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Shuttle AK11 ATX Socket A Motherboard Review
Everybody loves the KT133A chipset, and here is Shuttle's attempt.
Socket A ATX form factor 22.0 X 30.5cm
supports 650-1200+MHz
Auto CPU detection

Pentium 4 Xeon Multi-Processor Under Linux
Give me a Xeon… No, make that two. Due to the overwhelming response to our previous article, "AMD Athlon Multi-Processor Under Linux", we decided a follow up was in order.

ECS K7S5A (1) In May, we reviewed the SiS 735 DDR Reference board and was impressed by it's performance. To date, I received many emails enquiring the release or production boards by manufacturers. Well, the wait is over, ECS Elitegroup K7S5A is finally here and it's already in mass production and on sale in retail channels.

The Dragon Orb 3 - Page 1
In the mythology of various Asian countries, mainly Japan and China, the dragon is the supreme spiritual power—the most ancient emblem in Oriental mythology.

EPOX 8K7A+ socketA motherboard review
EPOX isn’t one of the largest motherboard manufacturers in the world, but in the last year or so, they have released increasingly attractive motherboards.

Iwill KK266plus ATX Socket A Motherboard Review Iwill designed a board around the KT133A chipset specifically for the power hungry overclocker. Let's see how it performs.
Socket A ATX form factor 24.0 X 30.5cm
supports 600-1600+MHz
Auto CPU detection
Via KT133A Chipset

Asus A7V266 Review .
Planet3dnow. The Asus A7V266 shone during the last months on account of the permanently shifted Launches exclusively on the thrown away bright lustre brochures of a constantly changed layout. A hopeless case?

MSI™ received excellent product review for MSI™ G3 Pro-VT64D
and G2Pro Plus-T64D Graphic Accelerators from Worldwide Media
MSI™ mainboards are noted for their great performance and excellent stability and MSI™ graphic accelerators are no exception.


Bude existovat redukce FCPGA->FCPGA2?
Nové procesory Pentium III s jádrem Tualatin prostě do základních desek s paticí FCPGA neosadíte. Možná ale bude existovat řešení…
Svět Hardware

Plán uvádění procesorů Intel
Objevily se nové informace o chystaných procesorech společnosti Intel:
3. čtvrtletí 2001: Ke konci tohoto čtvrtletí by se měly objevit nové verze procesoru Pentium 4 ještě se starým 0,18mikronovým jádrem Willamette na frekvencích 1,9 GHz a 2 GHz.

ASUS připraven na vydání i845 Společně s ostatními výrobci základních desek, kteří již připravily některé desky postavené na čipové sadě i845 s podporou paměti PC133 SDRAM, ASUS také dokončil desky tohoto druhu.

Základní deska ECS P6S5AT Společnost 100MEGA DISTRIBUTION
Je určena pro Intel Pentium III Tualatin. Má na sobě čipset SiS635T, 2 pozice pro SDRAM a 2 pro DDR nelze je však kombinovat.

MSI biosy 2.9
-Add Bank Interleave item in the BIOS Chipset setup
-Adjust Vcore Voltage Sensitivity on Hardware Monitor
-Show CPU L1 and L2 cache size
-Don't Display Ghz for AMD K7 CPU
-Fixed that WD WD400BB-00AUA1 HDD fail in FDISK with nVidia Geforce2 AGP Card
RAF'S Hardware

ABIT KG7 Bios 4B
-Add "Resource Controlled By" option to improve the audio card compliance.
-HPT370 BIOS version1.11.0402.
-BIOS compile date: 07/27/2001.
RAF'S Hardware



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