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AE25- Shuttle

Single Socket370 for Intel PIII Processor
Intel Celeron FC-PGA with 66 / 100 MHz FSB
Intel Pentium III FC-PGA with 100/133 MHz FSB
Intel Pentium III FC-PGA2 with 133 MHz FSB
VIA Cyrix III with 100/133 MHz FSB
(North) Intel 82815EP (B-stepping) Memory Controller Hub
Host interface
AGP interface
SDRAM interface
(South) Intel I/O Controller Hub 2 (ICH2)
AC97 Controller
UDMA 33/66/100 IDE interface
USB interface
Integrated LAN MAC
Power management meet ACPI requirement
Board Size
ATX Form Factor
3 x 168-Pin DIMM Sockets Support 8MB to 512MB PC100,133 SDRAM
Comply with Intel Low Pin Count Interface Specification Rev. 1.0
ACPI V. 1.0 compliant
Built in H/W monitor feature
Two 16C550 UARTs
Supports two standard Serial Ports
Supports IrDA 1.0/ASKIR protocols
Supports Smart Card Reader protocols
Built in Smart Card Reader
IEEE 1284 Parallel Port
Standard mode -- Bi-directional SPP compliant
Enhanced mode -- EPP V. 1.7 and V. 1.9 compliant
High speed mode -- ECP, IEEE 1284 compliant
Floppy Disk Controller
Supports two 360K/ 720K/ 1.2M/ 1.44M/ 2.88M floppy disk drives
Enhanced digital data separator
3-Mode drives supported
Keyboard Controller
Game Port
Dedicated MIDI Interface
Support power-failure resume and power button de-bounce
Hardware Monitor Built in ITE 8712F
2 thermal inputs from remote thermal resistor to monitor system temperature
1 thermal inputs from thermal diode to monitor CPU temerature
8 voltage monitor inputs
1 chassis intrusion input
Monitors 3 fan tachometer inputs
Smart Guardian Controller to provide programmable fan speed automatic control
6PCI + 1AGP + 1CNR for Maximum Expansion
PCI 2.2, 32-bit BUS Master Slots
AGP V2.0 compliant (Support external AGP 2x,4x device)
1 x CNR (Communication Networking Riser)
4Mb BIOS with Full ACPI, APM, DMI, Green, PnP
Support boot from FDD / IDE / ATAPI / SCSI / USB device
CPU Multiplier Ratio Selections
Support FSB adjustment per 1MHz from 66 ˇV 166MHz
Support CPU Vcore adjustment per 0.01V
Support AGP (Vddq) adjustment per 0.1V
Support Vio adjustment per 0.1V
Support IRQ manual assign table
PC'99 Color-Coded I/O Ports
2 x USB Ports (Support Hot-Plug Function)
2 x Com Ports, 1x Parallel Port (EPP, ECP)
1x PS/2 Keyboard Port, 1x PS/2 Mouse Port
1x game / MIDI Port
1x Line in, 1x Line out, 1x Mic
UltraDMA/100 IDE controller On board Promise 265R
2 x UltraDMA/100 Bus Master IDE from ICH2
2 x UltraDMA/100 Bus Master IDE from promise 265R to support RAID 0, RAID1 function
80-pin Cable Backward Compatible Legacy ATAPI Devices
ATAPI IDE CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, and LS-120 Supports
H/W Audio controller
C-Media 8738 - PCI-6CH/LX
Support 5.1 speakers, C3DX positional audio in 6 CH speaker mode
HRTF-3D positional audio, supporting Direct Sound 3D and A3D interface
Legacy SBPRO compatible
Varies clocking Setting
FSB: 66/75/83/100/112/124/133/150/160/166MHz (BIOS Setting)
Multiplier: x3/x3.5/x4/x4.5/x5/x5.5/x6/x6.5/x7/x7.5/x8 (BIOS Setting)
ATX 20 pin Power Connector
ATX 20-pin Power Connectors for 3.3V, 5V, 5VSB and 12V
Power Management
Support multiple system suspend types - suspend to DRAM, suspend to disk, and all with hardware automatic wake-up
Connectors & Headers
1 x Floppy Port (Up to 2.88 MB, 3 Mode)
3 x FAN Power Connector
1 x Wake On LAN
1 x Wake On Ring
IrDA Tx/Rx Header
2 x Front Panel USB Connector Header
AUX in (White Color)
TAD in (Green Color)
CD Audio in (Black Color)
1 x Intruder Header
Clear CMOS
BIOS Boot block protection
1 CD-ROM disk contains: Intel IDE Driver, Intel INF installation utility, CMEDIA Audio Driver, ITE Smart Guardian Utility, Promise IDE driver, User manuals
1 user manual
1 ATA66/100 IDE cable
1 FDD cable
1 Heat Sink attached on North Bridge

CPU Support

RAM Memory Support

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