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PCChips SiS 740 System Board
The advanced features of the SiS 740 System Board include : Supports AMD Athlon XP 1500+~1900+, Athlon/Duron 500M~1.4GHz CPUs with frequency at 200/266MHz in Socket A for MicroATX Form Factor. Provides 2 DIMMs for PC133 SDRAM, 2 DDR DIMM for DDR266 modules, and memory size is expand up to 2GB.

Abit TH7II-RAID Final Mark: 23/25
Last week we took a look to the new 845 chipset from Intel incarnated in a DFI motherboard. We discovered the overclocking power of the new Pentium IV 478 socket CPU and the new memory handling methods build into 845 chipset. The benchmarks didn't show amazing results mainly because 845 used SDRAM memory and the bandwidth was limited. Today we will give a try to the 850 chipset which uses RAMBUS memory and offers a better performance. The first board we will try today is manufactured by a world known manufacturer: Abit. The motherboard is called Abit TH7II RAID and it's a successor of the TH7, the 850 based board for Pentium4 socket 423.

EPoX 4B2A2 Motherboard
Established over 6 years ago in 1995, EPoX Computer Company is still a young company with high ambitions. EPoX manufactures products such as 56k Modems, Storage Devices, and of course a complete line of motherboards. Recently EPoX has been making waves with some impressive Socket A motherboards boasting excellent performance. With these latest releases EPoX is fast becoming one of the best motherboard sources for overclockers.

Socket-A AMD 760 Motherboard Roundup: Farewell to a Beauty
AMD's 760 chipset was the first to bring DDR SDRAM to the PC's main memory subsystem. VIA and ALi quickly followed with their own Athlon DDR chipsets, but neither of those platforms were able to keep up with the AMD 760. AMD had originally intended to introduce DDR SDRAM for the Athlon, then slowly let the 3rd parties take back the Athlon chipset market. With VIA and ALi falling behind on the performance curve, AMD had to continue supplying a large number of chipsets to the market.

MSI K7T266-Pro2 RU Motherboard Review
MSI have made a name for themselves by producing inexpensive and highly reliable motherboards that continually manage to perform well. Their latest entry is the new K7TPro266-RU, with on board IDE RAID and USB 2.0. The K7T266Pro2 is based on the new VIA KT266A chipset which meant that I was actually quite excited to see what this bright red motherboard could do!

VIA Announces October Sales Results
October sales revenue up 17% from September, exceeds 2000 results
Taipei, Taiwan, 1st November 2001 - VIA Technologies, Inc, a leading innovator and developer of core logic chipsets, microprocessors, and multimedia and communications chips, today announced that its net sales for October 2001 reached just over NT$ 3 billion (US$ 88 million approximately).

Shuttle AK31 KT266A Voltage Mod
Since Shuttle AK31 v3.1 doesn't allow a voltage above 1.85V even though the BIOS offers up to +0.275V above default, therefore a mod has to be carried out to allow VCore above 2V. Shuttle AK31 uses the same voltage regulator as the KT7A as we have modded some time back, the HIP 6301 therefore the mod is relatively easier to implement. By soldering a wire attached with resistor from Pin 7 of the HIP6301 to ground, the VCore voltage can be increase. In this case, i have increased the VCore voltage from 1.75V to 2.224V maximum using a 7.3K ohms variable resistor.

Soltek: One More SiS645 Based Board Hits the Streets
Well, one more manufacturer seems to have joined MSI, Elitegroup and PC Chips with the launching of one more SiS645 based product. Soltek officially announced its SiS645 based mainboard for Pentium 4 processors with DDR memory - SL-85DRS. This solution supports DDR333 (PC 2700) SDRAM, which can be installed into 3 DIMM slots (up to 3GB), FSB 400MHz, and Ultra ATA/100. Besides, there are 6 PCI slots AGP 4x, AC’97 audio and 4 USB ports. As for overclocking friendly features, SL-85DRS allows adjusting the clock frequency multiplier, Vcore and FSB frequency via BIOS Setup. Besides, it also boasts RedStorm overclocking technology.

SiS to launch DDR400-based chipset in 2002
On November 1, chipset designer Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS) denied market rumors that it will launch RDRAM-based chipsets this month. One company executive said that SiS would naturally research any new technology, but its schedule for product commercialization depends on the product position and the maturity of relevant applications.

Soltek SL-85DRS SiS645 Motherboard
Based on SIS 645 Chipset, Soltek SL-85DRS is able to support DDR 333(PC 2700) SDRAM, FSB 400Mhz, and Ultra ATA 100. This mainboard supports 3 DDR DIMM supporting up to 3 GB of DDR, 6 PCI Slots, offering more flexibility for upgrade and expansion. AGP 4X, AC97 Audio are also built onto the board.

ASUS A7N266-V (nForce 420D chipset) Motherboard
About 3-4 days ago I introduced you with the "Earth`s First nForce based board". Now again I am going to jamm the motherboard enthusiasts with another nForce board. But this time it is a form none other but the almighty, ASUS. Not to highlight. It`s also the " EARTH`S FIRST REVIEW OF ASUS A7N266-V MAINBOARD IN ENGLISH ", as usual :o)z). More over this review will act as a comparison between MSI`s MS-6373 Vs ASUS`s A7N266-V. This means this is a nForce Vs nForce. Ooh, Bull Vs Bull.

Via releases hot flick
PLUCKY LITTLE CHIPSET company Via looks like it doesn't want to be left out of the hot flick action. Sources delivered its stunning little XXX rated video today called "thermal emergency" which shows what happens when Old Testament Hero Ezra (C3) gets hot under the collar.
The Inquirer

Nvidia nForce Boards To Ship Next Week
An official at Nvidia Corp. confirmed that motherboards using the company's anticipated nForce chipset will begin shipping next week, and PC OEMs will launch systems at Comdex.

Shuttle's KT266A VIA P4 Motherboard
It is Shuttle's turn to show off their KT266A motherboard. They had a winner with their VIA P4 board, and we are anxious to see if they can follow up their previous performance utilizing out favorite AMD chipset.

MSI K7T266 Pro2-RU KT266A Motherboard Review
Throughout the nearly two years of running Amdmb.com in its various forms, there have been only a few constants in the business. The one of interest now, is the relation to a board or manufacturer’s popularity to the popularity of the corresponding forum in the AMD Forums. Whenever we see a new motherboard manufacturer becoming prominent or a particular motherboard gaining momentum, I have always notice the influx of traffic to that forum. That is true in MSI’s case recently, as well. The MSI Forum has been getting quite a lot more traffic than it had only a couple of months ago.

Motherboards: Complete 1Q-3Q financial results
To seek further growth in the now gradually mature motherboard industry, Taiwan’s board makers have been trying to expand their operations. First-tier companies have turned to the international OEM (original equipment manufacturing) market for sales growth this year, considering that Taiwanese manufacturers already account for 80-90% of the clone markets worldwide. With PC heavyweights outsourcing production to cut costs, Taiwan’s board makers have won several major orders. However, due to the global downswing, companies have to provide very favorable terms to get the orders, which inevitably affects their performance in gross margin or accounts receivable turnover.


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03.11. - Nové BIOSy pro desky Tiga TI-810+ (1.09 - podpora VIA C3)
02.11. - Aktualizovány ovladače pro VGA S3 ProSavage

Vision Master Pro 451, stabilní obraz, za který si připlatíte
Společnost IIYAMA má širokou nabídku monitorů - od běžného uživatele až po profesionály a to jak klasických CRT typů, tak i LCD panelů. Jedním z posledních příkladů je i recenzovaný 19’’ monitor A902MT - Vision Master Pro 451.


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