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47915PEN - ACORP

Socket 775, Intel P4 (775 pin), Intel 915P + ICH6, FSB 533/800 MHz, ATX, DDR2 400/533, 8 Ch Azalia Audio, PCI Express x 16, Ultra DMA 66/100, SATA, WOA, WOL, Over Clock/Voltage, USB2.0, LAN on board, SPIII


From the above diagram, the chipset will support 800MHz FSB based Intel CPUs. And from what we know, the chipset will only support the LGA755 interface for Socket 755 based Prescott and Tejas processors.

The Intel 915P chipset supports the latest PC technologies such as LGA775 Pentium 4 CPU, dual-channel DDR memory architecture, and PCI Express x16 graphics card interface. The ICH6R Southbridge further provides integrated 4-port SATA RAID controller, PCI<
Memory Interface
The above diagram shows support for Dual Channel DDR2-533 which can provide bandwidth upto 8.5GB/s. We also know that the current DDR333/400 standard is supported by the chipset with a maximum limit of 4GB RAM. ECC is not supported.

PCI Express x16
The discrete version of the chipset will provide a dedicated bi-directional PCI Express x16 port that can provide upto twice the AGP 8X bandwidth for the latest graphics adapters. Intel will also mux two SDVO channels for ADD2 card support with dual indep
On the integrated side, from what we know, the Intel Extreme Graphics 3 will use PCI Express x1 interface and provide DirectX-9 and OpenGL 1.4 support along with Pixel Shader 2 capabilities.

The ICH6 Southbridge will be connected to the Northbridge through the “Digital Media Interface” which will provide a 2GB/s concurrent bandwidth and support isochronous capability. The following are some of the enhamcements that the ICH6 brings to the tabl
Intel increases the number of SATA ports from two to four. Like the older ICH5R, you can create RAID 0 or RAID 1 array with the ICH6 as well although we don’t know if you can mix and match Parallel and Serial-ATA drives to create a RAID array ala nVidia n
8 Ch Azalia Audio
Something else that will also make an appearance with the new chipset is as the Azalia Audio architecture. Azaila is an enhanced replacement for AC’97 that is a scalable architecture supporting upto 192kHz 24-bit audio. The following table shows some of t

CPU Support

RAM Memory Support

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