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!!! New !!! Database link's to DRIVERS, MANUALS and BIOS for all HW

Iwill KK266-R KT133A Motherboard Review
In the last two years or so, AMD had made a brilliant come back with their K7 series CPU, both the original Athlon and Thunderbird series. However, a good CPU by itself is not enough to lure the consumers.

Why the Console Won't Hurt the PC
If you are a frequent reader of online and print publications on the subject of computer gaming, then you have no doubt seen (yet again) the cries of the death of the PC as a cutting edge game platform. What, you say? Yes, many pundits and reviewers are saying that upcoming next generation consoles like the XBox will be the death knell for the PC gaming industry.

AMD: No decision on 12-inch fab partner, yet
Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) would seem to be in no hurry to join the rush to build a 12-inch fab. With its new processors gradually entering volume production, Dirk Meyer, AMD’s vice president for its Computing Product Group (CPG), said that the utilization rate in its Fab 30 in Dresden, Germany will reach 100% by year-end, and from the second half of 2002, AMD will shift its fabrication process there from 0.18-micron technology to 0.13-micron geometry. The company plans to launch its 0.13-micron-processed Thoroughbred processors in the first half of next year.

AMD Announces Support for Microsoft® Windows® XP
SUNNYVALE, CA--AUGUST 24, 2001--AMD (NYSE: AMD) today announced, in conjunction with Microsoft's release to manufacturing of Windows® XP, support for Windows XP on AMD Athlon™ and AMD Duron™ processor-based systems.

CPU Price Guide
This would be the first installment of our weekly price update. With any luck it'll be updated next week, and the week following that, in what may seem to be a weekly fashion. We're going to lay down some ground rules though.

AMD Duron 1.0 GHz Morgan Core Processor Review
Not wanting to sit idle for even a moment, AMD has released yet another new product into the market. And while the release of a 1 GHz processor may not seem like an all-too-important event, the information that is included and displayed here will be very similar to another upcoming review, scheduled for October. In case you are not sure, I am referring to both the Morgan and Palomino desktop processors.

EPoX EP-8KHA socket A DDR
Following shortly after its introduction of the KT133A, VIA released the KT266 chipset. When it hit the market, its improved performance and versatility over the KT133A made it an easy choice for inclusion in EPoX's EP-8KHA motherboard.

ASUS A7M266 AMD-760
Despite the release of countless motherboards with DDR support for AMD platforms, the A7M266 which was one of the first DDR solutions continues to offer outstanding performance and reliability.

Biostar M7VKD ATX Socket A Motherboard Review
It seems everybody and their dog has made a KT133a based motherboards, and to think just a year or two ago, we were worried about manufacturers building AMD based motherboards. Let's see how Biostar's attempt holds up against the competition

Kernel AGP Patches Now Available
As requested by one of our readers, I have created the patches mentioned in the DDR Athlon Motherboard Rumble and have made them available for download. These patches fix the unknown AGP error on some AMD 761 boards (the K7 Master-S for example) and VIA KT266 boards (the SOYO DRAGON).

Mainboard Makers State: nForce to Be Delayed
The Inquirer has some info proving that nForce will be late, as we have initially suspected. Some of the mainboard makers told The Inquirer that the so long awaited chipset seems to be coming out two months later. One of the Taiwanese sources claims that the product is delayed because of numerous problems, including those with the sound part of the chip. Well, it looks as if we’ll hardly ever believe NVIDIA’s disclaimers now...

Acorp Duallie
Accelenation has posted their review of the Acorp 6A815EPD dual i815EP motherboard. After Anand, these peeps seem to dig into cheap duallies as well! I bet everyone will have a duallie very soon now ...

VIA P4X266 Action!
Loegion HW have got a chance to look at the latest and greatest development by VIA … the P4X266 P4 chipset!

Intel to release fastest Pentium, cut prices.
Siliconvalley. Rival Advanced Micro Devices also has been cutting prices on its processors. Though the price war hurts both companies' bottom lines, consumers end up paying less for more powerful personal computers.

Which Memory?
With the soon-to be implementation of the i845, and a lot of people still running KT133A mobos, Hexus have decided to test some of the top SDRAM on the market. Here's what's in the test :
· Crucial
· Kingmax
· SynMax (VCM)

EPoX 4T2A Coming!
Another review is getting ready to be published peeps! The EPoX 4T2A is an Intel 850 based Pentium 4 motherboard and offers a nice P4 platform! The review will be up soon so check back often!

Soyo K7V Dragon
Soyo is getting more and more active recently and this time round they have unleashed a dragon into the overclocking market. They have shed their normal conservative design and colour and come out with something really different this time.


!!! Nově !!! Databáze linků na ovladače, manuály a BIOSy pro veškerý HW

Základní deska pro Northwood – Abit TH7II-RAID
Procesor Intel Pentium 4 se v současné době začíná vyrábět 0.13 mikronovým výrobním procesem se startovní frekvencí 2 GHz. Jednou z prvních základních s novou paticí pro tyto procesory (ne-li rovnou ta první) postavených na čipové sadě Intel 850 je Abit TH7II-RAID.

VIA odvrací nařčení Intelu...
Ohledně nového procesoru (a jeho bezprostřední podpory) nepamatuji, kdy by se v minulosti rozpoutala tak živá "diskuse" jako tomu je právě u Pentia 4. Tedy lépe řečeno o jeho podpoře v čipsetech konkurenčních výrobců, v tomto případě ze strany VIA Tech. A jaké jsou nejnovější zprávy? Oficiální stanovisko společnosti VIA je veřejně (nejen) na webu výrobce....

Ceny CPU ve světě
Další aktuální ceník procesorů společností Intel a AMD včetně vývojové tendence vzhledem k cenám z minulého týdne.

VIA C3 733MHz versus Celeron 600MHz
Malá ukázka výkonnosti nový procesorů VIA C3 733MHz...

Nové ceny procesorů AMD
Snížení cen procesorů AMD, přečtěte si na kolik vás přijde AMD Duron nebo AMD TBird nyní...

* Windows XP budou stát víc jako 2000 a ME
* Typhoon Optical RF Mouse
* Redmond, 24/8/2001 - přestavení Windows XP
* DirectX 8.1 - Interim 3 (Build 682)
* Zajímavosti z Internetu
* Intro z datadisku C&C: Yuri's Revenge
* Nový redaktor na Rafs hardware
* Windows XP (2600.1) FINAL!
* Nový trailer pro Red Faction
* Intel ATA IDE ovladač 6.20.2018
* Logitech Cordless Freedom Optical
* DirectX 8.1 - Interim 3 (Build 682)
* VIA IDE busmaster 3.12 BETA
* x3DFX beta 1.08.00
* Paint Shop Pro v7.04 & Animation Shop v3.04

Nový ovladač pro VGA Kyro/Kyro II a Win9X/ME (v1.00.07.0114)


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