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PII-3747 v5.1 - AMPTRON

Intel BX Two chipset
Supports Pentium II and Intel Celeron CPUs
Supports 66 & 100MHz clock speeds
Supports up to 384MB or main memory
Built-in SiS 6326 high performance 64-bit 3D AGP graphics accelerator
8MB video frame buffer
Supports ACPI and legacy PMU
Provides AT and ATX power connectors
Built-in C-Media 3D positional sound system
Three 32-bit local BUS PCI slots and two 8/16-bit local BUS ISA slots
Optional ATX form card includes PS/2 mouse port, (2) USB ports and an IR connector


Main Chipset
Intel BX Two chipset
Supports Pentium II and Intel Celeron processors
Supports clock speeds of 66 & 100MHz

Provides (3) DIMM slots for EDO DRAM, FPM DRAM and SDRAM
Supports up to 384MB or main memory
Supports EDO DRAM, Fast Page Mode (FPM) DRAM and SDRAM
Supports PC-100 memory standards

Video Chipset
Built-in SiS 6326 high performance 64-bit 3D AGP graphics accelerator
8MB frame buffer

Expansion Slots
(3) 32-bit local BUS PCI slots and (2) 8/16-bit ISA local BUS slots
IDE interface supports up to four IDE devices
IDE interface supports UltraDMA/33

Multi-I/O Chipset
Onboard super multi-I/O chip supports (2) 16550 UART fast serial ports, (1) SPP, EPP/ECP parallel port and (1) IR port.
Floppy disk controller supports up to two devices and has a maximum transfer rate of 1MB/s

Power Supply and Power Management
20-pin ATX power connector and 12-pin AT power connector for versatility
Supports ACPI and legacy PMU power management features
Supports Suspend Mode, Software Shutdown, Wake on Alarm, Wake on LAN and Wake on Ring

Onboard Sound System
Built-in C-Media CMI8330 3D positional sound chipset
Fully PC'98 compliant
Supports HRTF positional audio and Direct Sound 3D
Provides Sony Philips Digital-Audio Interface (SPDIF) Input/Output

J8 - Keylock & Power LED 2 LED Output J8 - Speaker Connector 1 Data Output
4 Not Used 3 Not Used
6 Ground 5 Ground
8 Keylock 7 +5v DC
10 Ground
J8 - Reset Switch (17, 18) Open Normal Operation
J8 - HDD LED 15 +5v DC Close System Reset
16 (-) Active Low
JP7 - Onboard Sound Open Enabled
JP6 - DIMM Voltage (A/B) 1-2 3.3v DC Closed Disabled
2-3 5v DC
JP8 - Clear CMOS 1-2 Clear CMOS
JP10 - Microphone Select Open Standard 2-3 Normal Operation
Closed Special
JP20 - Wake On LAN 1 +5v Stand-by
PWR2 - ATX Power 1 3.3v DC 2 Ground
2 3.3v DC 3 Active High
3 Ground
4 +5v DC J8 - ATX Power/Suspend 21 +5v DC
5 Ground 22 Ground
6 +5v DC
7 Ground
8 Power OK
9 5v SB
10 +12v DC
11 3.3v DC
12 -12v DC
13 Ground
14 PS-ON
15 Ground
16 Ground
17 Ground
18 -5v DC
19 +5v DC
20 +5v DC

CPU Support

RAM Memory Support

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