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Microstar nFORCE K7N420 Pro (MS-6373)
Select Page Introduction, nForce in detail - Part I nForce in detail - Part II, MSI nForce mobo Specification, Twin Memory Bank Results, conclusion After various rumors, speculations and information from "reliable sources" nVidia nForce platform is finally in our hands in form of a Microstar nFORCE K7N420 Pro (MS-6373) motherboard. Numerous guesses follow the nFORCE chipset ever since nVIDIA announced that it will release a chipset that supports AMD Athlon and Duron processors. Rumors varied from those that said that nVidia's is incapable of making a competing product to those that said that this product has extraordinary potential and capabilities. Such rumors are now most effectively refuted by nVidia with a completely functional product that is the star of this review.

Soltek SL 75DRV2 (VIAKT266A chipset)
For the past two years, Soltek have been absent from the US markets. Nonetheless, their boards have consistently been ranked among the top of their class elsewhere. We managed to get our hands on the latest KT266A chipset based mainboard, the SL 75DRV2 and ran it through the mill. At the default settings that are tweaked towards top performance the SL 75DRV2 has some shortcomings in overall overclockability, however, resetting the CMD Rate in the BIOS to 2T allows higher FSB settings. Except for CAS latency and CMD rate, no memory timing settings are present in the BIOS. The RedStorm overclocking utility appears somewhat useless. Overall, an extremely stable board with high performance and good features like e.g. smart card interface, the SL 75DRV2 is a serious contender in the field of KT266A-based boards.

Recently, VIA has released the P4X266A chipset. Just like the KT266A, the P4X266A promises to improve upon it's predecessors performance. I can remember when I saw the first benchmarks of the KT266A. The numbers were amazing, and since then the KT266A has become a very popular platform for the AMD Athlon CPU. Now we have seen how P4X266 motherboards perform, so we already know that they do very well. Knowing this, when I received my first board based on the P4X266A chipset, I wasn't sure what to expect. Since the KT266 was not a very good performer, to see the KT266A surge ahead and offer excellent performance was not a surprise. However, since the P4X266 already has excellent performance, I wasn't expecting a huge leap forward with the P4X266A. So how does the P4X266A perform? Today we will be finding out.

Pentium 4 Helped Mainboard Manufacturers
Taiwanese market research center (MIC) reports that despite all problems and price wars, which took place in the semiconductor market this year, the mainboard manufacturers managed to retain their ASP (Average Selling Price) on a very good level: around $69. They claim that the expensive mainboards for Pentium 4 CPUs played far not the last role here. Well, it turns out that high prices arouse not only complaints but also some positive emotions :-) Nothing to do about it: these are the laws of the market… By the way, next year this value is expected to drop down to around $66-$67. This once again proves that smaller manufacturers, which have no chance to increase their production capacities in China will have a really hard time next year, because they will hardly be able to survive the price wars having only Taiwanese fabs at their disposal.

Chaintech 7VJDA Motherboard
After EPoX 8KHA+ and Microstar K7T 266 Pro 2 models, based on the newest VIA KT-266A chipset, the market has another contester coming from Chaintech - CT-7VJDA. Since VIA KT 266 and KT-266A are pin-to-pin compatible chipsets most manufacturers didn't have to change the design of their VIA KT-266 motherboards - they just built in the new and enhanced version of the chipset. The same goes for Chaintech 7VJDA model. Visually, the motherboard is identical to CT-7VJD model and the only difference between the new and the old model is the easily noticeable VIA KT-266A chipset mark.

ECS AG315T Motherboard
Last week I posted an article on two mainstream graphics cards, to investigate which would prove to be a better buy. One card was from NVIDIA and it was one of their newly released Titanium cards, the GeForce2 Ti from X-Micro. The other was ATi’s latest mainstream offering, the Radeon 7500. Both cards were found to be exceptionally good value making the choice very difficult, in the end I lent more towards the GeForce2 Ti for its lower price.

SiS645 Chipset: DDR333 for Pentium 4 Platforms
Some time ago SiS released a DDR chipset for Socket A processors aka SiS735, which turned out quite a surprise for the public. It was intended for value mainboards and could easily beat in performance all the existing rivalry products - AMD-760, ALi MAGiK 1 or VIA KT266. As a result, VIA was to take urgent counter measures, so a new revision of KT266 with an optimized memory controller (KT266A) came into being.

Abit TH7-RAID Pentium 4 Motherboard
Ok, I know what you’re thinking: now that the new Socket 478 interface for the Pentium 4 processor is starting to catch on, why are we even bothering to look at a Socket 423 motherboard? My answer is simple: since the Socket 423 Pentium 4 processors are beginning to be phased out, you’re more likely to find great discounts on them… and for users who don’t mind the lack of a decent upgrade path, the Socket 423 interface still offers Pentium 4 versions of up to 2.0GHz, which is also the fastest Socket 478 model available now and should be fast enough for most users for at least a while. Plus, the motherboard that we’re looking at today, the Abit TH7-RAID, offers features that not only increase functionality, but can also alleviate the need for future upgrades.

Shuttle's AK31 Ver.3.1-vs- Epox's 8KHA+ Dueling KT266A Motherboard Action!
If you are an avid PC enthusiast or even a knowledgeable investor, then you probably know that Intel has some serious competition these days. With the latest reports of Athlon XP's "flying off the shelves" and VIA continuing to develop impressive chipsets, giving them an ever increasing share in the motherboard chipset markets, Intel is getting dings in its armor each and every day. Although not the only combination of Chipsets and Processors in town, the teaming of both AMD and VIA has proven to be an impressive combination. Yielding ever increasing, and impressive performance, the two often dominate certain Intel based platforms.

Intel Pentium 4 2GHz Processor & Asus P4B
We tested the Intel Pentium 4 2GHz on the Asus P4B motherboard, one of the most powerful Pentium 4 overclocking board available. With the Pentium 4 processor poised to replace the Pentium 3, we have seen a proliferation of motherboards in the market that support this new silicon wonder from Intel. So, if you are in the market for an upgrade, then a motherboard will also have to be considered.

Soyo K7V Dragon Plus Socket A motherboard review
Soyo aren't the first name that come into mind when considering the purchase of the new motherboard, largely because they involve themselves in the OEM section of the market a lot of the time. Soyo have been making motherboards for a long time, and have built up a reputation of being dependable, if nothing special.

The ECS P4VXAD -Vs.- The Azza P4X2-AV
Intel and VIA are entangled in a nasty legal battle, and because of this, VIA's P4X266 Pentium 4 chipset has been surrounded by much controversy. Intel is trying to stop the distribution of the P4X266 because they claim VIA is not licensed to use some of their technology, while VIA alleges all of the licenses they need to manufacture this chipset were obtained when they purchased S3. All of the legal matters surrounding VIA's chipset have prevented some manufacturers from embracing the P4X266. Dave took a look at a P4X266 board from Shuttle a few weeks back, but other than the Shuttle AV40 we haven't heard of too many other boards that were outfitted with the P4X266.

Iwill XP333 Motherboard Review
If I had to find one word to sum up the Iwill XP333 it would be; confusion. In all the time I have been writing for a hardware website, I have not received as many e-mails as I have about this motherboard. If you read my preview of the XP333 a month or so ago, you will quickly realize that there has been quite a build up for this product. There has also been quite a wait, and now that it is finally here there still seems to be a lot of questions about what it really does, and more importantly, is it worth buying?


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Populární čipset pro P4 bude brzy nahrazen novým - P4X266A
Čipset P4X266 není na světě nikterak dlouho a už se dočkal svého nástupce. P4X266A je zde.

Velcí budou ještě větší a malí menší
Mluvím tu o výrobcích základních desek. Očekává se, že tento rok čtyři největší výrobci základních desek (Elitegroup, ASUS, Gigabyte a MSI) prodají celkem 51 milionů desek, což činí 63,9% z Taiwanského prodeje a 55% z celosvětového. Celkem Taiwanští výrobci vyprodukují 79.8 milionu kusů, což činí přibližně 90% všech letos prodaných mainboardů. Podle odhadů se bude podíl "velké čtyřky" příští rok zvyšovat a podíly zbylých výrobců naopak snižovat. A rozhodně není vyloučené, že některý z velké čtyřky odkoupí nějakého toho menšího prodejce, jako se tomu stalo nedávno na poli pevných disků u Maxtoru s Quantumem.

Jak nastavit Motherboard Monitor 5
Motherboard Monitor (MBM) je vynikající program určený k monitorování senzorů základní desky a k zobrazení informací z těchto senzorů v systému MS Windows. Tento článek se zabývá popisem a základním nastavením tohoto programu.

21:32 Oficiální Detonátory 23.11
21:23 HighPoint stuff
21:22 GigaByte BIOSy
21:22 ECS BIOSy
15:31 Má AMD a Intel problémy s 0,13-Micronu
15:14 Jak schovat CD-romku
15:05 Snížení cen CPU od Intelu
14:32 ATI zrychlí RADEON 8500
14:29 ASUS A7V 1010-001-A Beta BIOS
14:26 Crative XP drivery
14:17 MSI BIOSy

Pondělí, 3. prosince 2001 MSI K7T266 Pro2 , AthlonXP 1600+ a WindowsXP Pro.CZ
Pondělí, 3. prosince 2001 Upravený Case Black Ice

Zvýší TeraHertz rychlosti CPU?
Jak se zvyšuje složitost polovodičů a dosahuje se dalších a dalších mezníků ve velikosti a výkonu tranzistorů, objevuje se nové omezení – spotřeba a teplo začínají bránit plynulému vývoji a výrobě procesorů. Ale již dnes existuje odpovídající řešení...

Už i DDR SDRAM paměti jdou nahoru Hardware
Při nedávném skokovém zdražení podražily jen SDR paměti a výkyv cen se DDR nedotknul. Tento stav je již minulostí a i DDR paměti výrazně rostou. U nich je to způsobeno jejich prachsprostým nedostatkem. V poměrně krátké době se totiž objevilo spousta nových základních desek s podporou DDR pamětí (chipsety SiS645, SiS735, VIA KT266A a to ještě brzo přibude i845 B-step) a poptávka převyšuje nabídku. Nyní stojí 128 Mb DDR SDRAM čip mezi 2.60 a 2.80 U$, což je cena přibližně o 80% vyšší než na konci minulého měsíce. Ceny za 256 MB PC2100 DDR SDRAM moduly ve světě jen za poslední dva dny stouply z 33 až 40 U$ na 40 až 45 U$. PS: Všímáte si, že zatímco jiné komponenty do počítačů poměrně plynule mění ceny, tak u pamětí jde dosti často přímo o skokové rozdíly? Čím to je způsobeno, že se takovéto drastické změny zbytku trhu netýkají?

18:59 Jaká CD XboX rád?
18:49 Opera v6.0 je venku
18:30 PROMISE Ultra133TX2
17:29 Tyan BIOSy
17:27 Recenze a testy

Sobota, 1. prosince 2001 Hellstorm 2000 Case
Sobota, 1. prosince 2001 Další testy desek s čipsetem VIA KT266A
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Pátek, 30. listopadu 2001 P4 2.0GHz + ASUS P4B
Pátek, 30. listopadu 2001 Leadtek 7350KDA Overclocking Review


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