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AU13 Chameleon Max - FIC

The new 2nd generation of nVidia nForce2 chipset designed to provide both performance and functionality for the AMD Athlon XP Processors. With amazing Dual DDR channel, 8X AGP, USB 2.0, IEEE 1394 Firewire, and Serial ATA, the AU13 does it all!

AMD Athlon XP Processors
AMD Athlon Processors
AMD Duron Processors
200/266/333/(400) MHz System Data Bus

nVIDIA nForce2 128SPP
nVIDIA nForce2 MCP-T

3 DDR DIMM; Up to 3GB
DDR 200/266/333/400 memory support
supports 128bit dual channel memory achitecture

Realtek ALC650 5.1 Channel Codec

Serial ATA
Serial ATA: Silicon Image 3112A with RAID feature

Onboard LAN
Broadcom® AC101L 10/100Mbps LAN Chip

Expand Slots
1 AGP 8X

Onboard IO
2 Serial ports
1 Parallel port
1 RJ-45 connector
1 6 Channel pin header
1 PS/2 mouse, 1 PS/2 keyboard connector
4 rear USB connectors with 1 front pin-header supports 6 devices (USB 2.0 support)
2 IEEE 1394 pin-header
1 Audio connector Line-in, Line-out, MIC-in (vertical)
WOL/WOR pin header
1 rear IEEE1394 connector
2 Serial ATA connectors
3 CPU/SYS/CHIP fan pin header

Onboard IDE
2 dual-channeled enhanced PCI bus master IDE connectors
ATA 100/133

System BIOS
2Mb flash ram
ACPI 2.0 compliant

Protect Management
Auto Power Failure Recovery
ACPI ready (STD)
suspend to RAM
H/W Monitoring

NOVUS Features
BIOS Guardian
Logo Genie
Overclock Partner

+ 4pin ATX_12V

Form Factor
9.6' X 12'

Package Contents
1 X Motherboard
1 X Manual
1X ATA 66 IDE cable and 1 X FDD cable
1 X 1stUtilities CD (Drivers & bundled software)
1 X I/O Shielding
1 X IEEE 1394 cable
1 X A73 (4 ports) 5.1 Channel Audio Bracket (mfg. option)
additional Serial ATA cable kits (if SATA Onboard)

Additional Info
AMD Athlon recommended Power Supplies
AMD Athlon recommanded Thermal Solutions

* For CPU support details, please check our approved CPU table
* supported but not warrantied by FIC
* specifications are subject to change without notice
* some of these features may require special hardware and/or software
* AMD Athlon bus for Double Data Rate(DDR) transfers at 100/133/166 MHz for an effective 200/266/333MHz transfer rate
* It is strongly recommended that at least a 250-watt ATX power supply be used for this motherboard

CPU Support

RAM Memory Support

Manufacturer - downloads drivers, manuals and BIOS :  FIC
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