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MSI K7C12-PRO (MS-6373) (nForce 420D chispet) Motherboard
At last after breaking up so much rumors floating on the net regarding its performance issues I have got mine MSI 6373 which is based on the technology beast nForce chipset 420D. Not quite too much days before I Introduced you with the what the the beast chipset can do Here. So, we are now in condition to understand how the chipset works and what it can do. Don`t worry if you don't wanna read that technology article I will cover the technology snip in next few pages.

AMD Hammer 64-bit K8 x86-64 processors review. Our look at AMD Hammer 64-bit family processors, x86-64 processors, Sledgehammer & Clawhammer. The AMD hammer 64-bit core will be AMD's next generation of processors for both desktop and server. They will be able to run both 32-bit & 64-bit software making them backwardly compatible with todays software. AMD Hammer Sledgehammer & Clawhammer.

New MSI Motherboard BIOSes
Here's a long list of new BIOSes for the MSI motherboards: Well first, here's the fixes: -Fixed problem wherein system cannot install WinXP when using other K7T series board except K7T Turbo2 -Fixed that Tools\Event Viewer\System\ACPI error under WinXP -Update the BIOS of ATA100 function of Promise 265 chip to B43 K7T Pro K7T Pro 2 K7T Pro 2-A K7T Turbo K7T Turbo 2 K7T Turbo Limited Edition MS-6330 Lite MS-6330 LE3

Soyo K7V-Dragon Plus Motherboard
If you were to walk into a store and buy a motherboard a few years ago, your most likely choices would be Asus, FIC, and Abit. While Asus, FIC, and Abit were the most commonly found motherboards in stores, there was an underdog. Though they’re popular with OEM’s, they haven’t had many main boards that appeal to enthusiasts.

ECS K7S5A Socket A Motherboard
We are finally starting to see DDR ram based motherboard solutions make an impact on the market. As the chipsets are evolving, the performance increase is starting to justify the now diminishing difference between SDR and DDR RAM prices. This ECS board is able to use both SDR and DDR RAM, making it a decent board for those wanting DDR performance one day, while still being able to use their old existing SDR RAM.

Shuttle AK31 KT266A Motherboard Review
Shuttle has been gaining lots of attention lately from the time they released their first KT266 board, the AK31 v1.3 in May. Shuttle is one of the first manufacturer to have their KT266 board ready at that time but the performance wasn't too ideal then. 1-2 months later, Shuttle came out with the improved version of their KT266 board, the AK31 revision 2.0 that won hearts of the reviewers as well their users with its superb performance. Apart from targeting at AMD platform, Shuttle too produce boards for Pentium 4 processors, the AB30 based on i845 chipset and the AV40 based on the highly controversial VIA P4X266 and become one of the few motherboard makers who dare to produce boards based on this chipset. This time round, they continue their winning streak in the DIY market by coming out with their AK31 v3.1 board based on improved VIA KT266A chipset. Our local Shuttle distributor, BBS is prompted to send us an unit for evaluation.

In Full Force With Nvidia's nForce
When the specs of Nvidia's nForce first became known, expectations ran (and still run) high among hardware enthusiasts. And with good reason, because Nvidia's first attempt in the chipset market is packed with new technology: Hypertransport connection between the two bridges, a Audio Processing Unit (APU) with support for Dolby Digital 5.1, and a memory controller that accesses 128 (2x64 bit) bit 4.2 GB/s memory interface.

First Look New Tyan Dual Athlon
Tyan is going to release yet another ATX spec dual Athlon board shortly it seems. While it kinda looks like the Tiger, there are some very large differences. First off there are only two 64 bit PCI slots instead of four on the Tiger 2460. Some say that is a step backwards, but that really isn't true. Those two 64 bit slots are actually running at 66 MHz. You guessed it, it is the new AMD 760 MP chipset! Add to that an integrated 3Com 10/100 NIC, and the extra ATX power plug (much like the P4) and you have a much more robust motherboard built for standard ATX cases. Here is a picture of this beastie.

Motherboard ABIT KT7-RAID, One Year Later
This article is essentially a rant, but it should provide you with some valuable information for the next time you go to purchase a motherboard. However, this article will not be a one sided ABIT sucks article. I will explain why. So, if you're ready to listen, I'm ready to tell you a story.

Intel to ship DDR-based 845 B-step in November
Intel formally informed Taiwan’s motherboard makers that it will start volume deliveries of its DDR SDRAM-supporting chipsets, the 845 B-step (Brookdale-D/845D), in November. The new products will be sold at the same prices as its PC 133 SDRAM-compliant 845 chipsets. Due to capacity and marketing concerns, Intel will include the latest chipsets in its clients’ original orders, instead of releasing them separately.

SiS745 and SiS740 Details
There are a lot of facts proving that the new SiS740 and SiS745 chipsets will be announced officially in the nearest future. Although according to the company roadmap, which we have recently seen, SiS740 chipset should be launched in Q1 2002 and SiS645 – in Q2 2002, SiS made up its mind to speed things up and to introduce these products earlier, especially SiS745. At least their web-site has already got special pages devoted to the newcomers.


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VIA IDE Busmaster 3.0.14 (není v 4-in-1 4.35!).
První XP verze, podpora odinstalování z Control panelu, podpora velkých disků (128GB), podpora ATA133, VIA VT8233A SouthBridge.

17:54 ATi oznámila RADEON 8500LE
16:02 Asus BIOSy
14:31 Matrox G400/G450/G550 drivery
14:01 Finální Powertoys pro Windows XP
11:46 Microstar BIOSy
11:33 ECS P4S5A BIOS v011004
10:00 Hercules Game Theater XP v3.02 driver
09:01 Creative Windows XP drivery
08:39 VIA IDE miniport a audio driver
00:32 Chipsety SiS745 a SiS740
00:19 ASUS A7V266-E již v prodeji
22:30 Recenze a testy
20:42 Změny cen Athlonů XP v pondělí

Pozor na desky Abit s čipsetem KT133A!
Přemýšlíte-li o koupi nového Athlona XP a zároveň vlastníte základní desku Abit KT7A, dejte si pozor na možnou nekompatibilitu!

LEVI Support
29.10. - Zaktualizovány ovladače pro VGA Kyro a Kyro II
27.10. - Nová verze ovladače pro podporu chipsetu VIA (4IN1 v4.35)

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Pondělí, 29. října 2001 Test grafickej karty Microstar GeForce3 (MSI - G3Pro-VT640)
Neděle, 28. října 2001 nForce versus KT266A versus AMD760
Neděle, 28. října 2001 Montážní kity pro case-modding pro méně zručné .. a bohaté!
Neděle, 28. října 2001 Celohliníkový case PC-60USB od fi. Lian Li
Sobota, 27. října 2001 P4 1.5G @ 2.140G! Zn: chlazeno vzduchem...

Softwarové novinky ke stažení III.
Cool Beans System, IP-Tools, NVIDIA BIOS Editor 0.89a, , Microsoft Powertoys for WinXP - vFinal, MotherBoard Monitor - v5.1


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