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Via KT133 (VT8363) chipset
Supports AMD Duron / Athlon @200MHz FSB
Supports up to 768 MB of main memory
Provides a AGP 4X graphics port
Supports four IDE hard disk drives
Built-in hardware monitoring IC
Integrate ALC-100 3D positional sound system
2MB AWARD modular BIOS for easy firmware updates
Provides ATX power connector and support for ATX power management features including Suspend, Shutdown, Wake on LAN, Wake on Ring and Keyboard Power On

Main Chipset
Via Apollo KT133
Supports AMD Athlon / Duron processors
Supports 100 & 200MHz Front-Side BUS speeds

Supports 8/16/32/64.....MB DIMM module socket
Supports Synchronous DRAM ( 3.3V )
Supports a maximum memory size of 768MB with SDRAM

Expansion Slots
Provide one AGP slot and one AMR slot
Two 32-bit PCI bus

Enhanced IDE Controller
Supports four IDE hard disk drives
Supports 2XPCI EIDE interfaces with Bus Master
Supports UltraDMA 33/66 and BUS Master Mode

Power Supply and Power Management
ATX power connector
ACPI and legacy PMU support
Supports Suspend switch, keyboard power on/off, Wake on LAN, Wake on Ring, and Wake on Alarm

Onboard Sound System
AC 97 2.1 interface
PC99 complaint and WHL certified
16 channels of high-quality sample rate conversion
16x8 channel digital mixer

Onboard I/O Ports
Supports one multi-mode Parallel Port
Supports two serial ports,16550 UART
Supports one infrared transmission (IR)
Supports PS/2 mouse and PS/2 keyboard
Supports 360 KB, 720KB, 1.2MB, 1.44MB, and 2.88MB floppy disk drivers

Hardware Monitoring
Built-in hardware monitoring for CPU & system temperature, fan speeds and voltages

Onboard Flash ROM (BIOS)
Licensed AWARD BIOS, 2M bit Flash ROM
ACPI ready for PC98/Windows 98
System BIOS supports ACPI function and Green feature function, DMI, Plug and Play Flash ROM

Micro ATX form factor (22cm x 24.3cm)( W X L )

CPU Support

RAM Memory Support

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