/EPP/ECP mode)
- One FDD port (Supports LS120, 3 mode, 1.2/1.44/2.88 MB FDD
- Provides IrDA port with optional cable for transceiver
Two Ultra DMA 33/ 66 IDE ports
- Two independent channels for four IDE devices
- Supports up to PIO mode 4 and Ultra DMA 33/66
- Two PCI bus mastering ATA E-IDE ports
Boot-Block Flash BIOS
- Award PCI BIOS with green, ACPI, APM, PnP, DMI, functions and Year 2000 compliant
- Supports multiple-boot from E-IDE/ SCSI/ CD-ROM/ FDD/ LS120/ ZIP
- 2 Mbit Flash ROM
Board Dimensions
- Four layers, 30.5 cm x 20.0 cm (12ˇ¨ x 7.9ˇ¨)
- ATX form factor
Enhanced PC Health Monitoring
- Built-in chipset hardware monitoring functions
- On-board voltage monitors for CPU Vcore, VTT, +5v, +12V and VBAT
- CPU fan speed control & monitor
- Precision CPU temperature monitoring through CPU on-die thermal diode
- Battery Low detection
Double Stack Back-Panel I/O Connectors
- PS/2 Mini-DIN mouse & keyboard ports
- Two USB ports
- One D-Sub 25-pin female printer port
- Two serial port
- Audio I/O: LINE-Outx1 , LINE-Inx1, MIC JACK x1
- One game port
FCC Class B and CE EMI Regulation Compliant
PC98 ACPI Compliant

CPU Support

RAM Memory Support

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