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ALi MAGiK 1 Rev.C Chipset: Iwill XP333-R Mainboard Review
The situation with the DDR chipsets for Socket A platforms looks funnier and funnier with the time. As it appeared later on, neither of the chipset manufacturers managed to develop the memory controller, which could make use of the entire DDR SDRAM potential. As a result, some manufacturers had to undertake the second try before they could start mass production of DDR Socket A chipsets showing acceptable performance. The first chipset like that was AMD-760 launched by AMD in order to demonstrate the advantages of the new DDR technology.

MSI K7N420 Pro nVidia nForce Motherboard
After months of waiting, it has finally arrived. nVidia's long awaited entry into the chipset market, nForce (previously known as Crush 12), is now actually hitting the market. In the nearly six months it's been since the original nForce announcement, much of the original excitement has died down, but the fact remains that nVidia's nForce is one of the most talked about chipsets in recent times, even before it's actually hit store shelves.

Chipset Duel - VIA vs. Nvidia
The selection of chipsets for Socket 462 (Socket A) is growing wider. Having presented an under-performer in the KT266 chipset, VIA followed up straightaway with a newcomer dubbed the KT266A. The only difference between it and its predecessor lies in the KT266A's memory interface, which was designed to be a real speed demon. Rumor has it that it has been copied from the SiS 735. However, there's no official statement to that effect - not from VIA itself, anyway.

ECS AG315T (SiS315) Motherboard
Last week I posted an article on two mainstream graphics cards, to investigate which would prove to be a better buy. One card was from NVIDIA and it was one of their newly released Titanium cards, the GeForce2 Ti from X-Micro. The other was ATi’s latest mainstream offering, the Radeon 7500.

Asus P4T-E Motherboard
At the end of my first ever i850 chipset board review I hoped that I'd see more boards soon since I enjoyed using the platform and had a lot of fun testing the new socket 478 Pentium 4 processor. It seems the gods have answered my prayers since today I've got a review of the Asus i850 board, the P4T-E. We discussed the current status of the new P4 solutions in the MSI review so we'll skim over them here. Check out the review for a rundown of the current P4 state of play.

Shuttle's AK31 Ver.3.1-vs- Epox's 8KHA+
If you are an avid PC enthusiast or even a knowledgeable investor, then you probably know that Intel has some serious competition these days. With the latest reports of Athlon XP's "flying off the shelves" and VIA continuing to develop impressive chipsets, giving them an ever increasing share in the motherboard chipset markets, Intel is getting dings in its armor each and every day. Although not the only combination of Chipsets and Processors in town, the teaming of both AMD and VIA has proven to be an impressive combination. Yielding ever increasing, and impressive performance, the two often dominate certain Intel based platforms.

VIA wins legal battle over AMD-based chipsets
The Chinese-language Commercial Times newspaper reported that US courts last week awarded VIA Technologies victory in a patent infringement lawsuit filed by Intel. However, the case involved VIA’s Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)-platform chipsets, not its latest controversial Pentium 4-supporting line.

Abit KG7-RAID AMD 760 Motherboard Review
Welcome to the last (perhaps second to last) AMD 760 chipset review you will see on Amdmb.com. It is indeed a sad time to see such a powerful and lasting chipset finally reach its end. AMD officially announced their production halt on the chipset last month, but there are still plenty of these chipsets lying around and being used in production boards. As far as I am aware, the Abit KG7-RAID board that we review here, is almost the final AMD 760 board to be designed and produced, with the exception of the coming 8K7A2 from Epox.

Elitegroup (ECS) K7S5A SiS 735 Chipset Motherboard Review
SiS caused quite a big splash in the industry when they released their 735 chipset, with it besting better-known solutions from VIA and AMD in several benchmarks. A departure from the classic northbridge / southbridge design, the SiS controls all functions from a single chipset. This doesn’t mean features have been sacrificed however, since SiS735 is fully compliant to PC2001, provides an excellent communication solution in the form of integrated 10/100Mb Fast Ethernet, as well as a fast IDE controller that supports Ultra-DMA100. It provides a separate data path for the two IDE channels which eminently improves the performance under a multi-tasking environment.

ASUS A7V266-E (KT266A chipset) Motherboard
It was around 2 months ago on 29th Sept. when I introduced you with the MSI K7T266 Pro2 the first KT266A chipset based board on earth. The board is a wonder in itself and proves its stability thoroughly. Now today I am going to introduce you with ASUS`s VIA KT266A chipset wonder the ASUS A7V266-E. And I on the request of lots of TH (techhard) Fans I am going to compare it with the MSI K7T266 Pro2. So, in short it will be comparison between ASUS A7V266-E and MSI K7T266 Pro2.

SiS645 Performance Review
During the Comdex Fall 2001, we have seen motherboards manufacturers like ASUS, AOpen, ABIT, Gigabyte, EPoX, Microstar and others displaying their SiS645 solutions therefore we should start seeing a stream of SiS645 retail boards in the market soon. Right now, only MSI and ECS have their SiS645 boards out in the retail market for a few weeks therefore it would be interesting to see the rest coming out with innovative boards based on the SiS645 chipset.

MSI 845Pro2-R Motherboard Review
I remember hearing a funny story from one particular video card manufacturer about their decision to go with a particular colour of PCB. As you might have noticed, just about every company has started to pick out their own distinctive shade of colour for the PCB that holds their motherboards or video cards together. In this case, the manufacturer was lamenting over the decision to move to an all red PCB design. The problem was they were concerned with how the workers in the manufacturing plant would deal with looking at red all day long, for weeks or months on end. According to a study they had seen, looking at red PCB for such a long period of time was liable to make some of the workers go insane. Seriously.

Asus P4T-E Motherboard
At the end of my first ever i850 chipset board review I hoped that I'd see more boards soon since I enjoyed using the platform and had a lot of fun testing the new socket 478 Pentium 4 processor. It seems the gods have answered my prayers since today I've got a review of the Asus i850 board, the P4T-E.

Review of the Soyo K7V Dragon plus! Via KT26A (Socket A)
Also from the house Soyo reached us now the current K7V Dragon plus plate, which was based on the via KT26A chip set. Soyo made beside the chip sentence update naturally also still some changes at the plate as well as the scope of supply somewhat supplemented. As well the update succeeded here, we will bring you in this Review in detail close. Meanwhile already some comparison candidates delivered their visiting card on our test status, which will thus fill this Review with some comparison bench mark. First however cordial thank-beautifully to the company Soyo, who test-SAM-polarizes us also this very briskly made available.

Abit KG7-Raid Motherboard
Abit should be a familiar name to anyone who is anyone in the PC industry. Abit is one of the, if not the best mobo manufacturers out there. Abit has been nice enough to send us their AMD760 Based KG7-RAID mobo. In the past this board has been proven to be one of the fastest around. With the impending release of Abit's KR7A (KT266A based) board the KG7 may seem somewhat lackluster but I believe it is still a great choice for the overclockers in all of us.


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i845G pod drobnohledem Jaký bude další z řady Brookdale (i845) chipsetů pro Intel Pentia 4? Na trh velmi brzo pronikne i845 B-step, ale co dál? Intel chce velmi brzo na něj navázat chipsetem s integrovanou grafickou kartou. Jenže integrovaná grafická karta dříve znamenala, že výkon jak grafické části, tak zbytku znatelně klesl. Bude tomu tak i v tomto případě? Kdy se objeví i845 s integrovanou grafickou kartou? Jaké bude mít tato karta vlastnosti?

21:44 VIA: Mobilní chipsety
21:40 VIA: Desktopové chipsety
21:38 VIA: Grafická jádra pro rok 2002
21:36 Recenze a testy
21:22 A nějaké ty ovladače
21:19 MSI BIOSy
21:18 GigaByte BIOSy
19:49 NV25 Specs

Úterý, 27. listopadu 2001 Velké srovnání KT266A versus nForce420D !!
Úterý, 27. listopadu 2001 GeForce3 Ti 200 pro overclockery
Úterý, 27. listopadu 2001 Hodnotenie a pretaktovanie zostavy Athlona XP a matičnej dosky K7S5A(SiS 735)
Úterý, 27. listopadu 2001 Pretaktovaná AMD K6-2 300 Mhz od Shteffiho

Soyová pochoutka - SOYO P4 Dragon Ultra
Výrobce základních desek SOYO vsadil na čipovou sadu SiS645. Jak se zdá vydal se správnou cestou, čipset poskytuje za dobrou cenu opravdu zajímavé výsledky.

Porovnání VIA AGP ovladače 4.10 s 4.35 (4.05c)
Tento nový AGP ovladač od VIA není na světě dlouho, a už tu máme porovnání se starší verzí. Co se týče rychlosti, moc se toho opravdu nezměnilo. Výraznější zlepšení vykázal pouze 3DMark2001, a to pouze o 0,5%. Možná stojí za to z hlediska stability a kompatibility. Zopakujme si, co je nového a podívejme se na výsledky měření:
Nabízí rozšířené schopnosti driveru pro Windows XP
Opraveny některé informační řetězce, aby vyhověly verifikačním nástrojům ovladačů třetích stran
Podpora AGP funkce u VIA P4X chipsetů s North Bridge
Certifikace pro Windows XP v INF souboru

Základní desky roku 2002
Příští rok nás kromě nových procesorů a grafických akcelerátorů čeká nepřeberné množství nových základních desek. Abyste se v této záplavě vyznali, tak jsem si pro vás připravil rozbor chystaných desek pro příští čtvrt roku.

SL-75DRV2 - ASUS? Abit?? Soltek! Od okamžiku kdy k nám do reakce dorazila deska Soltek SL-75DRV2 jsem nemohl vyjít z údivu: jak nám mohly výrobky této značky unikat tak dlouho. Exkluzivní balení, kvalitní provedení, drastický výkon, bohatý bundle + speciality které byste marně hledali jinde... tak to jsou věci, které bych rozhodně čekal spíše u jiných značek. P.S. Víte co je to "rudá bouře"?

Nová základní deska Plumas
27.11.2001 Společnost Intel uvedla novou základní desku Plumas, podporující dvakrát Socket-603 interface pro Intel Xeon včetně Prestonia (0.13-micron Xeon).

20:00 Směska ovladačů
19:59 ASUS BIOSy
19:52 Recenze a testy
19:51 SUMA GeForce3 Ti 200 pro Overclockery
19:34 Co na nás chystá S3
19:26 Výkon i845 B-Step
16:35 ASUS BIOSy
01:07 Maxtor D740X-6L HDD - ATA/133

Dostane VIA od Intelu požehnání?
Soudní spor mezi těmito dvěma giganty je známou záležitostí, ale jak se zdá, blýská se na lepší časy...

21:48 Co skrývá X-BoX
21:37 Co je to QBM (Quad Band Memory)
21:06 VIA představí značku VIARAMA pro motheboardy
20:06 MSI BIOSy
20:04 GigaByte BIOSy
19:52 Recenze a testy

VIA P4X266A: Nejlepší věc, co se Pentiu 4 mohla stát
Taiwanský výrobce čipsetů VIA technologies uvedl v úterý nástupce "kontroverzního" čipsetu P4X266. Možná si řeknete, že se jedná o další nekvalitní čipset z dílen VIA. V tomto případě vás musím vyvést z omylu, protože VIA vrací úder!!!

LEVI Support
25.11. - Nové ovladače pro modemy Pine FM-3711/PF-X01A a Windows XP
24.11. - Nový BIOS pro PC Chips M810LR (verze z 9.11.2001)
23.11. - Nový BIOS pro Abit TH7-II a TH7-II RAID (verze 4W)
22.11. - Nový BIOS pro AOpen MK7A (1.03) a AX4BS Pro (1.02)

Neděle, 25. listopadu 2001 Naučte desku plavat... v tekutém dusíku :)
Neděle, 25. listopadu 2001 Úprava zdroje - zavřete ho do klece!
Neděle, 25. listopadu 2001 VIA AGP Driver 4.10
Neděle, 25. listopadu 2001 Taulatin do Slotu1?
Sobota, 24. listopadu 2001 Case
Pátek, 23. listopadu 2001 Inteligent: Macpower DigitalDoc 5
Pátek, 23. listopadu 2001 HDD Maxtor D740X-6L aneb poprvé ATA/133
Pátek, 23. listopadu 2001 Alpha PAL8045
Pátek, 23. listopadu 2001 XBOX podruhé


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