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Epox 8KHA+ KT266A SocketA Motherboard
Some weeks ago we reviewed the Epox 8K7A+ (review here), and we found it to be one of the best implementations of the AMD760 chipset, and in all tests it delivered nothing but stellar results. All that resulted in an Editor's Choice award.

Motherboard TYAN Tiger MP - S2460 BIOS
Tiger MP ~ Current BIOS Revisions
10/17/01 2460v103.exe
TYAN Tiger MP (S2460) V1.03
New features and Fixes :
Add support for AMD MP processors, add one setup item for Wait/Ignore KB. Display total Cache RAM instead of L2 only.

What is overclocking?
In this simple explanation it is getting the best or most performance out of your computer for free. In this article we are not going into the very depths of overclocking just trying to show how easy it is for everybody to get their computer working a whole lot quicker. For FREE. To start with lets look at CPUs.

AMD Duron (Morgan) 1.0GHz and 1.1GHz Review
For a relatively long period of time AMD, which tries to compete with Intel not only in the performance CPU market, but also in the value PC sector, couldn't represent any real threat for the rival even despite its progressive architectures. The failures in the value PC market had to do basically with the absence of Socket A chipsets, which could allow building really low-cost systems. However, it never meant that AMD didn't try to win a part of the market from Intel Celeron processors.

Shuttle's AV40 VIA P4X266 DDR P4 Motherboard Here's a vocabulary word for you, "litigious". Good one isn't it? Before you get nervous that this is some sort of creative writing lesson, let me explain, as this word is very fitting for this article. Stemming from the root word "litigate", a synonym for the word litigious would be "controversial". As you are aware, "litigate" speaks of legal actions and law suits. By now I think you see where I am going here. The company RAMBUS and the DRAM technology it invented, has been a huge source of controversy over the past year or two.

VIA announces Pentium 4 'clone'
The Taiwan chipset giant is not shying away from further confrontations with Intel in its plans for a 2GHz chip
Taiwan's VIA Technologies is planning a 2GHz processor that it calls a "clone" of Intel's Pentium 4 processor, the company told journalists at the Microprocessor Forum on Monday.

Shuttle AK31 Rev3 KT266A Motherboard Review
If someone would have said to me just a year ago that Shuttle would be on the top performing motherboard manufacturers in the retail market for AMD systems, I probably would have laughed at you. Even though Shuttle has been a part of the computer world for quite a while, their products have been mostly geared towards the OEM and budget systems and were never quite on the program as far as powerful, fast components.

Abit VP6 motherboard
Two years ago Abit brought dual processing to the computer enthusiast crowd with their BP6 motherboard. Affordable and unique, it was the first dual processor motherboard to sport overclocking capabilities as well as be targeted towards the low-end server market. Abit has always been known for having features that target the overclocking enthusiast, while other mainboard manufacturers only consider overclocking an afterthought if at all. It didn't take people long to figure out you can pop 2 cheap Celeron 366 CPUs into the BP6 and overclock them both to 550. It was that year that overclocking really took off and became popular with many people.

AMD Denies Report of Athlon XP Recall
A spokesman for Advanced Micro Devices denied a report that the company was recalling its newly-released Athlon XP microprocessor.
A report on the OC Workbench web site stated that a Taiwan distributor of the AMD Athlon XP was recalling shipments of the new chip.

Is CPU Speed Outrunning the Industry?
How fast is fast enough? It's been a common question since the PC emerged from the alluvial ponds. Not a week goes by without a few e-mails hitting my inbox with, "Quit gushing about new CPUs -- my PC is plenty fast enough!", to be balanced by shouts of "More speed! More power!" from the performance crowd. My sympathy is usually with the latter, but lately, the argument against sheer core speed is starting to hold a lot more water.

Kingmax PC2100 Compatibility Tests
With the release of VIA's DDR technology standard, many manufacturers have followed VIA's teachings with memory modules supporting the new super fast memory standard, and Kingmax, Taiwan's leading memory manufacturers, have also followed suit.

Upgrading Your Socket 7 Computer
Remember when that Pentium of yours was the fastest on the block? Now it plods along slowly compared to modern machines. What should you do? Most people would recommend buying a new PC. Seeing how little most new PC's cost, that isn't bad advice.


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Modifikace procesoru Pentium 4
Intelovské procesory Pentium 4 pomalu na trhu zdomácněly. Jejich frekvence se zvyšují, občas se změní patice :o) ale po levné variantě stále ani vidu ani slechu. A co takhle nacpat Pentium 4 do notebooku?

VIA procesory pro příští rok
A nejen pro něj. Představíme vám plány až do roku 2004, kdy by to měl být již procesor s 0,10 mikronovou technologií. Po sérii informací o chystaných procesorech Intel a AMD tak bude celkový přehled kompletní.

20:59 Desktopové Pentium III v notebooku
20:18 Koloběžka s logem Nvidia
15:04 Creative Audigy driver
14:46 FIC AD11 BIOS
14:39 Tyan Tiger MP (S2460) BIOS v1.03
14:36 Asus P4B BIOS v1005
14:24 Finanční výsledky AMD a Intelu
09:53 Utility
09:00 ATi Radeon Win9x driver v4.13.01.7191

VIA dělá motherboardy!
Opravdu se vám to nezdá. VIA bude vyrábět své vlastní boardy s P4X266 chipsetem pro Pentium 4. Pro tento účel VIA založila VIA Platform Solutions Division. K rozhodnutí došlo asi také proto, aby sama VIA ukázala, že použití tohoto čipsetu nebude, s ohledem na žalobu Intelu, na závadu. Výrobci se obávají, že budou (když Intel vyhraje) muset zpětně platit. VIA vypustí do světa hned dva motherborady ...

LEVI Support
V novém BIOS pro Abit KT7A rev1.3 přidána podpora pro Athlon XP (5S)

21:53 Recenze a testy
21:53 Co chystá VIA za procesory
18:44 AMD Taiwan požaduje vrátit neprodané AthlonXP
17:57 Invex
17:16 Utility
16:14 Jsou AMD Athlony XP totožné s MP?
15:48 Sound Blaster Audio PCI128 driver
14:52 Asus BIOSy
14:45 Microstar BIOSy

AMD Tbird AXIA 1GHz @ 1.46GHz
Čtenář Vik nám zaslal malý příspěvek o svém taktování skvělého procesoru AMD TBird 1GHz AXIA...

AMD urychlí vydání jádra Thoroughbred Nové jádro Northwood pro procesory Intel Pentium 4, které má být vydáno počátkem příštího roku, by mohlo docela výrazně otřást pozicemi společnosti AMD na trhu s procesory.


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