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TX Pro-II chipset (SiS5598)
Supports CPU bus frequencies of 60, 66 and 75MHz
Built-in C-Media CMI8738AM 3D surround sound system
Built-in SiS 900 10/100 Base-T fast Ethernet adapter
Built-in 64-bit graphics accelerator
Built-in PCTel V.90 HSP56 MicroModem with voice features
AT and ATX power connectors
Jumperless configuration of processor and motherboard resources
Five expansion slots
Supports up to 512MB or Fast Page, EDO and standard SDRAM
Baby-AT form factor


Socket-7 Processor Support
Supports all recent socket-7 processors including the Intel P55C (Pentium MMX), the Cyrix/IBM 6x86L/6x86MX/6x86MII, the AMD K6/K6-2, IDT C6, and WinChip 2/2A CPUs
Supports socket-7 processors with system bus frequencies of 60, 66 and 75MHz
Supports CPU Plug 'n Play to automatically configure the CPU
512K external Level 2 cache memory is provided onboard

Memory Support
Two DIMM slots for Fast Page, EDO or standard SDRAM memory modules
Support for up to 512MB of RAM

Expansion Slots
Three 32-bit PCI slots
Two 8/16-bit ISA slots

Onboard IDE channels
Primary and Secondary PCI IDE channels
Support for PIO (programmable input/output) modes
Support for Bus mastering and UltraDMA 33 mode

Power Supply and Power Management
Provides AT/ATX power connectors
Supports Power button/Suspend switch
Supports Wake on Modem, Wake on LAN and Wake on Alarm

Built-in Graphics System
Onboard 64-bit graphics accelerator
Shared memory architecture allows for a maximum or 4MB or main memory to act as a frame buffer
Supports high resolutions up to 1024 x 768 pixels

Sound System
Meets PC98 audio specifications
Full duplex playback and recording with built-in 16-bit CODEC
HRTF 3D professional audio supports both Direct Sound 3D and A3D compatible interfaces plus support for 4-channel output
Drivers support Windows 95/98/NT 4.0/2000 and Linux
Provides MPU-401 Game/MIDI port and legacy Sound Blaster 16 support
Downloadable Wave-Table Synthesizer supports Direct Music
Digital Audio Interface with 24-bit stereo, 44KHz sampling rate and measured 120dB audio quality
Fiberoptic interface allows communications with MiniDisc players and recorders
Stereo Mixer supports analog and digital mixing from voice, FM/Wave-table, Line-in and digital CD-Audio

Onboard I/O Ports
Floppy drive controller with 1Mp/s transfer rate
One serial port with 16550-compatible fast UART
One parallel port with support for EPP and ECP modes
Two USB ports & 1 PS/2 ports on optional ATX form card
One optional IR port

Built-in LAN Adapter
SiS 900 fast PCI 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet adapter
LAN controller integrates fast MAC and PHY compliant with IEEE802.3u 100 Base-TX, 10 Base-T and ANSI X3T12 TP-PMD standards
Compliant with the Network Device Class Power Management v1.0
High performance provided by 100 Mbps clock generator and data recovery circuit for 100 Mbps receiver.

FAX/Modem DAA Module
PCTel HSP56 MicroModem DAA module
Supports V.90,V.34,V.34bis,V.32, V.22, V.22bis and V.22 protocols.
Supports auto fallback and MNP 5, V.42bis data compression with 115200 compatible virtual UART.
Requires a minimum of 16MB of dedicated memory.

Onboard Flash ROM
Supports plug and play configuration of peripheral devices and expansion cards.
Built-in virus protection provided by Trend's ChipAway AntiVirus which ensures that the entire boot process is virus protected.

Baby-AT form factor (22cm x 22cm)

Bundled Software
AMI Desktop Client Manager (ADCM) supports hardware monitoring for stand-alone systems or a network workstation.
PC-Cillin provides automatic virus protection under Windows 95/98
Super Voice FAX/Modem and voice software which allows for data and voice transfer.
MediaRing Talk provides PC to PC base internet phone calls.
Gamut provides professional audio applications including MP3 encoding and decoding.
WordPerfect Suit 8 is a Windows version of the popular office application.

Package Contents
User's Guide
IDE cables
Floppy drive cables
V.90 FAX/Modem DAA module
10Base-T/100Base-TX network adapter extension bracket
Software support CD.

Optional Accessories
Digital Audio extension bracket (SPDIF)
ATX form card with 2 USB, 1 IR, and 1 PS/2 port

CPU Support

RAM Memory Support

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