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BrillianX VI - QDI

Chipset Intel 82443BX AGPset, Supports 100MHz SDRAM
Intel 82371EB (PIIX4E), Supports :
1. Independent timing of up to 4 drivers
2. PIO mode 4 transfers up to 14Mbytes/sec
3. Supports "Ultra 33" synchronous DMA mode transfers up to 33Mbytes/Sec
4. Integrated 16x32 bit buffer for IDE burst transfers
Bus Type 2 PCI local bus slots.
1 ISA bus slot
CPU All of Intel Pentium?II Processor
Intel Pentium?III Processor
Intel Celeron? Processor up to 500MHz
System Memory Two 168pin 3.3V buffered/unbuffered 100MHz DIMM sockets
Supports up to 256MB SDRAM memory (Register SDRAM up to 512MB)
100MHz/66MHz synchronous DRAM (66MHz EDO DRAM)
SDRAM 64 bit data interface with ECC support.
4/16/64/128/256Mbit DRAM device
BIOS Award Flash BIOS with PnP ready.
Jumper emulation
On board IDE 2 PCI PIO and Bus Master IDE ports.
Supports up to PIO mode 4, Ultra DMA 33
On board AGP ATI RAGE IIC (or Rage Pro) AGP graphics controller
Integraded 3D, 2D and video accelerators with palette DAC and quadruple clock synthesizer 2MB or 4MB SGRAM display memory on-board
and a SO-DIMM for extension (optional)
Use 8MB SGRAM maximum.
Supports maximum resolution of 1600x1200 at 75Hz (Depending on the memory configuration)
On board audio Creative CT2511 16bit sound chip
I/O Feature Winbond W83977 EF I/O chip.
All I/O ports can be enabled/disabled by BIOS setup
1 Floppy port supports up to two 3.5" or 5.25" floppy drivers (360K/720K/1.2M/1.44M/2.88M)
Supports LS-120 floppy disk driver and ZIP drive
2 High speed 16550 fast compatible UARTs (COM1/COM2/COM3/COM4 selectable) with 16-byte send/receive FIFOs and supports MIDI mode
1 Enabled parallel port (SPP/EPP/ECP) at I/O address 378H/278H/3BCH with additional bi-direction I/O capability and multi-mode (SPP/EPP/ECP) (IEEE1248 compliant)
Provides protection circuit to prevent damage to parallel port when a connected printer is powered up or operated at higher voltage
Green Function Full support of ACPI and OS Directed Power Management.
Supports three green modes : Doze, Standby and Suspend
Green LED will blink when the system is in green status
Advanced Feature On-board WB83782D system monitoring (monitors system voltage, system temperature & temperature of CPU, chassis intrusion and FAN speed)
Supports keyboard password power-on.
Support LDCM and ManageEasy (optional).
Supports both internal and external modem ring power-on
Supports wakeup on LAN.
On-board PS/2 mouse and PS/2 keyboard socket.
2 USB ports
On-board switching voltage regulator with VID (supports 1.3V to 3.5V).
Anti-Virus function in BIOS and driver.
Supports IrDA infrared
Supports Windows 95/98's software power-down.
Supports auto fan off when system enters suspend mode.
Supports power failure resume function
Board Size 244mm x 210mm (MircoATX)

CPU Support

RAM Memory Support

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