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8rda3i - 2the Max

nVidia Socket A Motherboard
nVidia AGPset (nForce2 Ultra400 + MCP)
Y2K Approval


Supports Athlon, Duron, XP (Thoroughbred) Processor up to XP3200+
Support 100-250MHz external clock. 1MHz increment with key-in function for external clock.
Vcore (1.400v ~ 2.20v @+0.025v) adjustable in BIOS.
Vagp (1.5v ~ 1.8v @+0.1v) adjustable in BIOS.
VDIMM (2.50v ~ 2.90v @+0.13v) adjustable in BIOS.
VDD (1.6v, 1.8v, 2.0v) adjustable in BIOS.
Multiplier 3x-24x adjustable in BIOS.


Designed with nVidia AGPset (nForce2 Ultra400 + MCP) support 8X AGP.

DRAM Memory:

Supports up to 3GB DDR RAM on board, you can use 184pins 128bits DIMM x 3.
Supports DDR DIMM RAM at PC1600/ PC2100/ PC2700/ PC3200.

Expansion Slot:

5 PCI Bus Master slots.
A jumperless PCI INT# control scheme which reduces configuration confusion when plugging in PCI and AGP card(s).
Allow selection of Individual PCI IRQ.
8x speed AGP X 1.

On Board PCI IDE:

Two IDE interfaces (up to 4 IDE devices) with UDMA-33, ATA-66/100/133 support from embedded IDE controller.

On Board LAN: (by Realtek 8201BL)

One RJ45 connector for 100Mb Fast Ethernet from onboard RealTek RTL8201BL PHY.

On Board I/O:

On-chip Super Multi-I/O for 1 FDD, 1 Parallel Port (EPP, ECP), 2 Serial Ports and 1 fast IR port.

I/O Connector:

Supports PS/2 MOUSE and PS/2 Style Keyboard.
COM1, COM2, Printer, Audio-in/out, MIC connectors.
Game Port by extra Cable.


Support up to 6 x Universal Serial Bus (USB2.0) connector.(2 optional)
The onboard south bridge chip provides the means for connecting PC peripherals such as keyboards, joysticks and modems.

Onboard Debug Card:

Built-in 2theMax Debug (POST) Card with LED display which can help user locate hardware problem during bootup.


2Mb Award Plug & Play BIOS with unique "SmartFlash" designed. By simply pressing [Alt] [F2] to execute the built in "Award Flash Program" , which upgrade to the current BIOS as they are released at http://www.2themax.com under Drivers Page.

Built-in AC97 Digital Audio: (By C-Media 9739a)

Compliant with AC97 2.2 specification
6 channel slot slectable DAC output for multi-channel applications
Supports digital SPDIF In/Out function. (optional)

Extended Function:

RAM speed adjustable (50%-200% of CPU speed), user can maximize the RAM speed.
Built-in WOL (Wake On LAN) Connector.

Power Management:

Software power-down when using Windows® 98/2000/ME/XP.
Supports Suspend to RAM (STR). Provide an almost instant on system.
Supports ring-in feature (remote power-on through external modem which allows system to be turned on remotely).
Resume by alarm which allows your system to turn on at a pre-selected time.
Power Loss Recovery which in the event of a power interruption, your system will automatically turn itself back on without user attention.
Supports CPU Hardware sleep and System Management Mode (SMM).
Supports the CPU and PWR Auto Stop in sleep mode.
Supports the System Power LED (Panel) blinks in the sleep mode.

Power Connector:

Built-in ATX 20 pins power supply connector.

Form Factor:

245mm x 305mm ATX size.

CPU Support

RAM Memory Support

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