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Intel i440LX/EX AGP chipset
Supports Pentium II & Intel Celeron processors in slot-1
Supports up to 512MB / 768MB of main memory (EX / LX)
Provides (1) v1.0 AGP slot, (4) 32-bit PCI slots, and (2) 8/16-bit ISA local BUS slots.
Integrated C-Media CMI8330 Sound Pro 3D positional sound chipset
Provides (2) 16550 UART fast serial port, (1) SPP, EPP/ECP parallel port, (2) USB ports, (1) PS/2 port and (1) high speed floppy drive controller
Optional ATF form card provides (1) PS/2 port, (1) IR port and (1) USB port.
Supports AT & ATX type power connectors and ATX power management features.
Supports ACPI and UltraDMA/33
AT form factor (8 3/4" x 10 1/8")


Main Chipset
High performance Intel i440EX / LX chipset
Supports Pentium II & Intel Celeron processors in the slot-1 processor socket

Supports up to 768MB of main memory in three 168-pin DIMM sockets for SDRAM (LX chipset only)
Supports up to 512MB of main memory in three 168-pin DIMM sockets for SDRAM (EX chipset only)

Enhanced IDE Controller
Two channel PCI BUS mastering EIDE controller supports up to four IDE devices with PIO modes 0 - 4
Provides UltraDMA/33 support for IDE devices

Onboard Sound System
C-Media CMI8330 integrated 3D positional audio chipset
SoundBlaster 16/Pro compatible
Windows Sound System v2.0 compliant
HRTF 3D positional audio technology with full duples stereo
HSP-23 WaveTable

Onboard I/O Controller
Two 16550 UART fast serial ports
One SPP, EPP/ECP parallel port
One high speed floppy drive controller with support for 1MB/s transfer rates
PS/2 Mouse port
Two USB ports
Optional ATX form card with additional PS/2, IR and USB ports

Power Management
SMM/SMI power management with APM software interface
Supports ATX power features such as Shutdown & Suspend Mode
Advanced Configuration Power Interface

BIOS Features
"Plug and Play" AMI WinBIOS supports ACPI and legacy PMU
Flash ROM for easy BIOS upgrades

Form Factor
AT Form Factor
Both AT and ATX power connectors
8 3/4" x 10 1/8" (22cm x 26cm)

J6 - Keylock & Power LED 2 LED Output J6 - Speaker Conn. 1 Data Output
4 Not USed 3 Not USed
6 Ground 5 Ground
8 Keylock 7 +5v
10 Ground
J6 - Turbo LED Conn. 13 (+) Anode
J6 - HDD LED 15 +5v 14 Ground
16 Active Low
J6 - Reset Switch 17 Signal
J6 - Suspend Switch 19 Signal 18 Ground
20 Ground
J2 - Sound Connector
SB LINK - PCI Sound Card 1 Signal
2 Ground JP4 - Clear CMOS 1-2 Normal Operation
3 Not Used 2-3 Clear CMOS
4 Signal
5 Ground FAN1/FAN2 - Fan Power 1 Sensor
6 Signal 2 +12v
3 Ground
J3 - Wake On LAN 1 5v Stand by
2 Ground J4 - Optional ATX Form Card 1 +5v DC (Dual USB Pins (1-8)
3 Active High 2 +5v DC
3 (-) Data
4 (-) Data
5 (+) Data
6 (+) Data
7 Ground
8 Ground
9 +5v DC
10 Not Used
11 Mouse Clock
12 Mouse Data
13 Ground
14 Ground
15 IR Hi
16 IR In
17 +5v DC
18 IR Out

CPU Support

RAM Memory Support

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