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Supports Socket A Processors.
AMD Athlon & Duron.
AMD-761 + VIA 686B AGPset.
I/O Controller.
1 Floppy drive controller, 1 Parallel port (EPP, ECP), 2 Serial ports.
2 supported onboard. 2 additional as option.
Award PnP BIOS. Flash upgradeable.
120MB ATAPI floppy drive and ZIP support!
Standard ATX form factor.
305mm x 245mm ATX.
UltraDMA-100 EIDE Controllers. (Up to 4 IDE devices).
Backwards compatible with PIO mode 3/4 & UltraDMA-33/66.
200/266MHz Front Side Bus.
2x DDR-SDRAM Slots for PC1600/PC2100.
1GB max. supported.
View CMTL certified memory modules
PS/2 connectors.
1 PS/2 mouse, 1 PS/2 keyboard.
6 (32-bit) PCI, & 1 AGP.
AGP supports 1x, 2x and 4x modes.
Built-in AC97 Digital Audio (by VT82C686B) :
Dual full-duplex Direct Sound channels
H/W Sound Blaster Pro for DOS legacy compatibility
FM synthesis for legacy compatibility
Supports game and MIDI port
Extended Functions for Greater Value!
Keyboard Power On (KBPO) - use keyboard to power on system.
Supports exclusive USDM (Unified System Diagnostic Manager) under Win9x/NT4 - monitor in Windows system temperatures, voltages, etc.
Hardware monitoring functions provided by VIA VT82C686B chipset. Supports CPU Vcore & Vio setting by jumpers. Supports CPU multiplier by switches Supports CPU clock by BIOS option. Hardware sleep/resume. P80P Debug (POST) Card onboard design with LED display EPoX's EP-8K7A is designed to be the ultimate Socket A mainboard for home users and gamers designed for AMD Athlon and Duron processors. Engineered using the hybrid combination of the AMD 760 Northbridge and the VIA VT82C686B Southbridge chipsets the EP-8
K7A is a high quality mainboard built using the ATX format. The EP-8K7A also includes courtesy of the VIA southbridge chipset UltraDMA-100 (ATA/100). ATA/100 drives can transfer data up to 100 MB per/second, an increase of more than 50 percent when compared to previous generations of technology. Of course the EP-8
K7A is fully backward compatible with all IDE/ATAPI devices - including Ultra DMA/ATA 66, 33, EIDE Fast ATA-2, IDE drives and CD ROM drives. The UDMA 100 protocol has broken the longstanding UDMA 33 and 66 standards. EPoX mainboards comes fully equipped with latest technical specifications: One 4X AGP bus slot, six PCI master bus slots, two USB ports (two additional supported by an optional USB cable), and keyboard power on feature (KBPO). Wake On LAN (WOL), onboard PO
ST display, support for USDM (Unified System Diagnostic Manager), plus much more! Reviews:
Neoseeker Review - "Very nice. Overall a very interesting board from Epox, and definitely a product you should look into if you are in the market to buy."
Hardwareinfo.net Bronze Award
Void your Warranty Review - "Of all the AMD 761 based boards that I have had the pleasure to work with (FIC, ASUS), the Epox is definitely the best board I have used to this date"
Chillblast.com Review - "This motherboard is a superb performer, with some nice additions, and is aimed squarely at the overclocking market... The 8K7A was able to run both our CPUs at faster speeds than either our trusty Abit KT7A-Raid or the Iwill KA-26
6." DOS/V June Issue Review
Quick View...Model
Chipset EP-EP-8KTA3
AMD 761+VIA 686B EP-8K7A+
AMD 761+VIA 686B
CPU AMD Athlon & Duron (Socket A) AMD Athlon (Slot A) AMD Athlon & Duron (Socket A) AMD Athlon & Duron (Socket A)
ISA/PCI 1/6 + 1 AGP 1/5 + 1 AGP + 1 AMR 0/6 + 1 AGP 0/6 + 1 AGP
SIMM/DIMM 0/4 0/3 0/0 + 2 DDR SLOTS 0/0 + 2 DDR SLOTS
BIOS Award/Flash EPROM Award/Flash EPROM Award/Flash EPROM Award/Flash EPROM
Switching Regulator Yes Yes Yes Yes
Others UltraDMA-33/66/100ACPI**
2S/1P/USB, IDE/FDD ports, KBPO, USDM, AC97 sound UltraDMA-66/ACPI**
2S/1P/USB, IDE/FDD ports, AC97 sound UltraDMA-66/100/ACPI**
2S/1P/USB, IDE/FDD ports, AC97 sound, DDR memory support UltraDMA-66/100+RAID/ACPI**
2S/1P/USB, IDE/FDD ports, AC97 sound, DDR memory support

CPU Support

RAM Memory Support

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