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Tyan Trinity 510 Preview
"A Tyan with a P4X266 Chipset?" If that's what you said when you first saw the link in our news, then I'm assuming you're somewhat familiar with the company. For those of you who don't know, Tyan is a motherboard manufacturer that is based in Fremont, CA. Tyan has been around for quite a while, producing top notch, high quality motherboards. Typically Tyan has made high performance motherboards for the server market, or for a high-end workstation.

ECS K7S6A SiS745 Preview
Supports AMD K7 Socket A processors with 266/200 MHz FSB
Based on SiS 745 Chipset
3 184-pin DDR DIMM sockets up to 1.5GB
3 2.5V DDR SDRAM (DDR200/DDR266) or 2 2.5V DDR SDRAM (DDR333)
5 PCI slots, 1 4x AGP slot, 1 CNR slot
ATX (304mm*220mm) 4 layers
VCore & Multiplier Adjustable in BIOS

As I promised several weeks ago I will try to present you most of the KT266A motherboards that appear on retailers shelves. It's clear that AMD was not able to popularize the new Athlon XP as much as Intel did with Pentium 4. That's why the manufacturers offer based on VIA Athlon chipsets was lower than expected. Although VIA did their best to reduce the manufacturer implementation efforts we really can not say that too many companies hurried to present KT266A based motherboards.

Asus A7N266-E ATX Socket A Motherboard Review
Asus has two versions of their nForce motherboard. Both use the nForce 420 chipset, but one uses the MCP Southbridge while the other uses the MCP-D. The A7N266-E with the MCP-D, and therefore Dolby Digital audio and LAN is reviewed here. Typically Asus has some of the finest boards on the market, but with a new unproven chipset will that continue? For a more in depth look at the nForce chipset please reference our preview.

EPoX 8KHA+ : 221Mhz FSB!
Looks like EPoX has done some catch up with their 8KHA+ against the formidable ABIT KR7A-RAID by releasing a beta bios that supports 3/4 CPU-RAM divider. This is pretty cool as your Athlon XP can run above 200Mhz FSB easily without having to worry much about your RAM stability.

ASUS A7M266-D Details
Our sources close to ASUS dropped us the complete specification of their first dual-Socket A mainboard: ASUS A7M266-D. We should point out that ASUS A7M266-D deserves being called one of the most impatiently awaited products based on AMD-760MPX, made of AMD-762 North Bridge and AMD-768 South Bridge. ASUS A7M266-D boasts several advantages over the similar competing products.

SOYO SY-K7V Dragon + Motherboard
This motherboard is almost identical to Soyo SY-K7V Dragon, earlier tested by us (http://www.hardware-test.dk/asp/views.asp?id=226&table=reviews) – the only difference from the old board, is that Soyo has kindly added VIA’s newest and fastest chipset, KT266A.
Package containments:
3x ATA 66/100 cables, floppy cable, ATA 33 cable, CD containing bundle software, driver CD, external bracket for the soundcard, manual, motherboard, Smart Card reader.

ALi MAGiK 1 Rev.C Chipset: Iwill XP333-R Mainboard Review
The situation with the DDR chipsets for Socket A platforms looks funnier and funnier with the time. As it appeared later on, neither of the chipset manufacturers managed to develop the memory controller, which could make use of the entire DDR SDRAM potential. As a result, some manufacturers had to undertake the second try before they could start mass production of DDR Socket A chipsets showing acceptable performance. The first chipset like that was AMD-760 launched by AMD in order to demonstrate the advantages of the new DDR technology. However, instead of leaving the stage and letting other products with higher performance and richer features replace it, AMD-760 remained an unattainable example of fast DDR solutions for a considerable while. Neither ALi with their ALi MAGiK 1 chipset, nor VIA with their KT266 could beat AMD-760 for a long time. Only SiS managed to offer a worthy competitor to AMD-760 about half a year after its official launch. The newcomer was called SiS735 and proved quite successful. It was exactly due to SiS that we finally found out how fast Athlon based systems with PC2100 DDR SDRAM should actually be.

AOpen AK77 Pro Plus Motherboard
AOpen is no stranger when it comes to main boards for AMD’s Athlon and Duron. Back in the early days of the “Thunderbird,” AOpen had one of the most competitive boards on the market based on the KT133 chipset (AK73 Pro). Things were to change with the release of the KT133A; they released the follow up to their previously successful AK73, the AK73 Pro A and AK73-1394(A). The AK73 Pro (A) became a flop and received bad reviews. AOpen tried to produce a follow up to their AK line using the original KT266 chipset, but due to poor marketing the board was never popular and rarely reviewed.

Abit KG7-RAID AMD 760 Motherboard Review
Welcome to the last (perhaps second to last) AMD 760 chipset review you will see on Amdmb.com. It is indeed a sad time to see such a powerful and lasting chipset finally reach its end. AMD officially announced their production halt on the chipset last month, but there are still plenty of these chipsets lying around and being used in production boards. As far as I am aware, the Abit KG7-RAID board that we review here, is almost the final AMD 760 board to be designed and produced, with the exception of the coming 8K7A2 from Epox.

ASUS A7M266-D Motherboard Details
Our sources close to ASUS dropped us the complete specification of their first dual-Socket A mainboard: ASUS A7M266-D. We should point out that ASUS A7M266-D deserves being called one of the most impatiently awaited products based on AMD-760MPX, made of AMD-762 North Bridge and AMD-768 South Bridge. ASUS A7M266-D boasts several advantages over the similar competing products. Firstly, this mainboard doesn’t require only Registered DIMM modules to be used. It can officially work with the regular memory as well. The specification says that A7M266-D supports 4 Registered PC2100/PC1600 DDR DIMMs with the size of up to 4GB or two regular unbuffered PC2100/PC1600 DDR DIMMs with the total size of up to 2GB with or without ECC.

SiS735/745 Memory Issues
Recently we have done up an overclocking review on the Leadtek 7350KDA board and a memory issue was pointed out that when the CPU is running at 133Mhz and Memory is at 166Mhz as it register a lower performance than at 133/133Mhz. This doesn't apply to just Leadtek boards alone and some readers feedback to me that ECS K7S5A too experience this. This is a strange phenomena as memory at 166Mhz should outperforms considerably. Nevertheless we ask Leadtek engineers for an explanation on this issue and some answers can be derived.

Soyo K7-Dragon Plus Motherboard
As you know by now, Soyo has been producing several high-quality motherboards as of late. There was a period of time where it seemed Soyo had fallen from grace in many enthusiast's eyes, but Soyo came back with several motherboards that have been very successful in both performance and price structure. The K7VTA Pro was fairly priced and could overclock nearly as well as the most popular KT133A-based boards on the market. After that, Soyo decided to step out on a limb and throw itself headfirst into the developing world of DDR-Based motherboards.


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ZKUŠENOSTI A RADY OVERCLOCKERA 6 A opět zde máme další pokračování téměř již pravidelné rubriky o přetaktování v podání DOPPLERa. Tentokráte se blíže podíváme co snese základovka Abit KG-7, dále na co bychom neměli zapomínat při chlazení a také porovnání grafických karet GeForce 3 vs. GeForce 3 Ti500. Příspěvek přinášíme (jako obvykle) v původním znění, bez úprav.

Pentium 4 na frekvenci 2 GHz a 256 MB operační paměti RDRAM
Před časem se v redakčním testu objevila sestava s procesorem Intel Pentium 4 2 GHz a operační pamětí SDRAM. Nyní jsme testovali téměř identickou sestavu avšak s operační pamětí typu RDRAM.

ESRAM - čtyřikrát "hustší" paměti
Po různých obměnách pamětí na FeRAM, MRAM, Polymer RAM ... zde máme opět návrat ke klasickým SRAM pamětem, ale s jistým vylepšením...

Intel Pentium III 1.33 GHz, Celeron 900 a 950 MHz
Ačkoli v oficiálním ceníku Pentium III 1.33 GHz nenajdete, Intel tento procesor dodává (S-Spec značka SL5VX, tA1 stepping, 06B1 CPUID). Obsahuje samozřejmě Tualatin jádro s 256 kB L2 cache a je v FC-PGA2 balení. Externí frekvence tohoto procesoru je 133 MHz. Zajímavé ještě je, že od tohoto procesoru Intel nedodával vzorky, ale rovnou začal s masovou produkcí.
A Celerony na frekvencích 900 a 950 MHz budou vylepšeny. Alespoň to hlásá oficiální zpráva od Intelu. Konkrétně budou dodávány namísto FC-PGA v novém FC-PGA2 balení s integrovaným rozvaděčem tepla. Žádné jiné změny nejsou v plánu. Na trhu se tyto upravené procesory objeví ve vzorcích už zítra, ale v prodeji až 1. ledna příštího roku (tedy stejně jako Celerony 1.0A GHz a 1.10A GHz).

VIA již má základní desky s P4X266A
Jedním z prvních výrobců, který uvedl základní desku s čipsetem P4X266A, je celkem pochopitelně společnost VIA, konkrétně její divize VSPD.

21:21 Velkoobchody v České republice
20:32 AOpen AX3SPRO bios ver 1.13
20:32 Recenze a testy
19:41 MSI K7T266 Pro2 BIOS v3.3
19:40 3Dfx Banshee XP drivery
19:37 ECS K7S6A BIOS v1.0
18:31 Nové Celerony 1,0A GHz a 1,10A GHz

Čtvrtek, 6. prosince 2001 EPoX 8KHA+ a FSB 221MHz!!!
Čtvrtek, 6. prosince 2001 Mikulášská nadílka se vydařila :)))
Čtvrtek, 6. prosince 2001 Znovu Radeon 8500 vers. GeForce 3 Ti
Čtvrtek, 6. prosince 2001 Intel inovuje řadu Celeronů

LEVI Support
07.12. - Aktualizován ovladač zvukového VIA kodeku (v1.40)
06.12. - Nový BIOS pro AOpen AX3SP a AX3SP Pro (v1.13)

VIA má nový IEEE 1394 chip
Rozhraní IEEE 1394 je vám snad známé. Jde o rozhraní jinak popisované jako FireWire, iLink, nebo dokonce SB1394. VIA nyní oznámila, že má nový chip, který podporuje jak původní IEEE 1394, tak i rozšířené IEEE 1394a 2.0. Chip nabízí dva porty plnně kompatibilní s 1394a a jmenuje se VIA VT6302 PHY. Tento nový řadič je určen především pro integraci na motherboardy. K dispozici je v dostatečném množství ihned , takže jsem zvědav, kdy se s ním objeví první základní desky.

SiS745 vs. KT266A! Kdo z koho?
Jak nVidia GeForce 3 má svého úhlavního konkurenta Radeon 8500, tak proti VIA KT266A stojí SiS 745. Proti VIA má všechny trumfy v rukávu: cenu, výkon, kompatibilitu i stabilitu. Má vůbec cenu KT266A kupovat? Jaký SiS 745 je? více se dozvíte v článku...

Čipset i845 B0 již tento měsíc
Vylepšená čipová sada pro Pentium 4 bude konečně podporovat paměti DDR SDRAM a prvních základních desek bychom se měli dočkat již tento měsíc.

VIA plánuje nové čipové sady
Společnost VIA plánuje několik nových čipových sad pro procesory Intel respektive AMD. Přinášíme vám zatím známé informace.

Intel snížil ceny procesorů
Intel dnes oficiálně ohlásil, že snižuje ceny některých svých procesorů, včetně desktopových a serverových CPU Pentium III a jednoho Celeronu.

15:25 Via viní Nvidiu za problémy s WinXP
15:16 Intel začal prodávat Pentium III 1.33GHz
14:30 Creative PC-DVD Encore Dxr3 driver
10:48 ECS BIOSy
10:43 MSI BIOSy
04. prosince
21:54 GigaByte BIOSy
21:53 Recenze a testy
14:58 Matrox Millennium drivery
14:43 AOpen AX4xx BIOSy
13:59 Nanya největší výrobce DDR pamětí?
13:19 Problémy s pamětmi s chipsety SiS735/745
12:31 VIA představila desku P4XB s chipsetem P4X266A

Středa, 5. prosince 2001 Grafické karty od ATI - Radeon 8500 a 8500LE
Úterý, 4. prosince 2001 MSI K7T Turbo Raid s AMD Athlon XP 1600+
Úterý, 4. prosince 2001 Hardwarové novinky v českých obchodech
Úterý, 4. prosince 2001 Kyro II tweak guide
Úterý, 4. prosince 2001 Chladič z budoucnosti ?
Úterý, 4. prosince 2001 HDD chladič se senzorem
Úterý, 4. prosince 2001 První desky s čipsetem VIA P4X266A oznámeny

LEVI Support
Nové BIOSy pro desky ECS: K7AMA (z 22.11.2001) a K7VZA (v3.4)


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