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MB-5987 - ANTEC

ATX Socket 7 Form Factor layout 305mm x 190mm
USB (Universal Serial Bus) connectors
CPU ZIF socket 7 supports: Intel Pentium, Pentium MMX, AMD K5, K6, K6-2, K6-III to 500Mhz and Cyrix 6x86/L, 6x86MX
On board 1mb pipelined burst SRAM
168-pin DIMM x 3: Supports 3.3v EDO, ECC, DRAM and SDRAM
VIA VT82C598 PCI/A.G.P. Controller
VIA VT82C586B PCI to ISA bridge
Built-in Voltage regulator: Supports CPU voltages auto-detect
Primary and secondary PCI IDE ports: supports PIO Mode 4 and DMA Mode 2, Ultra DMA/33 Synchronous DMA mode transfer rates up to 33 MB/sec
A.G.P. slot x 1: Supports AGP 66MHz/133NGz (sideband) devices
On-board I/O controller: 1 floppy port, 2 serial ports 16550 fast UART comp, 1 parallel port SPP, EPP, ECP, IrDA TX/RX header
32-bit PCI bus slot x 4
16-bit ISA bus slot x 3
Flash EEPROM: Award PCI BIOS with PnP, Green and DMI features
ATX Form Factor works with Antec ATX Cases
100MHz Bus with VIA chipset and AGP
1 MB Pipelined Burst Cache on board
3 DIMM sockets to support 168 pin normal 66 MHz or PC 100 SDRAM memory to 384MB
3 ISA and 4 PCI slots, 2 IDE Ultra DMA33. 1 floppy port, 1 parallel port, 2 serial ports, 1 P/S 2 mouse port and 2 USB ports

CPU Support

RAM Memory Support

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