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If there is a bright spot to the current slump in the computer industry, it is that it has created a buyer's market; OEMs are engaged in an ongoing, all-out price war, better hardware can be had cheaper than I ever remember seeing before; indeed, the fact that you can buy 512MB of DDRAM for under $50, when 4 1MB SIMMs used to easily cost $100, just goes to show you how far we've come.

Update: AMD Athlon XP "Palomino" Selling On Web
Web merchants are already advertising AMD's new desktop processor, also known by the code name "Palomino", for sale on the Internet. On all of the postings, the vendors say the processors are expected on either Oct. 7 or Oct. 8.

AMD and Intel on the Horizon
While many of you who read this article are accomplished hardware experts and have been following the latest trends in CPU and chipset technology, the vast majority of computer users have absolutely no idea how to choose among the huge variety of products in the marketplace. There seems to be a lot of confusion over the multitude of different brands of processors and their accompanying motherboards, especially within the Intel camp. This overview of the industry seeks to clear up some of the misconceptions associated with having too many options.

Iwill KA266+
The Iwill KA266 was the world's first available DDR mainboard. This DDR board was based on the ALi Magic Chipset which was also the first DDR chipset available for the AMD Athlon and Duron processors. After its release, a lot of people saw for the first time the advantage of having DDR. A lot were also still skeptical especially those who were getting almost identical scores in their benchmarks with their non-DDR boards. With prices of DDR then still very high, some thought that the upgrade was not necessary. I was one of those who had the same feeling. With the prices of DDR dirt cheap now, upgrading to DDR is inevitable.

When we previewed VIA's KT266A Chipset we told you that it would be a simple drop in solution for mainboard makers. That meant that all they would have to do is take existing KT266A boards and replace the Northbridge. That would make for a fast and smooth transition between the two.

Iwill KA266+
The Iwill KA266 was the world's first available DDR mainboard. This DDR board was based on the ALi Magic Chipset which was also the first DDR chipset available for the AMD Athlon and Duron processors. After its release, a lot of people saw for the first time the advantage of having DDR.

Epox 8KHA Review
It has been months now since the first introduction of the Socket A DDR platform and with DDR-SDRAM prices dropping, DDR solutions are getting more and more tempting. While we're still waiting for VIA's KT266A, let's see what we have right NOW. This leads me to testing Epox's 8KHA. Surely, this is not a board in anyone's current to-buy list with the accumulating anticipation of a lot of holiday products such as the Radeon 2, GeForce 3 Titanium and the Athlon XP. But if you're caught between product cycles, what's in store for you? Well, there's still the KT266.

VIA Apollo KT266a reference motherboard
Improving upon the original KT266 boards with a new 'Performance Driven Design' Northbridge chipset, VIA stakes its claim as the performance leader in the race for the ultimate socket A solution.

Iwill KD266 Review
Iwill has recently garnered wide-industry fame for their excellent and overclocker friendly Socket-A boards, such as the KK266/KK266-R and the newer KK266+ series of motherboards. I've personally used Iwill boards since around '97, and have always found their boards to superb in stability and often times feature rich.

Elitegroup K7S5A Mainboard Review
The recent Contemporary Socket A Chipsets Comparison carried out in our testlab showed that one of the today's fastest chipsets is the one from Taiwanese SiS Company - SiS 735. Since then another Taiwanese manufacturer, VIA, has launched an enhanced version of its VIA KT266 DDR Socket A chipset (the newcomer is known as VIA KT266A).

Asus A7V266 VIA KT266 Motherboard
For VIA, the world's most popular AMD chipset maker, the migration to 266 MHz FSB has been anything but smooth. As every other major chipset maker has made the transition to DDR SDRAM without any serious problems, VIA has had nothing but hurdles for their first try.

Review - MSI K7T Turbo LE
MSI has been producing quality motherboards for the AMD Socket-A platform for quite a while now. The introduction of their K7T Pro2 for the Athlon / Duron line of processors was a great success for the company. That board was based off of the original KT133 chipset from VIA. It was a good chipset but had major problems getting the front side bus over about 110MHz. With the release of the VIA 686B Southbridge with ATA100 support, MSI quickly moved over to the new Southbridge, with the K7T Pro2-A. This turned into great success for the company.

Crucial 256mb DDR RAM Review
With DDR technology maturing and taking over, there's no reason not to buy some good quality memory to take advantage of potential bandwidth. And with prices falling and falling and falling to no end, generic memory is out and brand name is in. For those who don't know, Crucial is a division of Micron, one of the biggest memory chip manufacturers in the world (along with Siemens Infineon and other smaller companies like Samsung).

845 chipset shortages smoothed by gray-market products
The supply of Intel PC133 SDRAM-supporting 845 chipsets has been tight, as the company continues its stringent supply policy. To solve the shortage problem, some motherboard manufacturers have turned to the gray market for 845 chipsets. According to the companies, unlike the past, normal-channel 845 chipsets and gray-market goods now are priced about the same.

More details leak of AthlonXP, MP
AS WE REPORTED earlier, the official date for the introduction of AMD's Athlon XP is October 8/9. And, as we also reported early, AMD will follow this announcement up on October the 15th and 16th with the introduction of Athlon MP processors at 1.4GHz and 1.53GHz.

Power4 Breaks 1000 in SPEC CPU2000
Today, IBM is set to introduce its newest and most ambitious entry into the UNIX market, the 32-way Regatta server, based on the impressive new Power4 processor. But just how impressive is the Power4? The company has now published a good deal of information on the Power4-based eserver pSeries 690, including several benchmarks.

Epox 8K7A review posted
Epox continues to make large strides into the market that Abit has been able to dominate and make quite a name for themselves.

VIA C# 800
After it has been quiet around VIA / Centaur for quite awhile, VIA debuted at Computex Taiwan with their latest revision of the C3, formerly known as Samuel-II and manufactured using 150 nm interconnect technology. Available in 733 and 800 MHz flavors, the new CPU has been modernized by adding a 64 kB L2 cache to the already existing 128 kB L1 cache. MMX and 3DNow! instructions cannot really push the C3 into the class of high performance CPUs, however, with a typical power consumption of 6.6W or less under load and almost non-existent thermal dissipation, the C3 800 is optimally suited for entry level / office machines or other environments characterized by lack of maintenance. Similarly, for entry level web servers or any other environment depending on ultimate reliability without mechanical parts such as fans, the C3 800 appears optimally suited.


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13:11 Nvidia Detonator4 v21.85
00:00 AMD 760MPx a věci okolo
23:50 Recenze a testy
19:55 P4 má stejné problémy s win95 jako kdysi K6-2
12:39 Intel chce zrušit disketové mechaniky
11:10 Nové BIOSy pro Asus

Support LEVI
- Přidán nový BIOS pro Abit BL7 (5B) a BW7 (5B)
- Nový ovladač pro zvukové kodeky VIA (v1.20/2.00)
- Nový BIOS pro AOpen řady AK73 (v1.16)

Komponenty jako v bavlnce
Pan Karel Kozlíček je jedním z těch, kteří se nespokojí se „sériovým“ počítačem a neustále hledají možnosti, jak ten svůj kousek ještě nějak vylepšit a přizpůsobit jej k obrazu svému. Jeho zkušeností můžete využít i vy, neboť se rozhodl, že se o ně podělí s ostatními čtenáři.

QuantiSpeed - nejen/nový pojem u AMD?!?
QuantiSpeed neboli marchitecture slogan (jak jej někteří označují) bude dalším pojmem z dílny společnosti AMD, samozřejmě patřičně chráněným. Jde o novou technologii, architekturu, výkonnost a nebo jen marketingový tah?

Co chystá Intel Hardware
Zajímá vás, jaké procery si budete moci koupit od Intela za rok v tuto dobu? Jaké budou jeho chipsety? Pak můžete nahlédnout pod pokličku jeho výrobní kuchyně!

KG7 / A7V266 - Tour de SocketA
Říci o nějaké základní desce, že je absolutně nejlepší není dnes téměř možné. Ano, je možné provést několik testů a prohlásit určitý typ za absolutního šampióna, avšak často stačí jen změna verze BIOSu a vše vypadá zase jinak. Proto se v tomto duelu nejedná o to, je-li lepší ABIT KG7 s čipovou sadou AMD761 nebo ASUS A7V266, jež je vybaven čipsetem KT266, ale o to, aby jste si udělali obrázek o současných "TOP" základních deskách pro procesory platformy Socket A.

21:09 AMD oznámí větší než předpokládanou ztrátu
15:01 Nové BIOSy pro Asus
14:00 NVmax 3.00.71 beta
12:32 S3 Twister Win2000 driver
10:18 3Dfx WinXP Voodoo drivery
09:46 MSI 850 Pro5 BIOS v1.1
09:45 Abit BW7 BIOS v5B
09:01 Sound Blaster Live!Ware 3.0 pro XP
01:24 Celeron 1,2 GHz versus Duron 1,1 GHz

Support LEVI
Jak nastavit Celeron 900 na základní desce Abit BH6?

SiS nespí na vavřínech!
V poslední době můžeme sledovat mohutný atak společnosti SiS na přední příčky mezi výrobci čipových sad. Jejich nejnovějšími novinkami jsou čipsety s typovým označením SiS 745 a SiS 740.

Celeron 1.2GHz versus Duron 1.1GHz Hardware
Intel i AMD právě uvádí na trh nové low end procesory. Na první pohled má Celeron o 100MHz větší frekvenci, ale bude i rychlejší? Otázka, která bude zajímat asi nejen mě. Jak se vůbec tyto procesory liší? My vám na tyto otázky už umíme odpovědět!

21:37 Athlon XP již v prodeji
17:41 ALi WinXP audio WDM driver v5.12.01.5170
16:37 Nové BIOSy pro Asus
16:24 Nové BIOSy pro Matrox
16:17 ALi IDE Bus master driver v1.42
16:13 ATi Radeon v4.13.7185 driver
11:35 Tyan Thunder i840 BIOS v1.03
09:14 MSI 815EPT Pro BIOS v7.2

LEVI Support
Vydán nový firmware pro Planet XRT-101 (v7.0.6)

Přehled parametrů a cen IDE pevných disků na českém trhu
Úvodem bych rád upozornil, že článek není recenzí; je - nebo měl by být - přehledem pevných disků, které lze nalézt v nabídce významnějších českých distributorů. A ještě maličká poznámka - přehled je určen i pro technicky méně zdatné čtenáře, proto jsou-li Vám termíny jako cache, rychlost otáčení ploten, hustota záznamu, atd. notoricky známé, přeskočte rovnou na další stránku, kde již najdete vlastní přehled technických parametrů.

Intel uvádí Celerony čtvrté generace! Překonají nové Durony?
Jen jeden den po uvedení 1,1 GHz Duronu se na trhu objevuje zbrusu nový Celeron na 1,2 GHz s jádrem Tualatin. Dokáže tento procesor srazit Durona na kolena nebo je to jen šlápnutí vedle?

Athlon XP již v prodeji!!
V Japonsku, podle staré dobré tradice, se jako v první zemi na světě začali prodávat nové procesory Athlon XP vyráběné 0.18mikronovou výrobní technologií a vybavené jádry Palomino.

Benchmarky Celeronu 1.2 GHz
Internetová stránka Tom’s Hardware zveřejnila nové testy nedávno uvedených procesorů Duron 1.1 GHz (jádro Morgan) a Celeron 1.2 GHz s jádrem Tualatin.


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