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Advance 12 - QDI

VIA Apollo Pro 266
North Bridge: VIA VT8633
South Bridge: VIA VT8233
Adopts ITE IT8712F I/O chip
Slots 5 PCI slots
1 ACR slots
1 AGP PRO slot
Provide ACR slot to support AMR modem card, audio riser card, 10/100Mb
Ethernet ACR card and 1 Mb HomePNA card
CPU Support Socket 370 processors
Support Intel Pentium® III FC-PGA processors at 500E/533EB/550E/600E/
600EB/650/667/700/733/750/800/800EB/850/866/933/1GHz and future
Support Intel Celeron processors 300A/333/366/400/433/466/500/500A/533/
533A/566/600/667/700/733/766/800MHz and future
Support VIA Cyrix-III processors at 500/533/550/600/667/700/750MHZ
System Memory Three 184-pin 2.5V DDR DIMM sockets
Support up to 3GB DDR SDRAM maximum
Support 200/266MHz Synchronous DRAM
PC1600/PC2100 Compliant
Power Management Supports ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) and ODPM (OS Directed Power Management)
Supports ACPI power status: S0( Full-on ), S1( power on Suspend ), S4(STD)(Windows Me, Windows 2000 ), S5(Soft-off)
USB 6 USB ports support usb1.1(2 USB on real I/O panel, 4 USB headers on board)
USB 1.1 specification compliant
Bus Speed 66/100/133MHz FSB
Overclock up to 155MHz
BIOS Licensed advanced AWARD BIOS
2Mbit Flash ROM
Support Plug and Play
Support ACPI and OS Directed Power Management
Storage system Two PCI Master IDE ports support up to 4 IDE devices
Support ATA 33/66/100
One floppy port support up to two 3.5" or 5.25" floppy drives(360K/720K/1.2M/1.44M/2.88M)
Support LS-120 floppy disk drive and ZIP drive
I/O Feature All I/O ports can be enabled/disabled by BIOS setup
6 USB ports support USB 1.1
1 Speaker-out/1 Line-in/1 Mic-in jacks
1 Game port/MIDI port
1 PS/2 keyboard prot
1 PS/2 mouse port
2 high speed Serial Ports(16550 fast UART compatible)
1Enhanced parallel Port (SPP, EPP, ECP)
IrDA port supports up to 115.2KB/sec transfer rate
Graphics Provides AGP 4X interface
AGP PRO slot, support 3.3v/1.5v AGP card and AGP Pro card
Transfer Rate up to 1GB/s
System Health Monitoring CPU temperature, system temperature, CPU fan speed and chassis fan speed, Backup fan speed, 8system voltages
Onboard Audio/
Onboard LAN Advance 12-C:
Onboard Creative CT5880 hardware PCI audio processor
4-channel Codec
Support 4 speakers
3D surround stereo audio
Advance 12-A: Onboard AC'97 Audio Codec
16-bit stereo codec
Advance 12-L:
Provides One 10/100M LAN interface
10/100 Mbit/sec Ethernet support
Advanced Feature PCI 2.2 compliant
Provides Trend ChipAwayVirus On Guard
Supports PC99 color- coding connector Specification
Supports wake-up on LAN
Supports wake-up on internal/external modem
Supports system monitoring (monitors system temperature, CPU temperature, voltages and fan speed)
Keyboard password power on function
AC Power resume function
QDI Innovations BootEasy, RecoveryEasy, SpeedEasy, LogoEasy,
BIOS-ProtectEasy, ManageEasy
Board Size ATX

CPU Support

RAM Memory Support

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