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8K9A7I - 2the Max

Free Original ATA-100 Cable x 1

Free Serial ATA + Power Cable x 1

Y2K approval

Socket A Motherboard supports 100-250MHz External Clock Speed, max. 500MHz FSB.

New VIA KT400A AGPset (KT400A + VT8237) - true 133MHz VIA chipset

Supports Athlon, Duron, MP, XP (Thoroughbred, Barton) processor with up to 333MHz FSB

PCI x 5 , 8X speed AGP x 1

CPU Vcore adjustable

CPU external frequency 1MHz increment and facilitated by key-in function

VDIMM adjustable

3 x 184 pins DDR333/400 DIMMs max. to 3GB system memory auto detection

2 Serial ATA ports

2 IDE ports (up to 4 IDE devices) support Ultra ATA-133 hard disk

8 x USB 2.0 ports (4 optional), Concurrent PCI, standard with PS/2 mouse and PS/2 keyboard connector

4Mb Award BIOS with unique "SmartFlash" design

Onboard 10/100Mb LAN

Built-in AC97 6-channel Digital Audio

Supports Wake-on-LAN function

Supports Keyboard wake/keyboard power button

Supports Magic Health (TM)

Supports Easy Boot (TM)

Supports CPU overheating protection (CPU must have thermal diode design)

Schedule Power On

Power Loss Recovery

Remote Power On

Fan Status/Voltage/Temperature Monitoring Function

ATX form factor

CPU Support

RAM Memory Support

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