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AK21- Shuttle

CPU Support: Socket 462 CPU
AMD Thunderbird CPU
AMD Spitfire CPU
(North) VIA VT8363
Host interface 100 MHz Double Data Rate (DDR) transfer on FSB
PC 133 SDRAM/VC SDRAM interface
PCI interface
AGP interface support AGP 2.0
ACPI Compliant
(South) VIA Apollo VT8231
Integrated Fast Ethernet Controller with 1 / 10 / 100 Mbit capability
Integrated USB Controller with two root hub and four function ports
Dual channel UltraDMA-33 / 66 /100 master mode EIDE controller
AC-link interface for AC-97 audio codec and modem codec
Integrated SoundBlaster Pro / DirectSound compatible digital audio controller
LPC interface
Integrated Keyboard Controller with PS2 mouse support
Integrated Real Time Clock
Integrated Super IO Controller
Integrated Hardware Monitor Controller
ACPI v1.0 Compliant
APM v1.2 Compliant
Front Side Bus
66 / 75 / 83 / 100 / 112 / 124 / 133 / 140 / 150MHz
x3, x3.5, x4, x4.5, x5, x5.5, x6, x6.5, x7.0, x7.5, x8,x8.5, x9 (Bios setting optional)
DIMM x 3, Up to 1.5GB of PC100 / PC133 / VC100 / VC133 SDRAM
S/W audio with AC'97 1.3 compliant CODEC
10/100 Fast Ethernet: (Optional)
Standard MII interface PHYceiver on board to support 10/100Mb fast ethernet
Expansion Slot
AGP: 1 x AGP slot support AGP 2.0 (1x/2x/4x transfer rate)
PCI: 5 x PCI slot, PCI 2.2 compliant
AMR: 1 x AMR slot, support MC97 modem riser card
PCI Riser: 1 x PCI riser
I/O: (built in VT8231)
Support 2 Serial Ports
Support 1 Ir connector, IrDA 1.0 SIR and IrDA 1.1 FIR compliant
Support 1 Multi-mode parallel port
Support 1 Floppy Disk Controller
Ultra DMA 33/66/100 mode
PIO mode 4
Bootable from SCSI, LS120, ZIP drive, CD-ROM
H/W Monitoring: (built in VT8231)
Support 5 voltage or temperature sensing
Support 2 fan-speed monitoring channels
Support input channel for thermal diode in Intel Pentium II / Pentium III
Support external thermister or internal bandgap temperature sensing
Support internal core VCC voltage sensing
Power Management
APM 1.2 compliant
ACPI 1.0 compliant
Award PnP BIOS
DMI 2.3
4Mb LPC flash memory
FSB Setting
On Board Ports / Connectors / Jumpers / Headers (front/back panel, PC99 compliant color) Ports
1 x PS2 Keyboard
1 x PS2 Mouse
2 x USB (back)
1 x LAN (back, optional)
1 x Parallel
1 x Serial
1 x VGA (no function)
1 x Line in
1 x Line out
1 x Mic
3 x fan connectors
Wake-On-Ring Connector
Wake-On-Lan connector
AUX in (Shrouded/White)
TAD in (Shrouded/Green)
CD Audio in (Shrouded/Black)
Suspend switch and LED
2 x USB (front)
1 x Line in (front, share with back panel)
1 x Line out (front, share with back panel)
1 x Mic in (front, share with back panel)
Other Features
CPU Voltage Auto Detecting (CPU PnP)
Support Suspend to Ram
Supports PC 99 requirement
Accessory: 1 CD-ROM Disk
The VIA 4-in-1 driver for Windows 95, 98, 98SE, NT
Audio CODEC driver
Multi-language manuals
1 User Manual
1 FDD cable
1 IDE ATA66/100 cable
1 COM 2 cable with standard bracket
User manual

CPU Support

RAM Memory Support

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