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The Acorp 7KT266A Motherboard Review
Today we'll be reviewing the latest in a long line of KT266A motherboards to move through the H.H. labs, the Acorp 7KT266A. Although some of you may not have heard of them, Acorp has been around for a number of years and remains one of Taiwan's top manufacturers of computer hardware components. The 7KT266A is one of the newest additions to a well established line of motherboards. With the praise that the KT266A has garnered over the past few months by reviewers and users around the world, it is no surprise that Acorp made it their chipset of choice for their new Athlon based motherboards. With a history of high-performance and stability, it must have been an easy decision.

ABIT KR7A-133R Motherboard Press Release
Experience ATA133 With ABIT's KR7A-133R Taipei, Taiwan, Thursday, January 24th, 2002- Following the success of the KR7A-RAID, ABIT is proud to announce the latest in the KR7A family - the KR7A-133R. ABIT's KR7A-133R features VIA's KT266A northbridge with the new VT8233A southbridge boasting native ATA 133 support. Combined with the HPT 372 controller, the KR7A-133R supports up to 8 IDE devices with its 4 bus master channels at Ultra DMA 33//66/100/133!

Iwill P4DA (ALi P4 DDR) Press Release
IWILL ships P4DA, your ultimate DDR333 P4 motherboard! IWILL’s latest Pentium 4 motherboard, P4DA, is scheduled to be release in January of 2002. P4DA, from its name, we know it is a Pentium 4 motherboard; its third letter, “D”, represents DDR, meaning it supports DDR memory modules; its fourth letter, “A”, represents ALi, that tells users that this board is based on ALi chipset. P4DA adopts ALi’s ALADDiN-P4 chipset that was announce not long ago; with ALi’s M1671 chipset, P4DA is able to support the latest Intel Pentium 4 Processor support 400MHz front side bus (FSB), with the latest DDR333 memory that enables a 2.7GB/sec peak bandwidth between the system memory and Northbridge to boost system performance to the next level.

DFI AK76-SN Motherboard
DDR has become the memory platform of choice for both the Pentium IV and Duron/Athlon, representing a changing of the guard from SDRAM. A few months back, AMD introduced the world's first Socket-A DDR platform - the AMD760, introduced to bring DDR-SDRAM to the Athlon processor and continue to do so until a third party chipset manufacturer supplies a viable DDR solution. AMD took similar steps with the AMD750 chipset while introducing the Athlon processors to the world. However, the transition this time didn't occur as smoothly or as quickly as planned, hence the profusion of AMD760-based motherboards. With greater overall performance than the VIA KT266, this chipset is still desired by many.

Tyan Tiger MPX (S2466)
I decided that for this review, I would cut the crap and get straight to the meat of it. I won't bother to expound on the history and merits of the DP AMD platform in general because it has been out and about for some time now. Instead, let's concentrate on what the Tiger MPX is, and what it brings to the table, shall we?

MSI K7D Mainboard Review:
Dually AthlonMP boards are starting to show up on retail shelves. We take a look at the MSI offering and see if you should consider it for your next upgrade.

The Battle Continues: Duron 1300 vs. Celeron 1300
Typically, the cheap PC systems that are often sold by the big retail chains are equipped with an AMD Duron or Intel Celeron. Here, the price range of these cheapies starts with $425, but the spartan configuration of such PC systems is striking: usually, the PC contains integrated graphics, a very small hard drive (e.g. 20 GB) and 128 MB SDRAM.

Asus A7V266-E motherboard
In the world of motherboards, few names come to mind when you think of overclocking, stability, and quality. Asus is one manufacturer that has been known in the past, and present, to represent those three ideals. Today, I will be taking a look at the KT266A offering from Asus. The A7V266-E is nearly identical to the previous A7V266. Due to the fact the KT266A is pin-compatible with the KT266, the only necessary update is to the BIOS. To get you better acquainted with the board, here are the official specifications as listed by Asus.

AMD DDR Motherboards Shootout
We reviewed a couple of AMD DDR platforms in the past few months. While individual reviews are good for in-depth information, they may not be the best place to look when one wants to pick a "top" board. Thus, we decided to have a round up of them.

MSI K7N420 Pro nForce 420-D Motherboard Review
It sure did take a while, didn’t it? I completed my NVIDIA nForce Chipset Review back on October 25, 2001, nearly three months ago. In comparison, it took just over a month for me to get my first KT266A chipset review out after the reference board. To be completely truthful, the MSI K7N420 Pro motherboard has been out for a few weeks already, but I had a couple conflicts with the bios and features that I wanted to get perfectly straight before publishing the review on Amdmb.com.

VIA KT266A Motherboard Roundup
AMD plays the PC game much differently than Intel. Intel will not only develop CPUs but also the platforms they run on and not to mention all of the other technologies that are now further enabled by the processors. A very good example would be the launch of the Pentium 4; Intel has done their best to outfit all market segments with Pentium 4 chipsets from the i850 and i845 with DDR SDRAM to the i845 with PC133 SDRAM and the upcoming i845G.

ASUS A7N266 Motherboard
The ASUS A7N266 NVIDIA® nForce motherboard gets an airing through a pile of tests and some intriguing observations with its use of the NVIDIA® nForce platform. Asus a manufacturer needs no introduction into the world of motherboards they have been at the forefront new platforms for a long time and are probably one of the largest companies in the computer industry. What does intrigue us here is the use of the relatively new NVIDIA® nForce platform and as we have seen from our recent publications the NVIDIA® nForce offers some good debates. But let me say however much you digest the information made available there is nothing like having the real thing to conclude your thoughts or opinion.

ASUS P4B266 i845D Motherboard Review
It seems that nearly everyone is jumping aboard the new Intel i845D bandwagon, and Asus is no exception. Come join Cameron "Sov" Johnson as he takes a look at the Asus P4B266 Motherboard that uses just this chipset. Add in DDR memory support, and we should have a pretty good board, but we'll let the figures do the talking.

Acorp P4X266 Motherboard
News Flash* VIA's P4X266 has eloped with Intel's Pentium 4 and are now married. No more underachieving/overpriced Rambus memory for the Pentium 4. This time the P4 is now happily pumping out numbers using a more cost effective memory technology, DDR.

DFI NB70-SC (i845D) DDR P4 Motherboard
Since its release back in November of 2000, the Intel Pentium 4 and its platforms have grown by leaps and bounds. Initially introduced in the (now-defunct) Socket 423 package, the Pentium 4 was paired with very fast but extremely expensive RDRAM courtesy of the i850 chipset that accompanied the Pentium 4 launch.

Shuttle AK35GTR KT266a motherboard review
Shuttle is a well known name in some circles, but hasn't really made a big name for itself in consumer motherboards. The latest in its long line of VIA based motherboards is the in-memorably named AK35GT-R, based on VIA's KT266a, seeing a lot of action recently.

Gigabyte 7VTXH Motherboard
The first impression I had when Gigabyte's KT266A motherboard arrived to our HQ was: FINALLY! After a several years lasting stubbornness of this famous manufacturer we were at last able to see a motherboard made without various jumpers or DIP switches. The last fort of stubbornness has fallen - unjustified grief for old times that have been definitely overrun is behind this manufacturer. Motherboards can't be made the way they were made a couple of years back. User's wishes and demands are much more specified today - only those that adjusted the right way to market tendencies have been able to prosper lately.

Soltek 75DRV2 Motherboard
Select Page Soltek 75DRV2 Soltek 75DRV2 - in detail Test setup, results Results II, comments... We always try to provide the readers of Bench House pages with reviews of devices that attract the most attention of the computer hardware enthusiasts and lovers. Sometimes we managed to do that and sometimes we don't. It happens from time to time that right under our noses some pieces of computer hardware that fully deserve our attention go by unnoticed (fully unintentionally)…


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Čipová sada VIA ProSavageDDR P4M266 pro P4 integruje grafiku
Další čipová sada z rodiny VIA ProSavage, která integruje grafický čip S3 Graphics ProSavage8. Tentokráte je určena pro Pentium 4, podporuje paměťovou technologii DDR SDRAM a zvládne obsloužit maximálně 4 GB operační paměti. www.svethardware.cz

AMD připravuje "chipset" pro Hammer procesory
Jenže nic není tak jednoduché, jak by se zdálo. Již nepůjde o klasickou kombinaci jižního a severního můstku (South a North Bridge), ale místo toho bude AMD dělat "tunelovací" komponenty, které budou využívat HyperTransportu. V současné době AMD tvoří tři takovéto tunely: jeden pro připojení I/O chipu (pravděpodobně chip, jenž v sobě bude implementovat podporu SerialATA, USB, možná FireWire atd - vlastně obdoba dnešního jižního můstku), AGP tunel a PCI-X tunel.

20:01 Hardwerová podpora T&L u Kyra
18:06 Windows Commander 5.0
13:50 1.2-GHz Rambus paměti
12:32 Nové Nero
11:19 ECS BIOSy
17:46 TYAN Trinity i845DDR BIOS 1.00
17:42 Intel Application Accelerator v2.0.0.2100
17:35 MSI BIOSy
17:31 ECS P4VXxS BIOS 1.2
15:42 SiS začalo dodávat vzorky SiS330
15:26 Intel vydá 4. března Pentium4 - M
11:28 Asus BIOSy
10:59 Via vydala DDR chipset pro notebooky
02:56 Detonatory 27.10 W2K / XP s podporou Geforce 4
02:53 NVIDIA Detonatory 27.00 Win2k/XP Drivery

AMD Duron 1,3 GHz uveden
Firma AMD uvedla svůj procesor Duron určený do low-end počítačových sestav pracující na frekvenci 1,3 GHz, cena pro odběr v sérii 1000 kusů činí $118. Ceny ostatních Duronů jsou následující $103 (1.2 GHz), $89 (1.1 GHz) a $74 (1 GHz). Pro AMD má tento krok spíše psychologický význam, neboť dosud vedl v low-end procesorech Intelův Celeron a AMD o 100 MHz pokulhávalo.

Roadmap základních desek Abit
Začátkem roku se vyskytuje spousta informací o připravovaných výrobcích a různých jiných "Roadmap 2K2". Nyní došlo i na jednoho z tradičních výrobců základních desek firmu Abit. Jaké jsou její plány v přicházejícím roce? To Vám zodpoví následující článek.

Prosadí se ALi?
Společnost ALi zveřejnila svůj plán výroby čipových sad na rok 2002. Prosadí se v konkurenci progresivní společnosti SiS, nebo opět pohřbí naděje nestabilními produkty?

20:07 Další desky s chipsetem AMD 760 MPX
20:02 Recenze a testy
18:04 Rozdělení výrobců pamětí podle zemí
13:55 Intel oznámil sedm mobilních procesorů
09:21 Integrovaný chipset Intel 845G
00:20 Iomega Predator USB 2.0 CD-RW mechanika

Úterý, 22. ledna 2002 GeForce4 Ti (NV25) na obzoru
Úterý, 22. ledna 2002 Srovnání i u nás dostupných chladičů
Úterý, 22. ledna 2002 Nový AMD Duron 1.3GHz

LEVI Support
21.1. Přidány BIOSy pro základní desku ECS K7S6A (poslední verze z 9.1.2002)
20.1. Aktualizovaná tabulka podporovaných CPU na deskách Zida

Základní deska ASUS P4B266 DDR pro Intel Pentium 4
Firma ASUS uvedla na trh základní desku s čipovou sadou i845D pro procesory P4 s podporou DDR pamětí. Přinášíme Vám její preview a soupis všech jejích výhod.

Jaké chipsety chystají ALi, SiS a VIA na tento rok
Plánujete koupi motherboardu? Pak právě pro vás jsme se pokusili sestavit plán toho, co nás čeká tento rok. Pravda, není to úplnbě dokonalé, některé informace chybí, ale jako základní vodítko by vám to mohlo stačit.

VIARAMA vlastní sestra P4?
Kdo pamatuje socialistické reklamy asi taky vzpomene na Sanu, vlastní sestru másla :-) To jen k vysvětlení titulku. VIARAMA je program, který pro své partnery vyrábející motherboardy s chipsety VIA P4X266, P4X266A a VIA ProSavageDDR P4M266 připravila VIA. V krabicích s nápisem VIARAMA tak najdete boardy od různých firem . Důvod je prostý. Jde o stále nevyřešený problém žaloby Intela na VIA ohledně patentů k chipsetu pro P4. Producenti mají samozřejmě strach, a tak jim VIA chce touto aktivitou pomoci. Kdyby totiž VIA prohrála, nebudou muset v tomto případě nic řešit a finanční vyrovnání zůstane jen na VIA. Kdo tuto právní tahanici nesleduje, pro něj tu máme sérii naši předchozích informací: 1, 2, 3 a 4.

Nástupce Socket A představen!
AMD v Japonsku odhalila novou patici pro budoucí procesory Athlon a Hammer. Také předvedla procesor v zbrusu novém balení, který do této patice bude pasovat. Pokud tedy chcete vidět, jak budou nové procesory od AMD vypadat, tak se s chutí pusťte do článku...

SiS vs. VIA – nemilosrdný boj
Ještě před půl rokem byla současná situace na trhu s čipovými sadami téměř nemyslitelná. Časy se ale mění a SiS tvrdě útočí na společnost VIA.

21:52 Creative Audigy ovladač
21:49 Soltek BIOSy
21:48 Soltek BIOSy
21:47 MSI BIOSy
21:46 AOpen BIOSy
21:30 Recenze a testy
17:54 Detaily o GeForce 4
13:47 Cool'n'Quiet verze Athlonu XP
09:56 AMD vydalo Duron 1,3 GHz
09:45 Obrázky Nvidia NV17 - GeForce4MX
00:49 AMD roadmap na rok 2002
23:58 Ati Mobility Radeon 7500
23:40 Recenze a testy
17:57 ATI Radeon Win9x a XP driver

Úterý, 22. ledna 2002 Pentium 4 OVERCLOCKING
Pondělí, 21. ledna 2002 Fanúšik AMD
Pondělí, 21. ledna 2002 ClearTweak
Pondělí, 21. ledna 2002 Crucial PC2700 DDR pamäte v predaji

LEVI Support
18.1. Aktualizován BIOS základní desky PC Chips M754LMR+


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