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Voltage Mod For Tyan Tiger MP Motherboard (S2460)
The HIP6031CB above PCI slot 1 controls the VCORE to CPU1. There is another HIP6031CB, on the bottom side of the motherboard right under the power connector, that controls VCORE on CPU0.

VIA KT266A Initial Roundup
Intel has been given a tough time these days; the Pentium 4 just can't seem to get the recommendation over the Athlon XP and as if that wasn't enough, Intel's strengths in the market are still largely ignored. One of Intel's largest strengths is their chipset business; although far from the most desirable solution, Intel's 845 chipset has turned out to be one of the most stable and reliable platforms ever.

Epox 8KHA+ KT266A Motherboard Review
A lot of you had already heard of the term, DDR Ram. Even more of you know, in theory, it should provide the much needed memory bandwidth to today's CPUs. However, many of the first generation DDR chipsets provide minimal speed increase when compared with its SD-Ram counterparts. Via's first DDR solution, KT-266, did not even provide a tangible speed increase. Now, Via's second try of DDR chipset, KT-266A, is said to change all that. The new chipset has a few enhancements on memory timings and a deeper buffer. It is also pin compatible with the original KT-266 to make the transition smoother for the manufacturers. Epox races to the market with its KT-266A solution, 8KHA+. It is the first company to provide the retail market with a KT-266A motherboard. The 8KHA+ sports a similar layout as its older bother, the 8KHA which use KT-266 chipset. You can have a look at the specification here.

Soyo K7V Dragon Motherboard Review
Soyo used to be a major player in the motherboard business back in the K-6 days, but they went quiet for a year or so before releasing this, their flagship AMD compatible motherboard. Based on VIA's KT266 chipset, the K7V Dragon features a smorgasbord of features. First up, and perhaps most interestingly is onboard promise RAID.

MSI K7T266 Pro2 Motherboard
MSI were kind enough to courier me their latest, not-even-on-the-website, motherboard for review, the K7T266 Pro2. Building on the KT266 chipset that hasn't been the success that VIA would have liked, they now offer the KT266A to the masses as an AMD DDR solution. It's this chipset that MSI have chosen to use in the K7T266 Pro2 and what lets them tag the 2 onto the end.

Iwill's KK266+ Motherboard
In July, iWill hit the overclocking streets with the KK266PlusR. An ultra fast motherboard rated to house up to a 1.6GHz AMD Athlon or Duron Socket A family processor. Thanks to our good friends at Advanced Design, AtlantaOC has been supplied with one of these speed demons to see exactly how well it holds up to its claims.

Intel P4 1.7 Ghz
The name Intel captured the hearts of hardware enthusiasts the world over, with the famed Celeron 300A. This CPU was a major success in the hardware / overclocking world. It got just about everyone in the hardware world to use CPU's with the Intel brand name. Intel remained the firm favourite until around summer 1999 when AMD launched the Athlon, this really gave some considerable competition, to Intel's then current CPU the Pentium 3. The hardware enthusiast's began to look towards the AMD Athlon as an upgrade platform, large OEM's still stuck with Intel, but the Intel leadership in the market was under question for the first time ever.

Shuttle AK31 v3.1 Motherboard
The wait if finally over and we have in our possession the Shuttle AK31 v3.1, a motherboard based on the highly anticipated KT266A chipset. The original KT266 chipset caught a lot of criticism for being underpowered and lackluster in its promise for delivering a high performance DDR chipset. Likewise, at the time of its release, we had high hopes that DDR would offer us a truly viable solution to the memory bandwidth woes brought upon by SDRAM's limitations and RDRAM's absorbent prices. The first wave of products which utilized DDR were largely disappointing, offering only marginal increases and having a slightly higher cost.


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Zajímavé novinky Intelu Podle stránek Digitimes, pronesl 22. října pan Anand Chandrasekher, vicepresident Intel Architecture Group a ředitel Intel Architcture Marketing Group, několik velice zajímavých komentářů.

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17:06 ABIT KT7A, Palomino a Morgan
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Pátek, 26. října 2001 První overclockerské zkušenosti s chipsetem nForce
Pátek, 26. října 2001 Lapování - skvělý návod + test
Pátek, 26. října 2001 Srovnání osmi karet GeForce3
Pátek, 26. října 2001 nForce vers. KT266A

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27.10. - Nová verze ovladače pro podporu chipsetu VIA (4IN1 v4.35)
26.10. - Přidán nový BIOS pro ECS K7S5A (verze z 16.10.2001)


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