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Socket A AMD Duron/Athlon/Athlon XP 200/266MHz FSB, u-ATX, VIA KT133A + VT82C686B




Drivers for Motherboard

Memory Compatibility list

Feature Highlights
Form Factor Micro-ATX(220mm x 244mm)

CPU Supports AMDR Socket A Duron?/Athlon? CPU

System clock supports 266 MHz

Chipset VIA KT133A + VT82C686B

Main Memory Two 168 pin SDR DIMMs up to 1GB

Supports PC100/133 SDRAM modules

Expansion Slots Three 32-Bit PCI slots (v2.2 compliant)

One PCNR slot support modem, audio riser

Audio Subsystem Onboard audio 8738

Full-duplex operation for simultaneous recording and playback

6 Channel speaker audio support

Embedded 32OHM 5w earphone amplifier

Supports MIDI and dual game ports

32 Voice HRTF 3D positional audio, CRL 3D supports MS Direct

Sound3D, Aureal A3D and Creative EAX APIs

Support SPDIF (optional)

Video Subsystem Universal-AGP slot for both 2X/4xAGP (v2.0 compliant)

UltraDMA IDE Ports Two UltraDMA-66/100 IDE Ports

Supports PIO Mode 4 up to 16.6 Mbps, Multi-Word DMA Mode 2 and Ultra DMA mode 5 up to 100MB/s with Bus Mastering

Bus-Mastering software drivers for all common multitasking operating systems

Embedded USB Controller UHCI compliant USB host controller with Root hub

Four USB ports (UHCI v1.0 compliant) with over-current protection

Optional USB adapter for additional USB ports

On Board Super I/O Controller Two UARTs support one serial port and IR function (up to 115.2Kbps) for HPSIR and ASKIR

One SPP/ECP/EPP parallel port

One floppy disk drive connector supports up to 2.88MB

Embedded system monitoring 5 external voltage inputs

1 temperature sensing for CPU and system

2 Fan speed (CPU and system) monitoring with on/off control in suspend

Boot-Block Flash ROM Award system BIOS support PnP, APM, DMI, ACPI, & Multi-devicebooting features

Software Driver CD (Chipset Autodetect)

CPU Support

RAM Memory Support

Manufacturer - downloads drivers, manuals and BIOS :  CHAINTECH
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