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Mustang Ultra-R542 SYSTEM BOARD - M Technology

Mustang Ultra-R542 SYSTEM BOARD


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Supports Pipelined Burst Cache for Maximum System Performance

Supports Fast Page Memory Supports EDO Memory
Supports S-Dram

Supports Pentium 75 to MMX233MHz Processors

Supports Cyrix 6x86 150+/166+/200+/233+ CPU

Supports IBM 6x86 150+/166+/200+/233+ CPU

Supports AMD K5 PR75/90/100/120/133/166 CPU

Supports Intel MMX-233 , Cyrix MX-233 and AMD K6-233 CPU.

Based on SIS 5598 Chipset. ATA-33 or DMA/33 support.

The M Technology Mustang Ultra-R542 provides the latest enhancements in system board technology. Based on the SIS 5598 PCI chipset, the board provides high PCI-to-memory bandwith for today's demanding applications. The R542 supports 512K pipelined burst L e selector for AMD K6 - 166 to 233 MHz CPU.

Single ZIF socket 7 for Pentium 75 to 233MHz processors,
Cyrix/IBM 6x86 120+ to 233+ processors,
AMD K5 PR75 to PR166 processors.
All MMX CPUs including Intel MMX, Cyrix/IBM M2 and AMD K6 CPU .

Chip Set:
SIS 5598 Chipset.

Expansion Slot:
Three 32-bit PCI slots.
Four 16-bit ISA slots.

Supports 512K synchronous pipelined burst SRAM Onboard.

System Memory:
Supports 2 x 72 pin SIMM Sockets (1 bank) and 3 x 168 pin DIMM SDRAM (or DRAM) sockets.
Supports from 4 MB to 256 MB.
Supports FP (fast page), EDO (Extended Data Out) Mode DRAM and SDRAM.

On Board IDE
2 x IDE Connectors for up to 4 IDE Drives.

PIO Mode 4 Transfers.
PCI Bus Master Mode IDE Interface.
Supports Ultra IDE Mode

On Board I/O
2 Serial Ports (16550 Fast UART compatible).
1 Parallel port (with ECP and EPP supported).
1 Floppy Disk Connector (Supports 2 FD Drives).
1 PS/2 Mouse port (Cable Connector included).
1 IrDA Connector.

On Board USB
Universal Serial Bus Controller:

Host/HUB Controller.
Two USB Port Connectors.

Flash ROM BIOS with Green, Plug and Play Features.

Baby AT Form Factor Size
22 cm x 25 cm (8.7" x 9.8") 4 layer PCB.

Complete User Installation Manual.

Quality Commitment:
The continuously evolving technology of the computer industry demands the highest level of quality, reliability and compatibility. M Technology is committed to providing the industry's state-of-the-art manufacturing, testing, and customer support.

The Mustang Ultra-R542 is extensively tested for compatibility under various operating systems, including:

OS/2TM Warp.
MS-DOSTM v 5.0, 6.2.
WindowsTM v 3.1, 95 & NTTM.

CPU Support

RAM Memory Support

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