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Intel 845 chipset


Socket 478 for Intel®Micro FC-PGA2 Pentium®4 processor in 478 pin package

400 MHz FSB

CPU multiplier: 8, 9...24 setting from BIOS

CPU Host Frequency (MHz): 100~200 setting from BIOS

CPU Vcore: 1.1V to 1.85V 30 scales setting by BIOS


Intel® 845 Chipset consists of Intel®Memory Controller Hub (MCH) and the Intel®I/O Controller Hub 2 (ICH2)

NEC USB 2.0 chip, Promise ATA133 w/ RAID chip and Intel® 82562ET LAN PHY

Creative CT5880 5.1-channel audio chip

ITE I/O chip and Winbond Smart @I/O chip


3 x 184-pin DDR DIMMs support up to 2GB of DDR 200/266 memory

Supports 64 bits data interface, 2.5V DIMM DRAM and ECC DIMM

DDR frequence overclock setting from BIOS (based on Host/DRAM clock ratio)

DDR over-voltage setting (2.5V~2.8V) from BIOS

Expansion Slots

1 x AGP 4X slot (1.5V only) and AGP 2.0 compliant Read first!!

AGP over-voltage setting 1.5V~1.8V from BIOS

6 x PCI slots support 33MHz and PCI 2.2 compliant

1 x CNR (Communication Network Riser) slot


IDE1,IDE2 provide IDE HDD/CD-ROM with PIO mode 3,4 and Bus Master (Ultra DMA33/ATA66/ATA100) operation mode

IDE 3,IDE4 provide RAID 0 or 1 with ATA133/100 Bus Master operation mode

1 x FDD, 2 x COM, 1 x LPT, PS/2 Keyboard, PS/2 Mouse on board

1 x Joystick, 1 x Line-in, 1 x Line-out and 1 x MIC on board

4 x USB 2.0, 2 x USB 1.1 by cable and 2 x USB 1.1 on board

IrDA TX / RX header, RJ45 LAN port and case open function

Memory Stick, Security Digital and Smart Card header


ATX power connector and ATX 12V connector

Power-on by LAN, RTC, Modem and switch

Power-off by Windows® 98/Me/2000/NT/XP shut down and switch

Supports USB device wake up

Form Factor

ATX form factor, 4 layers PCB (30.5 x 24.4 cm)

H/W Monitoring

CPU/System fan revolution detect; CPU fan control

System voltage detect

CPU overheat warning


Supports Multi-language BIOS, DualBIOS™ , @BIOS™ and Q-Flash utility

FWH(Firm Ware Hub) BIOS with enhanced ACPI feature for PC98/Win98/Me/Win2000/XP compliance, Green, PnP, DMI, INT13 (>8.4GB) and Anti-Virus functions

IDE#1~#2, SCSI, LS120, ZIP and CD-ROM bootable

Auto-detect and report system health status

Other Features

Suspend-To-RAM (STR); Supports Wake-On-LAN (WOL)

Supports Internal / External Modem Ring On

Includes 3 fan power connectors

Poly fuse for keyboard over-current protection


Gigabyte Windows Utility Manager

Intel® LDCM® utility, Intel®IAA driver

CT5880 audio driver; Intel®LAN driver, Promise ATA133/RAID driver, USB 2.0 driver

CPU Support

RAM Memory Support

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