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Supports Intel Pentium-II/III up to 700MHz(6WEX) / 733MHz(6WEX2), Socket-370 up to 600MHz
System clock 66/100 (6WEX), 66/100/133MHz (6WEX2)
Intel 810-e WHITNEY three-chip AGPset
Intel 810 WHITNEY three-chip AGPset
Audio Modem Riser (AMR)
Supports cost effective soft-modem riser
DRAM Memory
Two 168-pin 3.3V unbuffered DIMM sockets supports at least up to 512MB SDRAM
Embedded PCI Audio Subsystem
AC`97 2.1 CODEC with SRC
Embedded 3D AGP VGA
3D Hyper Pipelined Architecture w/PDP, PPI
Full 2D Hardware Acceleration Graphics up to 1600X1200 in 8-bit color @ 85Hz refresh rate
Hardware Motion Compensation Assistance for S/W MPEG2 decoder
Integrated 24-bit 230MHz RAMDAC
Optional 4MB SDRAM Display Cache
Boot-block Flash ROM
Intel 4MB FWH(Filmware Hub)
Award System BIOS supports PnP , APM (v1.2), DMI (v2.0) & Multi-device booting (floppy, IDE/SCSI hard drive, LS120, ZIP ATAPI, CD-ROM) features
Includes Trend ChipAwayVirus
Embedded Ultra DMA-66 PCI/IDE
Two IDE ports supports up to 4 ATAPI devices
Supports up to PIO Mode 4 up to 14MBps, Multiword DMA , Ultra DMA Mode 4 up to 66MBps with bus mastering
Bus Mastering software drivers for all well-known multi-task operating systems
On Board Super I/O Controller
WB627HF LPC I/O chip w/ System Monitor Hardware
2S(16550A compliant) + 1P(SPP/ECP/EPP) + 1FD(up to 2.88MB, 3 Mode and 1Mbps transfer rate)
Supports HPSIR,ASKIR,CIR function shared with 2nd serial port
Two USB ports On Board
Special Product Features
Innovative SeePU technology for jumperless CPU installation
68/74/78/83/95/105/110/114/120/130/138/150MHz overclocking possibility
Embedded LDCM compliant system monitoring hardware
Advanced Management Capabilities:
1.) Power-on events:
- Mouse movements or clicks
- Keyboard password
- WOL (Wake-On-LAN) networkcard
- Modem ring
- RTC Alarm
2.) Blinking LED in suspend
3.) Enhance Power-failure Recovery
4.) Chassis intrusion detection
Supports ACPI STR (Suspend to DRAM) function
Poly-fuse overcurrent protection for USB and keyboard.
Software application group includes PC-Cillin98 and Norton AntiVirus, Norton Ghost and HighPoint XStore Pro .
Complete Data Security
1).Chassis intrusion detection
2).Flash BIOS write protection
3).Trend ChipAway Virus and PC-cillin 98 to ensure virus-free environment

CPU Support

RAM Memory Support

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