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Supports Socket 370 Processors.
Intel Pentium III FC-PGA, PPGA 370 Celeron.
Intel 815E PCIset.
Winbond Super Multi I/O Controller.
1 Floppy drive controller,
1 Parallel port (EPP, ECP),
2 Serial ports.
2 supported onboard,
2 additional as option.
Award PnP BIOS. Flash upgradeable.
120MB ATAPI floppy drive and ZIP support!
Standard ATX form factor.
305mm x 235mm.
UltraDMA-100 EIDE Controllers. (Up to 4 IDE devices).
Backwards compatible with PIO mode 3/4.
3x DIMM Slots for SDRAM.
512MB max. supported.
PS/2 connectors.
1 PS/2 mouse,
1 PS/2 keyboard.
5 (32-bit) PCI, 1 AGP & 1 CNR.
Onchip i752 AGP video & audio.
Onboard AC97 2.1/2.0 Digital Audio.
Dual full-duplex Direct Sound channels.
Supports game or MIDI port.
Extended Functions for Greater Value!
Supports exclusive USDM (Unified System Diagnostic Manager) under Win9x/NT4
and Hardware Monitoring Function by W83627HF-AW
Supports exclusive KBPO(Keyboard Power ON)Function
Supports STR(Suspend To RAM) power saving Function
Supports CPU Vcore and Clock (1MHz increment) Settings
Supports Wake-On-LAN Function
Supports 4MB AIMM module for Display Memory Expansion
Supports POSTMAN(Power On Self Test with Human voice alarm)
Support FT1 connector for TV-out and LCD monitor Adapter (optional)
The EP-3S2A5 is a high quality motherboards built by EPoX in the industry standard ATX format. It is based upon the Intel 815E series chipset providing high performance Intel i752 2D/3D graphics, AC97 PCI based sound, and UltraDMA-100. In addition to the
onboard video and sound these boards offers five industry standard PCI and one CNR expansion buses as well as many other advanced system and BIOS features. Two bus mastering ATA 100 EIDE ports are provided plus a floppy disk port supporting two drives of any industry standard capacity including 2.88MB and LS/120 as well as 1.44MB and lower capacity types. In addition an IrDa infrared port allows the connectio
n of remote devices. Plus this mainboard is already equipped with the new Intel standardized Communications-Network-Riser Slot (CNR) providing connectors for modem devices at the system's I/O backplane
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Chipset EP-3S1A
Intel 815 EP-3S2A
Intel 815E EP-3S2A5
Intel 815E EP-3WXM
Intel 810
CPU Celeron 370
Pentium III FC-PGA Celeron 370
Pentium III FC-PGA Celeron 370
Pentium III FC-PGA Celeron 370
ISA/PCI 0/5 + 1 AGP + 1 AMR 0/6 + 1 AGP + 1 CNR 0/5 + 1 AGP + 1 CNR 0/3 + 1 AMR
SIMM/DIMM 0/3 0/3 0/3 0/2
BIOS Award/Flash EPROM Award/Flash EPROM Award/Flash EPROM Award/Flash EPROM
Switching Regulator Yes Yes Yes Yes
Form Factor ATX ATX ATX MicroATX
Others UltraDMA-66/ACPI**
2S/1P/USB, IDE/FDD ports, USDM, WOL, i752 video, AC97. UltraDMA-100/ACPI**
2S/1P/USB, IDE/FDD ports, USDM, i752 video, AC97. UltraDMA-100/ACPI**
2S/1P/USB, IDE/FDD ports, USDM, i752 video, AC97. UltraDMA-33/ACPI**
2S/1P/USB, IDE/FDD ports, USDM, WOL, AC97 sound, i752 video

CPU Support

RAM Memory Support

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