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SOYO K7V Dragon Plus! Motherboard Review
The original Soyo Dragon was my favourite KT266 based motherboard, since it offered great performance coupled to a fantastic feature set. This new revision of the board features the updated KT266A chipset, but otherwise remains the same as the original. The VIA Apollo KT266A features an enhanced memory controller, designed with high performance in mind.

Iwill XP333-R Motherboard Review
Once upon a time, in a forum not so far from here, there was a discussion. "What would you design into your own ultimate motherboard?" I think Iwill read our discussion! The fact that the Iwill XP333-R features PC2700 support and ATA133 is not only refreshing, but also potential reality of motherboard heaven exceed our dreams!

Asus A7V333 (VIA KT333) Motherboard Preview
Today we've got a very special cake for you. Four weeks before the predicted launch we've got the chance to look over the shoulders of a prototype. Asus sent us a sample for preview and to find some issues with our incorrigible pedantism before the board gets to the customers. As a positiv side-effekt this results into the first preview of the A7V333 for you. So let's see.

Soltek SL-75DRV4 KT266a Motherboard
I was sitting in front of my computer when Discostu sends through the latest PR on Solteks new SL-75DRV4 motherboard, I opened the pdf to find the "Purple Ray" shining at me. The conversation went something like this:

DiscoStu: Soltek just offered us one of these boards to review
Rockboy: But its purple!!
DiscoStu: should be here in the next couple of days
Rockboy: But its purple!!
DiscoStu: I'll send it down to you if you want to do the reviewing
Rockboy: But it's purple!!
DiscoStu: So you don't want to review it??
Rockboy: What are you nuts, get that board down here good man

Asus A7N266 nForce Motherboard Review
nForce chipset is Nivida's first attempt to capture motherboard chipsets market. It is the first integrated chipset with an acceptable 3D core. You can find detailed information on nForce chipset in here, here, and here.

Abit KR7A-RAID KT266A Motherboard Review
Abit motherboards have a long history with the PC enthusiasts. The first to truly introduce the world to overclocking processors, Abit introduced many features that we see today as almost being standard. This includes the Soft-Bios options, RAID and others. While their volume of sales worldwide is not quite as impressive in comparison to others such as Asus and ECS, when you factor in their lack of OEM sales, the sales numbers are very good indeed.

Gigabyte GA-7VTXH Motherboard
I've never used a Gigabyte motherboard before, so when I was on the market for a KT266A based mobo, I didn't expect to pick one of these up. Gigabyte are no strangers to motherboards of course, and they've been around for a long time, and from what I've been hearing from others, their boards are of very good quality.

MSI K7D Master-L Motherboard
Ever since AMD Athlons and Durons were released, I've been asking myself ... will there be any manufacturer that will produce dual processor motherboards. Dual motherboards have been around for Intel processors longer than I can remember, from the very first dual Pentium Pros to the latest dual Pentium 4 Xeons. They have dominated the dual processor market for long time ... they were literally untouchable.

What's the benefit of a KT-333 board?
This must be why Soltek, Asus and other motherboard manufacturers are rushing out DDR-333 products but we're still a little puzzled as to what you get in performance terms if you've got one of these.

Tyan Tiger MPX ATX Dual Socket A Motherboard Review
Tyan has provided us with the 3rd dual Athlon board we have had to review. In fact since the Athlon MP was releases mid year in 2001 they are the only manufacturer able to provide us with a dual board for review. Tyan has certainly enjoyed this feat, and has taken a shot at several of the other motherboard makers that were attempting to design 760MP based boards using the VIA 686B Southbridge. As these makers learned, and Tyan pointed out, the VIA Southbridge was incompatible with the 762 Northbridge from AMD.

ECS K7S6A Motherboard
ECS K7S5A is a success with it's low price/performance ratio. Although there were lots of users complaining about stability problems. Most of it was resolved by the helpful readers in our ECS sector. As always, ECS is always one of the first to launch their boards based on new chipsets. K7S6A is just one of the newest products in the market featuring SiS745 chipset. While SiS745 does not differ much from the Sis735 except firewire and DDR333 support, K7S6A did not implement the Firewire feature on board.

Twelve Pentium 4 Motherboards With Intel's 845/Brookdale Chipset
Though hardly any home user would really buy a system based on Intel's high-tech Pentium 4 processor and the aging SDRAM, Intel chose to use this platform to introduce their flagship CPU to the mass market. The main problem that the chip giant has to fight against is the high price tag of the Pentium 4, plus Rambus DRAM (RDRAM), which is the only memory platform that can boost performance as fast as Athlon XP. In comparison to an Athlon system with Double Data Rate (DDR) memory, the Pentium 4 requires RDRAM (i850 chipset), or at least DDR memory to compete.

FIC AN11 "Stealth" Motherboard Review
I just finished putting up our review of the FIC AN11 "Stealth" Socket A DDR Motherboard. Here are some details, “When you consider all of the added features, attention to detail, great stability, great performance, and EXCELLENT price, it's hard NOT to award the FIC AN11 Stealth our highest honor.”

Iwill XP-333R v2.1 Motherboard
Some time back we had taken a look at an Engineering Sample of the Iwill XP-333-R Motherboard and were impressed by it. It was the first board to feature ATA-133 as well as DDR-333 support for the AMD platform- although "unofficially." Fast-forward today and we still don't have official DDR-333 support for the AMD platform, although both SiS with their 745 chipset and VIA with their KT-333 chipset will make it happen soon. Until that day, we have the Iwill XP-333 and today we've received the latest retail board versioned 2.1 from Iwill. Lets see if there are any improvements in the performance, stability or anything else that we test the board with.

FIC AN11 SocketA DDR Motherboard
It's been quite a while since we've touched a SocketA solution from FIC. Our last FIC review was the AD11 which was the first DDR SocketA motherboard we got our hands on. Luckily FIC contacted us to review their new AN11 SocketA board that utilizes the VIA KT266A chipset. We recently looked at the Soltek SL-75DRV2 motherboard which also utilizes the KT266A chipset so the timing couldn't be better for a direct comparison with the Soltek board.

Abit KR7A-RAID Motherboard
VIA's KT266A chipset has received a lot of positive press lately (we just reviewed EPoX's KT266A motherboard, the article can be read here) Being one of the fastest chipsets for AMD's processors it has been widely accepted by enthusiasts in all its incarnations.

ASUS A7A266-E Motherboard
Early Jan last year, we reviewed the ASUS A7A266. ASUS A7A266 was one of the first boards that supported DDR. In fact, it was one of the top performers in terms of disk performance and Content Creation. Year 2001 was indeed an exciting year for everyone, SiS735 overtook VIA KT266 and came VIA KT266A, and soon we have SiS745 to have a head on competition.

SOYO P4S DRAGON Ultra Motherboard Review
With the release of new Pentium 4 processors based on the 0.13 micron "Northwood" cores and the recent price cuts on the existing Pentium 4 processors, i am sure many people will be looking for a good board to go along. Earlier this month, we have published the review on the Northwood processors and the comparison of all the DDR chipsets available in the market for Pentium 4 so take a look at the articles if you happen to miss them.

DFI NB70-SC Motherboard
While presently DFI may not be one of the most popular "DIY" computer manufacturers, they are poised to be. If you haven't heard of DFI there is a good reason for that. DFI's main focus has always been producing the highest quality, best performing OEM and SI products NOT "DIY" products.

FIC VC15 Motherboard
First International Computer (FIC) started life in Taipei back in 1980. Since that time FIC has been trailblazing through the computer electronics world. To date FIC has a total of 4500 employees, 4 supplier hubs, 8 manufacturing sites, and 9 branch offices. FIC is definitely a global computer electronics manufacturer to reckon with.

Shuttle AK35GTR Motherboard
The motherboard world is always changing and adapting, along with the companies driving it. Indeed, it is a constant battle as competitors try to edge each other out of the hallowed winner's circle by earning your trust with some new appeal. Shuttle is one of these companies; in the mix since 1983, they have been developing motherboards for enthusiasts and OEMs alike. Shuttle may not be the biggest motherboard company out there, but that doesn't mean they don't provide quality products and good support.

Dueling i845 DDR Boards From Abit and Asus Abit's BD7-RAID and Asus' P4B266 Take Flight
We're back again with a look at two new motherboards based on Intel's recently released i845D chipset with DDR SDRAM support. Our initial look at the i845D was centered around some fairly standard issue offerings from Intel and DFI. MSI was the only "tweaker's" board that we put to the test in that round-up and it certainly shined heads and tails above the rest. This time around, we have entries from two strong veterans in the "enthusiast/tweaker's" motherboard market, Abit and Asus.

Soyo P4S Dragon Ultra Mainboard
Not long ago we reviewed Soyo’s latest 845 SDRAM mainboard for the Pentium 4, while we didn’t recommend buying a product with SDRAM support for the Pentium 4 we found their P4ISR SDRAM product to be the best solution to get the most from the least. While we were in Las Vegas for CES earlier this month, Soyo provided us with their P4S DRAGON mainboard for testing, this particular board is based on the SIS645 chipset and has quite a few interesting features.

Shuttle AV40R P4X266 Motherboard Review
When Intel released the Pentium 4 processor, it was surrounded by an awful lot of controversy. This was for two main reasons: First, the performance of Intel’s new flagship CPU was less than that of the Pentium III in certain circumstances, not good for a “next-generation” processor. The second was that the only supporting platform (the i850 chipset) required expensive RDRAM to operate. Because Rambus (inventors of RDRAM technology) were viewed in a negative light by many, this impacted on Pentium 4 sales. What could Intel do?

DFI NB70-SC Motherboard Review
DFI is not a largely known company among enthusiasts. They have had a presence in the OEM market for a while, and are breaking into the enthusiast market only more recently. As some of you may remember, we posted later last year that Scott Thirlwell was leaving a position at Abit and taking on a position at DFI as the Marketing Manager in order to promote the DFI brand name and make sure that things are getting done which will help consumers.


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Megatest mainboardů: "Best of i845D"
Chcete si koupit Pentium 4 a ještě nemáte vybranou základní desku? Pokud ano, tak vám tento článek možná pomůže vybrat ten správný podvozek pro vašeho křemíkového miláčka ze stáje Intelu. Na mušku jsme si vzali 8 (slovy osm) desek s čipsetem i845D. Jedná se o první čipset s podporou pamětí DDR SDRAM od Intelu. Dneska se podíváme, jak si s novým čipsetem poradili výrobci základních desek.

Který motherboard s VIA KT266A vybrat?
Možná právě nyní plánujete nákup nového boardu a rozhodujete se, který by pro vás byl nejlepší. Na VIA hardware se podrobně podívali na zoubek hned 11 (jedenácti!). Testovány byly: Abit KR7A-RAID, Acorp 7KT266A, Aopen AK77 Plus (A), Asus A7V266-E, Biostar M7VIB v2.2, ECS K7VTA3 v3.0, Gigabyte 7VTXH+, MSI K7T266 Pro2-RU, Shuttle AK35GT/R, Soltek SL75DRV4 "Purple Ray" a Soyo K7V Dragon Plus.

20:38 Kdy se dočkáme Pentia 4 3GHz?
20:26 Via vydá KT-333A, KT-333 zrušena
19:43 Asus A7V333 (VIA KT333) Preview
19:37 GF4 MX vs GF4 Ti4600
19:24 Clustrování Athlona MP
19:19 Epox čeká na opravený Southbridge
19:12 Recenze a testy
00:20 VisionTek expanduje do Evropy
20:14 Recenze a testy
19:52 Connect3D nový hráč na trhu ATi karet
19:23 mIRC v6.0
15:08 Nvidia Detonator 27.30 Win9x
14:38 AOpen BIOSy
14:32 Asus BIOSy
14:26 Pinnacle Studio7 DC10+ drivery

LEVI Support
5.2. Přidány ovladače pro starší typy Creative zvukovek (CT4620, 4670 a 4872)
4.2. Nové ovladače pro VGA VIA/S3 ProSavage 370/380 (z 30.1.2002)
3.2. Vydán VIA Raid Performance Patch (v1.04 z 18.1.2002)
Přidány ovladače pro zvukové karty Crystal řady CX423x
2.2. Aktualizován ovladač VGA pro MB s čipem SiS 630/730S (v2.06)

První specifikace SiS330
SiS330 je grafický čip od výrobce čipových sad společnosti SiS, který bude představen v březnu na CeBITu. Jeho specifikace jsou zatím tajné, ale něco již přece jenom uteklo. SiS330 bude podporovat přenosové rozhraní AGP 8X a navržen má být pro aplikační rozhraní DirectX 8.1, výkonnostně by se měl vyrovnat čipu GeForce 2.
současné době již začala produkce výrobních vzorků. www.svethardware.cz

20:01 GeForce4 Ti4600 Benchmark
16:13 Užitečné prográmky
11:36 ATI Radeon BETA driver
11:19 Služby v WinXP
09:23 Oficiální VIA Latency Patch 1.04
22:44 Připravované Hercules grafické karty
19:54 VOLCANO 7+
17:42 Co nás čeká po PCI
16:54 Recenze a testy
16:50 Hardwarový RAID vs. Softwarový RAID

18:12 Tyan Tiger BIOSy
18:09 Elitegroup BIOSy
18:00 Soltek 75DRV BIOS 35
17:49 Gigabyte BIOSy
17:44 Asus BIOSy

SiS přejmenovává čipovou sadu SiS646
Společnost SiS mění název připravované čipové sady SiS646 na SiS645DS. Čipová sada SiS646 je původní čipová sada SiS645, která bude doplněna o podporu systémové sběrnice 133 MHz (533 MHz v režimu QDR) nutné pro nové procesory Intel Pentium 4, které se objeví v průběhu první poloviny roku 2002.

Socket 563 a nové mobilní AMD na obzoru
Během Platform Conference odhalila firma AMD svoje plány v oblasti mobilních procesorů a také novou patici určenou pro tyto procesory.

20:39 OEM Radeon Win9x/2k/XP drivers od PowerColor
20:26 Athlon XP 2300+ vs. Pentium 4/3000
20:15 Recenze a testy
20:11 Oficiální info o změně cen procesorů od AMD
20:07 Pentium 4 1.6A
19:56 Dva mobilní Durony od AMD
13:11 Grafické karty ASUS s chipy GeForce4
09:22 SiS AGP/IDE 1.09 driver

LEVI Support
30.1. Aktualizován BIOS desky ECS P4VXASD (na verzi z 21.1.2002) Přidaná poslední verze programu AMIFLASH (v8.27.34 s českým návodem)
29.1. Vydán nový ovladač pro zvukový kodek VIA 74 (verze 1.60a z 8.1.2002)

DDR král ASUS P4S333 a srovnání DDR266 vs. DDR333
Snad se na mne nikdo nebude zlobit, že jsem si zcela bezostyšně dovolil pasovat tuhle desku na krále, ale firma ASUS je všeobecně pokládána za uznávanou velmoc mezi výrobci motherboardů a když navíc nabízí produkt podporující v současnosti nejvýkonnější DDR333 paměti je toto přirovnání určitě na místě.

Čipová sada Intel 845G ještě před prázdninami
Čipová sada Intel 845G s integrovanou grafikou bude uvedena v průběhu druhého čtvrtletí roku 2002. Určená je pro procesory Pentium 4 s frekvencí systémové sběrnice 100 a 133 MHz (400 a 533 MHz v režimu QDR), podporuje paměťovou technologii DDR 200/266. Mezi další specifikace patří řadič Ultra ATA100 a maximálně 6 USB 2. 0 portů. Velice důležitá je také možnost připojení grafické karty do AGP slotu, to pokud Vám nestačí integrovaný grafický čip. Fotku south bridge ICH4 naleznete zde.

Jaký má podíl na trhu Intel, AMD a VIA?
Dean McCarron, prezident Mercury Research Company, uvedl několik velmi zajímavých čísel ohledně podílu firem Intel, AMD a VIA na poli procesorů. Vše jsme pro vás uspořádali do (snad) přehledné tabulky. Dozvíte se z ní podíl na trhu procesorů v roce 2000, 2001 a ve čtvrtém čtvrtletí roku 2001 a to jak se započítaným prodejem Pentií III do Xboxů, tak bez něj.

Počítače s dvěma Pentii 4 - nemožné?
Když bylo na konci roku 2000 uvedeno Pentium 4, mnoho lidí bylo zaskočeno absencí podpory pro víceprocesorové uspořádání. Intel tehdy nabídl pro SMP konfigurace procesor Xeon, který je považován za luxusní zboží a je tudíž velmi drahý. Je možné, že by nyní změnil názor?

19:55 Podíly na trhu desktopových procesorů
19:49 DirectX 9
19:37 AMD snižuje ceny
19:29 Recenze a testy
19:28 DDR333, DDR400 a DDR700 SDRAM od Samsungu
17:16 Intel BIOSy
16:56 Microstar BIOSy
16:48 Asus BIOSy
10:50 VIA audio AC97 driver v1.60a
23:58 Nvidia Detonator 27.20
23:43 ECS Elitegroup BIOSy
11:40 Intel BIOSy
11:34 Asus BIOSy

LEVI Support
29.1. Vydán nový ovladač pro zvukový kodek VIA 74 (verze 1.60a z 8.1.2002)
28.1. Aktualizován BIOS desky ECS P6IPAT (v1.1c z 16.1.2002)

První redukce pro Pentia 4
A při brouzdání Internetem jsem narazil na ještě jednu velmi zajímavou redukci od PowerLeap. Jmenuje se PL-P4/N a umožní vám dát do desky s paticí Socket 423 použít Socket 478 procesory a to jak s Willamette jádrem, tak s Northwoodem! Pokud jste si koupili systém s Pentium 4 procesorem poměrně brzo (máte tedy desku se Socketem 423) a v budoucnosti plánujete zrychlit procesor, není nutné kupovat hned základní desku i s procesorem, ale stačí jen procesor s redukcí. A to je jistě příznivá zpráva :)

00:07 NVIDIA GeForce4 fotky
21:35 ATi RADEON 8500 XT !?
18:38 Asus BIOSy
18:36 ATI Radeon Windows 2k driver v5.13.01.6018
18:32 Videologic Kyro driver
14:35 AOpen BIOSy
12:47 VIA demonstrovala KT333
10:55 Hercules oznámil ALL-IN-WONDER 7500
10:47 VIA vydá chipset pro duální Pentium 4
10:37 Konec výroby Celeronu Coppermine-128
08:55 Asus P4B BIOS 1002

Sobota, 26. ledna 2002 Nový ABIT pro Athlony XP
Pátek, 25. ledna 2002 Souboj dvou plnokrevníků
Pátek, 25. ledna 2002 Jaký chipset pro P4 ????
Čtvrtek, 24. ledna 2002 Intel P4 Northwood 1.6A@3.245GHz

LEVI Support
26.1. Vytvořena sekce pro program AMIFLASH (včetně popisu rozdílů mezi verzemi)
25.1. Vydaná nová referenční tabulka dodávaných základních desek
24.1. Aktualizovány AOpen BIOSy (AK77Pro, AK77Plus, AX34-U, AX3S, ... )
23.1. Aktualizován BIOS základní desky ECS P4S5A/P4S5AL (verze z 14.1.2002)
22.1. Aktualizovány ovladače pro TV Vision PV951T/TF ( W2K/WXP)
21.1. Přidány BIOSy pro základní desku ECS K7S6A (poslední verze z 9.1.2002)


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