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8KDA3J - 2the Max

Free Original ATA-133 Cable x 1

Free Game + COM Cable x 1

Free Serial ATA + Power Cable x 1

Y2K approval

Socket 754 Motherboard supports 200-350MHz External Clock Speed, max. 700MHz FSB.

New nVidia nForce3 AGPset chipset

Supports socket-754 based AMD Athlon-64 processors: operating from 200MHz-350MHz external clock

Support DDR400/333/266

PCI x 6 , 8X/4X speed AGP x 1

CPU Vcore adjustable

CPU external frequency 1MHz increment and facilitated by key-in function

Vagp adjustable

VDIMM adjustable

VDD adjustable

AGP clock adjustable

3 x 184 pins DDR400 RAM max. to 3GB system memory auto detection

8 x USB 2.0 ports, Concurrent PCI, standard with PS/2 mouse and PS/2 keyboard connector

4Mb Award BIOS with unique "SmartFlash" design

Onboard P-ATA IDE x 2 (up to 4 IDE devices) support Ultra ATA-133/100/66 hard disk

Onboard S-ATA RAID x 2 (By nForce3 250)

Onboard Gigabit LAN

Onboard coaxial SPDIF out

Built-in Debug LED

Built-in ALC850 8-channel Digital Audio

Supports Wake-on-LAN function

Supports Keyboard wake/keyboard power button

Supports EZ(TM) Boot

Supports Magic Health (TM)

Supports Watching-Dog Timer

Schedule Power On

Power Loss Recovery

Remote Power On

Fan Status/Voltage/Temperature Monitoring Function

ATX form factor

CPU Support

RAM Memory Support

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