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Superb 2 - QDI

CPU Intel 370 pin socket?processor 300/333/366/400/433/466MHz
CPU clock = Bus Speed x2, x2.5, x3, x3.5, x4, x4.5, x5, x5.5, x6, x6.5, x7, x7.5, x8
CPU power supply 1.3V to 2.05V, adjustable with VID function VRM8.3 specifications compatible
Chipset SiS620 Integrates host bus interface, DRAM controller, IDE controller, PCI Interface, 2D/3D graphics accelerator and video playback accelerator supports:
1. Ultra DMA 33/66
2. AGP 1x/2x mode with 2M/4M/8M SDRAM
SiS5595 integrates the PCI-to-ISA bridge, KBC, USB,RTC, SMBus, ACPI/APM compatible PMU, system environment monitoring for 1 temperature, 2 fans' speed, 5 voltages, comprehensive PCI audio support including DDMA, TDMA and SB-Link
Bus Speed 66/100 MHz
System Memory 3-DIMM/6-bank 3.3V DIMM
Supports 256MB/bank, total 1.5GB memory
Bus clock up to 100MHz and synchronous mode with respect to host bus
BIOS Plug and Play BIOS AWARD DIP Flash BIOS (2MB)
ACPI support
On board IDE ATA-3 compliant, supports:
Independent timing of up to 4 devices
Ultra DMA 33/66 operations
AGP on Chip Compatible to AGP 1.0 and PCI 2.2 configuration
Supports Non-UMA mode and UMA mode
Green Function Supports Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) specification and OS Directed Power Management
Low power mode (slowdown, suspend to hard disk)
On-board Audio Yamaha YMF 740 PCI audio chip
Hardware Sound Blaster Pro and Windows Sound System compatible
True full duplex playback and capture with different sampling rate
32-voice XG wavetable synthesizer including GM compatibility
DirectSound support
DirectMusic support
Downloadable Sound (DLS) support
Software wavetable
Advanced Feature Supports LDCM (optional)
Supports ManageEasy and LogoEasy
Supports both internal and external modem ring power-on
Supports wakeup on LAN
PS/2 keyboard power on (by password)
Trend ChipAwayVirus on Guard
Provides infrared interface
Supports auto fan off when system enters suspend mode
Certificates NSTL Year 2000 Compliant
Board Size 244mmx200mm (MicroATX)

CPU Support

RAM Memory Support

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