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MSI MS-6378 Motherboard Review
AMD has been successful in churning out high performance processors that are aggressively priced against Intel's offering. However, the only thing that holds the Athlon and the Duron back from becoming the main processor of choice on most desktops is the heat it generates and the lack of value motherboards.

Abit TH7-Raid I850 Motherboard Review
AMD platform has gathered extreme hardware attentions for a long time and many reviews are oriented toward AMD platform. Many motherboard reviews are either KT133A or KT266 based motherboard.

ASUS A7A266 Motherboard
In our second review of a motherboard on Envy News, this time around we take a look at ASUSTeK's ALiMAGiK1-chipset offering - the Asus A7A266. This DDR-SDRAM offering is essentially a 'Migration' board for those that want to gradually, when income permits, transition from PC100/133 SDRAM to PC1600 or PC2100 DDR-SDRAM.

ALi M1535D+ Receives ATA/133 Support
ALi made an official press-release where they introduced a new M1535D+ South Bridge supporting Ultra ATA/133 interface by Maxtor providing 133MB/sec data transfer rate from the hard disk drive and breaks the 137GB barrier.

VIA P4X266 Acquires More Supporters
Little by little the second-tier mainboard manufacturers start paying more and more attention to the new VIA P4X266 chipset despite all Intel’s effort aimed at discrediting this solution. Yesterday we already reported that Chaintech, Shuttle and Tyan, were the first ones to have made up their mind to use this chipset in their upcoming Pentium 4 products.

i845 Based Mainboards from ASUS
As long as the market outlooks for the DDR core logic from VIA are still vague, huge mainboard manufacturers will not use P4X266 until VIA gets hold of Intel's license. They wait for September 10, the official launching date of i845.

P4X266 Based Mainboards: on the Pipeline Already?
As we read at The Inquirer web-site, a triad of Chaintech, Shuttle and Tyan (second-echelon mainboards makers) have already started shipping the following mainboards based on the disfavored VIA P4X266 chipset: .....

VIA KT266A Review
Once again we have to address the much talked-about topic of DDR chipsets for AMD Athlon CPUs. It looked as though we dotted all the "i"-s a month ago having written an article on comparing modern Athlon chipsets, but due to VIA this review has to be updated.

Intel's Invisible Chip
Intel Corp. is a company that seems to have a firm grasp on its flagship product -- the Pentium 4 processor -- and where it wants to take it. After releasing the 2GHz Pentium 4 last week, Intel has surpassed AMD (albeit slightly) in terms of overall system performance, and put itself in a great position for the imminent wave of SDRAM- and DDR-based Pentium 4 motherboards. When it comes to the high-performance desktop market, Intel seems set to reap some serious dividends from the P4's ability to scale to unheard-of core speeds.

KT266A Still King?
I have just noticed a few claims that the SiS 735 chipset is capable of becoming 3% faster with a few tweaks and updated drives. This sounds reasonable and possible but what doesn’t are the claims that state that this will also make the SiS 735 chipset faster than the VIA KT266A in every test except for memory tests.

SiS645 Plans
SiS645 is the first P4 chipset supporting high speed DDR333 interface and with the company's proprietary MuTIOL technology, it can provide peak bandwidth up to 553MB/s between the north and south bridge.


Výkon na prvním místě
Již se objevují testy tolik diskutovaného čipsetu VIA P4X266. Jak si stojí v porovnání s konkurencí vám napoví článek.
První čipy pro IEEE1394b - Texas Instruments
Firma Texas Instruments představila na INTEL DEVELOPER FORU v SAN JOSE, Kalifornii dvě novinky. Jsou jimi první čipy odpovídající poslední verzi rozhraní IEEE 1394b. IEEE 1394b oproti své předchůdkyni .. ale to se již dozvíte v následujícím článku.

VIA P4X266 si získává další příznivce
Pomalu ale jistě další řada výrobců základních desek začíná čím dál tím více věnovat pozornost novému čipsetu VIA P4X266, navzdory úsilí Intelu, který se snaží poškodit pověst tohoto řešení

19:10 Recenze a testy
19:04 TechnoTrend DVBsat v2.08
19:04 VIA Technology Forum
09:32 Asus CUEP2-M v1008 Finální BIOS

Nové BIOSy pro Tiga TI-815+S a TI-815+PS (v1.03)
Nové BIOSy pro AOpen AX4T (v1.07) a MX36 (v1.20)
Pár nových Abit BIOSů pro ST6, VA6, VH6, VL6 a VP6

Cyber Cooler P-5700
Další měděný chladič, kterých je čím dál tím víc. Tentokrát nás opět čeká trochu novátorské pojetí pasivu...


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