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ASUS A7M266 Motherboard Review
It wasn't a long time ago that DDR RAM became famous. It was a very nice piece of technology. A piece of memory that could do things at double speed, and faster than its older PC133 and PC100 brothers. That was about the time that AMD, made the fastest Athlons which are the 1.2, 1.33, and the fastest Athlon, 1.4 compatible with DDR Ram.

PC2100 256MB DDR RAM Roundup
DDR RAM whilst only offering about a 15% performance increase over SDRAM has seen a surge in popularity ever since its mainstream integration on the original Nvidia Geforce 256 graphics card. Ever since then, DDR has only really been seen as an option for AMD equipped systems.

Intel takes running start at chip hurdles
After nearly two years of product delays, bugs, shortages and recalls, Intel says it has rooted out its operational problems--just in time to deal with potentially thornier pricing and market issues.

AMD Launches 14-City Tour for North American
Platform Sponsors MSI, NEC-Mitsubishi and VIA Technologies Join AMD's `Fall 2001 Team AMD Tech Tour' SUNNYVALE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 6, 2001--AMD (NYSE:AMD - news) today announced that the Fall 2001 Team AMD Tech Tour, a series of complimentary seminars that educate system builders on AMD's latest technology, begins Sept. 11 and includes stops in 14 cities throughout the United States.

VIA to launch 1.3GHz processor in 4Q
In the fourth quarter VIA plans to send out samples of the Nehemiah, a new Socket 370 processor that clocks as fast as 1.3GHz. The new processor will be produced on TSMC’s 0.13-micron processing line. Unlike the Ezra kernel C3 processor, with only 64KB of L2 cache memory, the Nehemiah processor will have a 256KB L2 cache. L1 cache will stay at 128MB and the front-end bus will keep the 133MHz specification.

Overclocking the 1.4GHz Athlon AYHJAR
With my first 1.4 GHz chip extremely deep fried, I was hoping that my next experience with another 1.4 GHz chip would be more pleasant. MANY thanks goes out to Mike and the crew from C&P Downtown for RMA'ing my old CPU! Although it took 5 weeks to get it back, it's still nice to be able to get another one!

VTF Fall 2001
VIA Technology Forum (VTF) 2001 has come and gone. VIA has had their chipset dominance somewhat shaken over the last few months with the "iffy" performing KT266 chipset and the emergence of the SiS 735 chipset. This emergence by chipset competitor SiS along with the problems with Intel trying to launch P4X 266, gave VIA a lot to prove at this years VTF.

Duron 1GHz Review
It has been just over two months since the introduction of the Athlon MP. With its arrival, came some new features. This included an improved Data Prefetch, Increased L1 TLB (Translation Lookaside Buffer), SSE Implementation, and an on-die thermal diode (though, not supported with current Mom-Board/BIOS combinations).


Almador a mobilní Tualatin – co je pod pokličkou?
Mobilní procesor Pentium III-M je spolu s čipsetem i830 novou akvizicí stáje Intel. Co ale vše Pentium III-M nabízí a s jakými novinkami přichází nový čipset i830 (Almador)?
Intel předpovídá objem prodeje svých procesorů
Společnost Intel předpovídá rychlý nárůst prodeje svých procesorů Intel Pentium 4 v nové patici Socket 478 a zároveň také značný pokles prodeje procesorů Intel Pentium III Coppermine.

Nový BIOS pro ECS K7S5A (z 16.8.2001, druhá revize BIOSu)
Nový BIOS pro ECS K7VTA3 (v1.1b)


RAF'S hardware
22:09 Recenze a testy
16:42 nVidia Linux v1.0-1512 ovladače
16:27 Nove informace o GeForce Titanium
09:06 Asus A7V266 1002.B Finální BIOS

Duron 600@1150MHz!! +550MHZ
Náš slovenský čtenář nám posílá výsledky přetaktovaného procesoru AMD Duron 600MHz na neuvěřitelných 1150MHz!!!...


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