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Viper Mainboard
Intel PENTIUM (P54C & P55C) 75MHz to 200MHz, IBM/Cyrix 6x86 P120/P150 (100MHz/ 120MHz), and AMD K5 100MHz microprocessors with support fo rVoltage Regulator Module (VRM)
Up to 256 MB main memory with 4 (2 Bankd) auto banking 72-pins SIMM slots for Fst Page Mode or EDO DRAM
256 or 512KB Pipeline Burst Cache with optional COAST cache module
EIDE 2 PCI EIDE interface for up to 4 EIDE devices in 2 channels.
2 x 16550 Fast Serial Ports
1 x SPP, EPP & ECP modes capable Parallel Port
1 x Floppy drive connector
3 PCI Local Bus slots with Master Mode
4 x 16 bit ISA Bus slots
Award PnP BIOS
AT form factor
8 5/8" x 10 1/4" (22cm x 26cm)





JUMPER PIN(s) FUNCTION If CLK chip at location U20 is "CYxxxx-" If CLK chip at location U20 is "Wxxxx-" CPU Type (Intel Pentium P54C & P55C)
J5A:Ext. Battery/Clear CMOS 2-3 Normal Operation JP 3A JP 3B JP 3A JP 3B CPU Speed Input Clock
3-4 Clear CMOS Open Shorted Shorted Open 90MHz 60MHz
1 Ext. Battery (+) Shorted Open Open Shorted 100MHz 66.67MHz
4 Ext. Battery (-) Open Shorted Shorted Open 120MHz 60MHz
Shorted Open Open Shorted 133MHz 66.67MHz
J5B - Keylock & Power LED 1 LED Power Open Shorted Shorted Open 150MHz 60Mhz
2 N/C Shorted Open Open Shorted 166MHz 66.67MHz
Ground Clear CMOS Shorted Open Open Shorted 200MHz 66.67MHz
4 Keyboard Lock CPU Type (IBM/Cyrix)
5 Ground Shorted Shorted Shorted Shorted 100MHz 50Mhz
Open Shorted Shorted Open 120MHz 60Mhz
J5C - Keylock & Speacker 1 Speaker Data Out CPU Type (AMD K5)
4 + 5V Shorted Open Open Shorted 100MHz 66.67Mhz
JP 4A, JP 4B - CPU Clock Multiplier Selection Jumper

JP 4A JP 4B CPU Speed Value
J5D - System Reset Open Normal CPU Type (Intel Pentium P54C & P55C) Open Open 75/90/100MHz 1.5x
Shorted Reset Open Shorted 120/133MHz 2x
Shorted Shorted 150/166MHz 2.5x
J5E - On-board IDE HDD LED 1 LED (+) Shorted Open 180/200MHz 3x
2 LED (-) IBM/Cyrix 6x86(M1) Open Shorted 100/120MHz 2x
AMD K5 Open Open 100MHz 1.5x
J5F - Turbo Switch Open Turbo LED "On"
Shorted Turbo LED "Off"

J5G - Turbo LED 1 LED (+)
2 LED (-)

JP1 - Flash EPROM Programming Voltage 1 ~ 2 12 Volt Flash Programming
2 ~ 3 5 Volt Flash Programming
Open Default

JP2 - CPU Voltage Setting 1 ~ 2 3.5v - VRE
2 ~ 3 3.3v - STD /VR

CPU Support

RAM Memory Support

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