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Supports Slot 1 Pentium® II and CeleronTM processor 233MHz ~ 450MHz or faster
Pentium® II (SECC/SECC2) or CeleronTM (SEPP)
Flexible Main Clock Selections
Auto Detect and Regulate CPU Voltage From Being Overcurrent
Flexible Settings of Vio Voltages
VIA® Apollo Pro-Plus VT82C693 100/66MHz AGPset with MPIPC VT82C596 South Bridge.
AGP 1.0, PCI 2.1 and APM 1.2 Compliant
AGP Connector
Support AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port) 1X/ 2X (66/ 133 MHz) AD and Sideband Addressing.
System Memory
3x 168-pin DIMMs Sockets Support 8MB to 768MB 3.3V SDRAM
ECC or Parity Support
PC Health Monitoring
PC Health Monitoring ASIC Supports CPU Voltage, Fan Status, and System Temperature Detection.
Intel® LANDesk Client Manager S/W and ASUS PC ProbeTM Utility Bundled
On Board I/O
1x USB Ports (Support Hot-Plug Function)
2 Serial Ports
1 Parallel Port (ECP, EPP Port)
1 PS/2 Mouse
1 PS/2 Keyboard
1 x Floppy Port (Up to 2.88MB, 3Mode)
On Board PCI IDE
2 x PCI Bus Master IDE Ports (Up to 4 IDE Devices). Support UltraDMA/33 : 33MB/Sec (Synchronous DMA Mode)
ATAPI IDE CD-ROM & LS-120 supported
ATX Power Connector
3V, 5V and 12V 20-Pin ATX Power Connector.
Soft Power Off Supported
Wake-up on Modem Ring, LAN, Keyboard, RTC Timer.
Restart/Off Setup of AC Recovery from Power Failure.
Expansion Slots
4 x 32-bit PCI slots
1 x 32-bit AGP slot
3 x 16-bit ISA slots
2M-bit Flash EEPROM
Award® AGP BIOS with Enhanced ACPI, DMI, Green, Plug and Play. Features Plus TrendChip Away Virus (TCAV) & Symbios® SCSI BIOS.
Year 2000 Test Approved, CE, FCC Logos
Special Features
System Auto Speed Down While CPU Overheat
Adjustable CPU Utilization While Entering Suspend Mode
Wake on Ring, LAN, Keyboard, PS/2 Mouse, RTC Timer
Overcurrent Protection Over keyboard, Mouse and USB Devices
USB Hot-Plug Function Support
CD-ROM Contents
Auto Run Software Install Utility
VIA® Bus Master IDE Driver
Intel® LDCMTM Hardware Monitoring, DMI Browser and Remote Access Utility.
ASUS® PC ProbeTM Hardware Monitoring Utility for Single Desktop User.
Board Size
ATX Form Factor with size : 19.2cm x 30.5cm (7.55" x 12")

CPU Support

RAM Memory Support

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