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Soyo SY-P4ISR Motherboard Review Intel 845 (Socket 478)
After our last Socket 423 Review, today we may present to you for the first time a Mainboard that on new Intel bases 845 chip sentences. With these Mainboards not only the chip sentence is a new publication, but also the CPU's to be used must be determined for the Socket 478. From the house Soyo the brand-new SY-P4ISR reached us who are just based on the I845 and are to be pursued only with SDRAM.

Manufacturers choosing chipsets - changing paths?
Digitimes reports that the mainboard manufacturers are looking at a better alternatives on chipsets. With three major chipset makers in Taiwan, which will take the lead in this new era ?

OCW Review : Shuttle AK31 v3.1 KT266A motherboard
It is apparent from the review that the Shuttle AK31 v3.1 is very well optimised for performance. That is why competition is good. If SiS735 never appears, there wouldn't be a KT266A. This is the 2nd KT266A board we have reviewed so far and the results are very encouraging. During the tests, we were also taken aback by the Winbench and Winstone results. In certain categories of the tests e.g. CC Winstone which benchmarks real-life Content Creation softwares, the results are comparable to the fastest Sis735 board - Leadtek 7350KDA (SiS735).
IWILL K7 Platform Motherboards are Ready to Support AMD Athlon XP Processors
IWILL's K7 series motherboards, includes KK266/R;
KK266Plus/R; KA266/R; KA266Plus/R; KD266; XP333/R; and KV200/R(100MHz only), are now Athlon XP Processors ready. Each new K7platform motherboard shipped from IWILL is ready to run with Athlon XP processors; as for motherboards that are already on the shelves or running in a system, users only need to update the BIOS.

Pentium4 2.0Ghz on DFI NB72-SR Motherboard
In the last months we were able to watch a real fight between the two top CPU manufacturers Intel and AMD. Every one of them invested a lot in order to come up with the greatest performance, reliability and usability. Personally I think that they also invested quite a lot in marketing, but from this point of view Intel is the master of magic. When the latest Pentium 4 2Ghz socket 478 reached the market a lot of websites presented reviews of the new king of the road.

Overclocking experiences of the first Nforce retail motherboard MSI did it again and send us the first Nforce based Retail board, the MSI K7N420 Pro. I thought I share some of my first Nforce experiences with you.

The OCZ Performance Series PC2400 memory
In two preceding articles, we took a look at a variety of mainstream DDR PC2100 memory modules. Our goal was to highlight the importance of using high-performance, high-quality memory modules in order to maximize system performance

Epox EP-8KHA+ (KT266A) Motherboard
Not so long ago, we reviewed the Epox EP-8KHA. This board used the older revision of the KT266 chipset from VIA. The performance was great and it won our 'Editor's Choice' award. Now with the new KT266Abeing available from VIA, Epox have adopted it on their new EP-8KHA+ motherboard. As we've explained before in our Shuttle AK31 rev.3 review, implementing the new KT266A chipset would not cause any major problems for many manufacturers. In fact it's a direct replacement for the older chipset and should fit perfectly.

Motherboard Shuttle AK31 ver 3.1 (1)
We reviewed the Shuttle AK31 v2.0 sometime ago and was impressed by its performance. In fact, out of so many KT266 boards we tested, Shuttle AK31 v2.0 has shown a difference from its competitors by providing a low cost high performance solution and most importantly, it came with all the overclocking features users were longing to see.

MSI K7T266 Pro2 KT-266A Motherboard
VIA's original KT-266 chipset was supposed to be the ultimate platform for Athlon users. Combining the stability and mature state of the KT-133A chipset with a faster 266 MHz DDR interface could only mean great things. While the chipset looked fantastic on paper, when reality actually sunk in and boards based on the chipset hit the market, VIA simply didn't deliver. Not only was performance only slightly faster than the original KT-133A, the KT-266 had serious stability issues. To say the least, many enthusiastic customers were let down.

Soyo K7V Dragon Plus ATX Socket A Motherboard Review
Back in August I reviewed what was Soyo's finest motherboard to date, the K7V Dragon. Well Soyo is back with a quick update to that board. The K7V Dragon Plus uses the newer and more powerful VIA KT266A chipset which makes an easy upgrade to an existing KT266A design.


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Nová Rambus technologie
Když jsme tu psali o tom, že nejužším místem u nejrychlejších procesorů je právě komunikace s pamětí, zmínili jsme se o nové technologii Rambus. Nyní o ní nabízíme podrobnější informace.

VIA 4in1 ovladače 4.35 (973kB)
Upraveny pro XP. Nemáte-li problémy, není prý třeba instalovat ;-)

Intel i AMD budou v pondělí zlevňovat
Oba přední výrobci procesorů se rozhodli v pondělí zlevnit své procesory. Doufejme, že se snížení cen promítne brzy i v našich luzích a hájích. O kolik kdo zlevní který procesor vám prozradí následující tabulka:...

Prvé výkonové testy nového Pentia 4 Northwood
Na čínskom hardvérovom serveri sa objavili prvé neoficiálne testy predprodukčnej verzie procesora Intel Pentium 4 Northwood. Chcete vedieť ako dopadli?

19:02 MSI připravuje desku s chipsetem SIS645
19:02 SiS certifikovalo PC2700 paměti od Micronu
19:02 Recenze a testy
19:01 Intel 845 B0 stepping
13:16 Ovladače pro zvukové karty od Herculesu
13:02 Windows XP update
11:25 VIA 4-in-1 v4.35
11:15 Levnější RADEON 8500 - OEM
09:35 Abit KG7 BIOS v5W
09:24 MSI 815EM Pro BIOS v8.2
09:17 Asus A7A266 BIOS v1009
09:04 Hercules 3D Prophet Kyro ovladače v9.015

Čtvrtek, 25. října 2001 Nové VIA ovladače 4in1 4.35
Čtvrtek, 25. října 2001 MSI G3 Pro-VT64D (Geforce3) a pamäť PQI150+ 128 Mb od ProCA
Čtvrtek, 25. října 2001 ATI a "zajímavé" informace o RADEONu 8500
Čtvrtek, 25. října 2001 Test chladičů pro P4

LEVI Support
26.10. - Přidán nový BIOS pro ECS K7S5A (verze z 16.10.2001)
25.10. - Přidán nový BIOS pro Abit KG7 (5W)


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