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PRM-0080I V133- DTK Computer

CPU Slot:
Support Intel Pentium III, Pentium II processor
VIA Apollo Pro 133
Winbond W83977EF
Winbond W83781D (optional)
ISA, IBM PC/AT and PCI 2.1 compatible
AGP support - high performance, quality 3D accelerator by eliminating the 3D bottlenecks with direct access to system memory. Max. bandwidth 533MB/sec
133MHz Front Side Bus
Main Memory:
3 DIMM sockets constitute 6 memory banks
DIMM Type - 16/64/128/256/512MB 168-pin 3.3V SDRAM with SM Bus connections for memory detection
ECC Functions ensure data correction and integrity (SDRAM only)
Maximum Size - 1.5GB
133MHz SDRAM support
Power Management Features:
True green functions: support SMM, SMI and CPU stop clock
ACPI/PC97 compatible
H/W Monitoring CPU voltage, System Temp., Fan speed (optional)
S/W Management: Winbond Hardware Doctor Utility (optional)
LAN, Modem Ring-in wakeup function
I/O Interface:
Two fast serial ports (16550)
One EPP/ECP parallel port
Built-in FDC supports 1.2M/1.44M/2.88M FDD
Two enhanced PCI IDE channels which support up to 4 IDE devices with PIO Mode 4 transfers up to 16.6MB/sec
Support Ultra DMA33/66 transfers up to 66MB/sec
PS/2 mouse and keyboard connectors
Double Deck USB connectors
IrDA / FIR support
System BIOS:
Vendor - Award
ROM Type - 256KB Flash ROM
ACPI/Plug and Play support
Built-in Trend™ ChipAway Virus Anti-Virus Program
Expansion Slots:
4 PCI bus master
2 16-bit ISA
1 32-bit AGP (66MHz)
Form Factor:
305mm (W) x 180mm(L) 4 Layer PCB

CPU Support

RAM Memory Support

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