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EPoX 4SDA+ SiS 645 Motherboard Review
The Pentium 4 processor is getting a huge boost lately with the advent of chipsets that support the more cost-effective DDR memory modules. Add to this the fact that Intel isn't the only authorized player on the field, and you have the makings of some good old-fashioned power wars. So come join Cameron "Sov" Johnson as he takes a look at the EPoX 4SDA+ Motherboard that utilizes the SiS 645 chipset. You may just like the results.

VIA and SiS to mass-produce new Athlon-based chipsets in February
Following the fierce battle in the Pentium 4 chipset market, VIA Technologies and Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS) will again confront each other in the Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Athlon-platform segment with their latest chipsets, the KT333 from VIA and SiS745 from SiS.

Shuttle AK35GTR Motherboard in Video Review

SIS gets enormous write-up
CHINESE WIRE Digitimes has published a heap of market information about Silicon Integrated Systems (SIS) on its Web site today. The piece goes rather over the top with headlines like "great performance and potential", "more advanced specs boost product popularity" and "attractive in the OEM and notebook markets as well", but if you dodge these, there's some factual info about its up and coming chipsets too.

Aopen AK77 Plus Motherboard Review
This good looking jet-black motherboard from Aopen is the hallmark of a new trend in motherboards - designer colours! While this really makes no difference in terms of performance, anything is better than the old brown standard of old.

ACorp 7KT266A Motherboard Review
ACorp is yet another relatively unknown motherboard manufacturer here in North America, however they're not that new to the market. Acorp's customer base is mainly in Asia where they have been making motherboards for a while now. From what have have seen, the company focuses on the value market, and the 7KT266A is no exception. Retailing for about USD$90 ($130 CDN) this is what you get...

KT 333A to have 512K V/Link
VIA IS MAKING TWO variants of its up and coming KT-333 chipset. Vlink 512 MB/s technology as well as AGP 8X support will be part of the Via KT333A. V link 512 will be implemented through a new south bridge that will have USB 2.0 support as well.
The Inquirer

ECS K7VTA3 Motherboard
This motherboard by ECS (http://www.ecs.com.tw) is a very simple model of socket A motherboard that accepts RAM memories of the DDR-SDRAM kind. It does not have fantastic features and this is the great differential of this motherboard: a simple and cheap motherboard for those who want to try the new kind of high performance RAM memory, the DDR-SDRAM.

Gigabyte GA-7DXR Motherboard
This is the first socket A motherboard (that is, for Athlon and Duron processors) with support to the DDR-SDRAM that we have tested, and we got really amazed with the work done by Gigabyte (http://www.gigabyte.com.tw) with this motherboard.

MSI K7D Master Motherboard
The road to making dual CPUs a common thing in a power-user's machine originated quite some time ago. I remember my first dual CPU board- Abit's BP6. It was cheap and it let you run the even cheaper Celeron CPUs. The next shot at it was by VIA and we saw quite a few dual PIII boards from big players in the market like ECS and Gigabyte. That seems forgotten now as well. Now, we have AMD with their MPX chipset supporting a pair of Athlons- a CPU that has managed to find the sweet spot in many of our hearts because of it's price-performance ratio.

ASUS Prepared One More i845D Based Mainboard
After P4B266, ASUS developed one more mainboard based on the DDR chipset from Intel – i845D. It is P4B266-E boasting more advanced features than the predecessor. ASUS provided it with the integrated ATA/133 RAID controller built on Promise PDC20276 chip and changed the connectors location on the rear side of the mainboard having added an extra pair of USB ports.

VIA KT333 to Come This Week
The Inquirer wrote that VIA will be launching its KT333 chipset for Athlon systems this week, to be more exact on January 17 (which also got confirmed by our own reliable sources). According to The Inquirer, VIA KT333 will:

Support PC2700 DDR SDRAM;
Feature VT8223A South Bridge supporting ATA/133 interface;
Support AGP 8x;
Have V-Link bus between the Bridges with 533MB/sec bandwidth.

MSI K7T266 Pro 2 ver 2.0
Once again we find ourselves in the middle of another chip race. This time things are a little different though. Oh, how so you ask? How is this one unlike when Intel and AMD where slugging it out over the CPU MHz race. Well this time we are looking at a chipset war. Ali and SiS are battling it out for the low-en. And VIA, nVidia, plus even ATI with an Intel platform are all trying their best to pair up with manufactures to relieve you of some of your hard earned.

AOpen AX4B Pro Motherboard
AOpen has consistently been one of the leaders in the computer technology field. AOpen not only caters to the OEM and Business crowd, they also manufacture products that are very overclocker friendly. One thing you will generally notice about AOpen is the fact that they normally release their products a month or two behind the competition. Personally I think AOpen does this to make sure they have worked out all of the bugs BEFORE shipping out their final product.

Soyo SY-K7V DRAGON Plus motherboard Fire breathing and feature laden
THERE ARE A LOT of motherboards out there. Seriously. For example, say you're planning a system upgrade and decide to go with an Athlon and a KT266A motherboard. How many do you have to choose from? More than you want to think about, probably.

Tyan's Trinity 510 motherboard A hesitant step in the right direction
THOUGH TYAN HAS a reputation for stable, high-quality motherboards, they've never really done anything wild. Tyan doesn't color outside the lines, cut corners, run out of spec, or ruffle any feathers. Well, at least that's the way it used to be. Then Tyan got an exclusive deal to provide motherboards based on AMD's 760MP chipset for the first three months of its availability, and now they have a motherboard based on VIA's controversial and unlicensed P4X266 chipset. What's more, you can overclock it.


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VIA chystá čipovou sadu Apollo KT333A ?
Ještě před oficiálním uvedením čipové sady VIA Apollo KT333 se objevily informace o jejím nástupci. Jedná se o klasickou „A“ verzi, která bude doplněna o podporu sběrnice V-link s propustností 533 MB/s (její absence je jedna z podstatných kritik ve srovnání s konkurencí firmy SiS). Další zajímavou vlastností je podpora sběrnice USB 2.0, která je zabudovaná do nového south bridge. Připomínám jen ještě, že se nejedná o oficiální informace od výrobce.

VIA ProSavageDDR KM266 - integrovaná čipová sada pro Athlony
Mnoho uživatelů stolních počítačů nechce nic více než psát texty, brouzdat po internetu a hlavně nezaplatit za počítač příliš mnoho peněz - množství integrovaných komponent je tedy pro ně to pravé. Jedna z vhodných platforem je Socket A a čipová sada VIA ProSavageDDR KM266. www.svethardware.cz

Intel má chyby v PCI sběrnici u chipsetů
Intel tyto chyby nenazývá chybami, tedy anglickým slovem "bug", ale označuje je slovem "erratum". Tyto chyby jsou v chipsetech i850 a i860 a ovlivňují IDE disky a PCI sběrnici. U PCI sběrnice je efekt takový, že zatímco by se maximální přenosová rychlost mohla pohybovat kolem 133 MB/s, ve skutečnosti je tento limit někde kolem 90 MB/s. A u IDE disků je to velmi obdobné - 80 namísto 100 u ATA/100 rozhraní.

Přísně tajné: Odhalujeme plány VIA
Přísně tajné - odhalujeme plány VIA. PCtuningu se do rukou dostaly tajné plány přímo z VIA, které obsahují detailní informace o nových čipsetech a jejich uvedení v prvním poletí roku 2002. Již brzy se dočkáme čipsetů KT333, KT333A, P4X333 a P4X333A. Chcete se dozvědět více? Čtěte ...

21:50 AMD sníží ceny CPU 27. ledna
20:03 Recenze a testy
19:57 Athlon XP a co dál?
17:56 Nedostatečné množství ATI Radeon 8500?
06:55 Finanční výsledky AMD za Q4
06:48 Soltek SL75DRV5 (KT333+8233A)

VIARAMA - skrývají výrobci základních desek pro P4 svoji tvář ?
Výrobci základních desek určeným pro Pentium 4 postavené na platformě VIA Technologies skrývají svoji identitu. Je to dáno obavou před firmou Intel či se opravdu jedná schvalování základních desek firmou VIA?

Pentium 4 přetaktované na 3,5 GHz!
Fakt, že nová Pentia 4 s jádrem Northwood jsou velmi dobrá na přetaktování, je znám, vždyť nejrychlejší Pentium 4 má frekvenci 2,2 GHz a my jsme vám přinesli informace o přetaktované verzi na 3 GHz. Nyní se povedlo přetaktovat přes 3,5 GHz. Bylo sice použito vodní chlazení, ale vzhledem k faktu, že paměti běžely na 160 MHz, tak není jisté, jestli by Pentium 4 nešlo přetaktovat ještě více. Informace o tomto úspěchu se objevily na Holichově homepage. Jen tak si říkám, už aby co nejdříve AMD přešlo na 0,13 mikronovou výrobu procesorů. Donutí to Intel uvést rychlejší Pentia 4, což by pro něj zjevně nebyl problém udělat ihned, a zároveň zlevnit současné modely.

VIA uvede čipovou sadu KT333 tento týden
Mezi klíčové specifikace této čipové sady patří podpora paměťové technologie DDR333 a přenosového protokolu Ultra ATA/133. Nevýhodou je nízká přenosová rychlost mezi oběma čipy. Ty jsou spojeny sběrnicí V-link s propustností 266 MB/s. Připomínám, že konkurenční řešení od firmy SiS je schopno přenést dvojnásobné množství dat. Jedna z prvních základních desek s touto čipovou sadou je Asus A7V333. Zítra si o ní budete moci přečíst samostatný článek.

Kupujete SiS 645? Pořiďte si novou revizi!
Nová revize nejvýkonnější čipové sady pro Pentium 4 je již na trhu.

19:48 Hyperthreading explained
19:44 Recenze a testy
19:32 Epox 8KHA+ Bios Version 2108
19:31 Soltek 75DRV2 BIOS K4
02:28 ATI RADEON 7500 se 128MB paměti
02:20 ATI opouští Evropský trh?


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