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* The Coppermine (FC-PGA) and Celeron (FC-PGA only)
* Provides Socket 370.
* Running at 66 MHz,100 MHz and133MHz Front Side Bus frequency.
* Intel 815E (ICH2)
* Supports from 300MHz to 933MHz CPU core speeds.
* Supports three16/32/64/128MB DIMM module sockets.
* Supports a maximum memory size of 512 MB with SDRAM.
* 100/133MHz Bus frequency.
* Provides 1-AMR slot, 5-PCI Bus slots, 1-CNR slot and 1-AGP Bus slot.
* One TV/DFP expansion connector (Optional).
PCI Enhanced IDE Built-in Onboard
* Supports 4 IDE hard disk drives.
* Supports PIO mode 4, Master Mode high performance hard disk drives.
* Supports Ultra DMA/33, Ultra DMA/66 Bus and Ultra DMA/100Bus Master Mode.
* Supports IDE interface with CD-ROM.
* Supports high capacity hard disk drives.
* Supports LBA mode.
* Driver detected by BIOS.
AC'97 Sound Codec Onboard
* AC-LINK protocol compliance.
* AC'97 2.1 compliant.
* Energy saving power down modes.
*18-bit full duplex stereo ADC, DACs.
* SNR>95 Bb through mixer and DAC.
* AC-3 playback required for PVD applications.
* Support 4-channel audio codec.
LPC I/O Built-in Onboard
* LPC Interface.
* PC98, PC99 Compliant.
* Game Port Interface.
* MPU-401 MDI Support.
* Intelligent Auto Power Management.
* 2.88MB Super I/O Floppy Disk Controller.
* Enhanced Digital Data Separator.
* Serial Ports.
* Infrared Port.
* Multi-Mode Parallel Port with Chip Protect.
Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP)
* Supports AGP 2.0 including 4X AGP data transfers.
* High priority access support.
* Hierarchical PCI configuration mechanism.
* Supports via dual mode buffers to allow AGP 2.0, 3.3V or 1.5V signaling.
Integrated 2D/3D graphics accelerator
* Integrated 24-bit 230MHz RAMDAC.
* H/W Motion Compensation Assistance for S/W MPEG/DVD Decode.
* Optional 4MB Display Cache.
* Optional TV out/ Flat Panel Display Interface support.
Hardware Monitor Subsystem
* Management Level 4 functionality.
* Microprocessor System Hardware Monitor: Fan speed sensors.
ATX Form Factor
20 cm x 30 cm (W x L)

CPU Support

RAM Memory Support

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