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618AS - Jetway

Support Socket 370 processor for Intel PentiumO III Coppermine TM (FCPGA) , Celeron TM (FCPGA,PPGA) Processor,Optimized for 133MHz Front Side Bus Frequency
Intel 82815EP and 82801BA (ICH2) chipset
Support ATA 100
Extend AGP Slot Support 4X AGP
PCI 3D Audio Digital Sound Effect
PC'99 Ready & PC'99 Colorful I/O Ports Design
Support USB Controller & PS/2 Mouse , Standard IR (infrared) Functio
Provide extra " three-wire" fans connectors
Support Smart Card Security (Optional)
Frequency Magic Setting
PC Health Monitoring On Post Screen
Magic Install
Y2K Compliant
ACPI Supporting For OS Directed Power Management
Moden Ring remote wake up
RTC alarm wake up
Wake on LAN For OS
Support software suspend & power off
Power Button Ride (Instant off or Delay 4 second power off)
Socket 370 processor for Intel PentiumO III Coppermine TM (FCPGA) , Celeron TM (FCPGA,PPGA) Processor,optimized for 133MHz Front Side Bus Frequency
Intel 82815EP Memory Controller HUB (MCH)
Intel 82801BA (ICH2) I/O Controller HUB
CPU Bus Frequency
Support Jump Select 66.7/100/133 MHZ CPU Bus Frequency
CPU Bus Frequency , Choose One Step Add 1MHz From 66MHz Up to 160MHz in BIOS Setup (Frequency Magic Setting)
CPU Ratio Selection For 2 , 2.5 , 3 , 3.5 , 4 , 4.5 , 5 , 5.5 , 6 , 6.5 , 7 , 7.5 , 8 in BIOS Setup
Support Jumpless Function by BIOS SETUP Let Users More Easier to Change The Frequency And Ratio
Expansion Slot
Five 32-bit PCI Bus Master Slots
One CNR Slot
One 4X AGP Slot
System Memory
Support 3 Banks of SDRAM from 16MByte to 256MByte or 512MByte Main Memory
3 X 168-pins DIMM Scockets
Non-ECC PC-100/PC-133 SDRAM
On Board IDE
Support 2 X IDE Connectors for up to 4 IDE Drives
Support PIO Mode 3 and Mode 4 and Bus Master IDE DMA, Mode 4 Timing for up to 16M Bytes/s
Support UTRA DMA-100 Bus Master IDE, Provide faster transfer rate up to 100M Bytes/s
Support LS-120 / ZIP Device
On Board 3D Audio
Software Audio Controller With On Board CODEC Complete to AC97'
Support 3D Surround
Support 3D Positioning
Full Duplex Operation For Simultaneous Record And Playback
Sound Driver for Windows 95 , Windows98 & Windows NT4.0 , Media Rack
On Board Ultra I/O
On Board ITE 8712F Chipset
2 X Serial Ports (16550 Fast UART Compatible)
1 X Parallel Port (EPP and ECP capabilities)
1 X Floppy Disk Connector (Supports 2 Floppy Drivers)
1 X PS2 Mouse Connector
1 X Keybord Cnnector
3 X Three Wire FAN Connector (Include CPU FAN)
1 X LINE IN / LINE OUT / Microphone Connector
1 X Game Port Connector (Support Two Joysticks)
2 X Analog Audio CD Music line Connectors (different connector)
1 X Consumer IR Connector
1 X Standard IR Connector (Infrared)
ITE Smart Guardian
Smart Guardian to Track CPU & SYSTEM Temperature, Voltage, Fan speed, Monitoring your Computer
On Board USB
4 X USB Ports Connector
Support USB Keyboard & USB Mouse
Power Saving
ACPI/APM Power Management
Moden Ring remote wake up
RTC Alarm Wake up
Support Software Suspend & Power off
Support Suspend to DISK
Wake on LAN For OS
Support Auto Power ON After Power Fail Function
Support Keyboard Password / Hot-Key / Any Key Power on Function
Support PS2 Mouse Button Click Power On
Support Keyboard98 Power on Function
Support Power Button Ride (Instant off or Delay 4 second power off)
Power Supply
Support 20-pin ATX power supply (ATX-PW)
Award BIOS , Support Green function, Plug and Play Function
2MBit Flash ROM
ATX Form Factor with 30.5cm X 19cm

CPU Support

RAM Memory Support

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