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OCW review : MSI 845Ultra i845 DDR mainboard
The MSI 845 Ultra RU is one of the best features packed mainboard of year 2001. Supporting the latest technologies of ATA133 RAID and USB 2.0, it definitely appeals to those who wants the latest. The package also comes with a feast of softwares. In terms of performance, this board has the best engineers behind it. In fact, the performance is in fact slightly or very closely matched with the ABIT BD7-RAID board we tested earlier.

Intel 845D (i845 B-Step) Chipset Review
We have already complained in our articles that the situation in the chipset market has been changing amazingly fast lately. It is valid for the Athlon chipsets market as well as for the Pentium 4 chipsets. However, if the situation with Athlon chipsets has become more or less clear already (for more information, please, check our recent VIA KT266A Chipset Review), then the state of things in the Pentium 4 chipset market still has a lot of surprises ahead. Anyway, the major occasion, which should play a really important role in determining the near future of Pentium 4 processors is approaching us inevitably fast. And this occasion should be the upcoming launching of Intel 845D (B-Step) chipset - the first core logic from Intel supporting DDR SDRAM.

This motherboard by ECS (http://www.ecs.com.tw) is a very simple model of socket A motherboard that accepts RAM memories of the DDR-SDRAM kind. It does not have fantastic features and this is the great differential of this motherboard: a simple and cheap motherboard for those who want to try the new kind of high performance RAM memory, the DDR-SDRAM.

IWill XP333-R Overclocking Review
IWill has been manufacturing boards based on ALi MAGiK1 chipset ever since the first revision came out. IWill KA266 has came a long way seeing a number of revision of ALi MAGiK 1 chipset on it and there are many ups and downs along the way. Nevertheless, IWill has came out with their XP333-R board based on new ALi MAGiK1 revision C1 chipset. This board is perfected from users' point of views that will satisfy the demand of the users so we are going to take a look at it from an overclocker's point of view.

AOpen's KT266A
VIA's KT266A is what AMD had originally hoped for from third party chipset makers; a stable, high performance DDR chipset to match the Athlon. Sadly, things have not always been to good, the original KT266 was plagued with problems leaving AMD to push out 760 chipsets in the interim. The KT266A seems to have solved the riddle of DDR, and since it is a pin-for-pin drop in replacement for the ill-fated KT266, the transition was simple.

MSI K7T Turbo Limited Edition RAID Motherboard
One of MSI's less-than-spanking-new offerings into the motherboard market for Socket A CPU users, the K7T Turbo LE is one hell of a sweet motherboard, looks-wise. I bet most of you are wondering, what's up with the old school motherboard review, when nowadays DDR systems are readily available. The older KT133/KT133A chipset motherboards are still very much available for sale, albeit in much lesser numbers than before, at all computer stores.

DFI NB72-SR Motherboard
It seems that the i845 is a popular chipset to base a Pentium 4 motherboard around these days. With my review of the Asus P4B out of the way, the next board on my pile was DFI's NB72-SR. DFI are one of those companies that I had heard of but hadn't seen much from them in the way of products, especially to buy here in the UK.

Soyo SY-K7V DRAGON Plus! Motherboard Review
If you're in the market for one of the newest motherboards out now then one to certainly consider is the Soyo SY-K7V DRAGON Plus!. Here's a quote: We've poked and we prodded this board as thoroughly as we could. Soyo really have outdone themselves with this motherboard. This entire bundle has just about everything but the kitchen sink! Three DDR slots allow for more memory expansion capability than many of the competition. The onboard Promise controller performs like a champ and is definitely my preferred chipset over the HighPoint series controllers competitors use. The onboard audio provides ample audio quality and definitely shatters the traditional onboard audio stinks idea.

Shuttle AV40R P4X266 Motherboard
A few months ago, the Intel Pentium 4 processor was not a popular solution for the average computer system. The reason for that was not laying with the processor itself (yes it is more expensive than the Athlon from AMD, but each CPU has it's positive and negative points on which I won't debate any longer since so many have tried already ...) but with the memory that needed to be used with it. Everyone knows that RDRAM is way to expensive for the average computer enthusiast, so most people bought an AMD Athlon setup with DDR memory instead. DDR memory performs very good and more important, it is hardly more expensive than PC133 sticks ...

Soyo SY-K7V DRAGON Plus!
For those of you who have not heard of Soyo, they're currently one of Taiwan's premier motherboard manufacturers. Since it was founded in 1985, Soyo has expanded six subsidiary branch offices located in the U.S.A., Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, Korea and Japan and overseas distribution channels in more than 30 countries. By offering quality motherboards at affordable prices, Soyo has caught a lot of eyes. Soyo's latest venture in the motherboard arena brings us a motherboard based on VIA's latest KT266A chipset, the K7V DRAGON Plus. As tests have shown by various colleagues in the hardware industry, the KT266A is currently the fastest chipset available for the Athlon socketA platform. What did our friends in Taiwan manage to accomplish with this speedy chipset? Read on to find out!

Intel's i845 DDR Chipset Debuts - MSI's 845Ultra & DFI's NB70-SC
The market has been waiting for this one for a long time. Intel has authorized OEMs to begin shipping Brookdale (i845) based solutions, now with DDR SDRAM support. Finally, an Intel native alternative to RDRAM, for their flagship Pentium 4 Processor has arrived. Current success in the OEM sector, for Intel's PC133 incarnation of this platform, has paved the way for a natural migration path. With PC2100 DDR SDRAM on price parity with PC133 solutions, it is the proverbial "no brainer" for motherboard manufacturers and system level OEMs, to shift their product offerings to this higher performance solution at very competitive price points.

Asus A7V 266-E Motherboard
The use of the KT266 chipset from VIA was a short lived affair and it is only now, a few months after VIA released reference boards of the new and improved KT266a that we start to see it readily available. The Epox boards have been here in New Zealand for a while now, but two of the major player Asus and Abit have not had boards on the shelf. According to VIA the upgrade from KT266 to KT266a was simply a plug and pray replacement but it would seem that both Asus and Abit have taken this opportunity to revise their respective boards.

Very recently VIA established what they call the “VIA Platform Solutions Division” (VPSD), here is a short summary of what the VPSD is. Its aim is to provide our customers with a complete set of innovative platform building blocks for building high quality, high performance servers, workstations, PCs, and Total Connectivity devices that meet the needs of all market segments. At this stage the VPSD is currently developing motherboards which obviously sport VIA’s own chipsets.

In any case - let's get back to the motherboard at hand. For proper operation of memory and its power supply we have a special power supply unit located right below the memory slots, in the lower-right corner of the motherboard. There are two IDE Ultra DMA 100 channels supervised by VIA VT8233 SouthBridge, which is an integral part of the VIA KT-266A chipset.

Asus P4B Motherboard Review
It's not been long since I looked at Asus's i850 motherboard for Socket 478 P4's, the P4T-E. They were kind enough to send us their i845 based board for the same CPU at the same time. I've been keen to look at other options for the P4 since my first taste of the platform with the MSI 850 Pro5, another i850 board.


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Intel a DDR u Pentia 4 realitou!
Skutečnost, že Pentium 4 je možné "rozchodit" nejen s pamětmi Rambus, ale i obyčejnými SDRAM moduly a konečně také s DDR, je známá již delší dobu. O popularizaci se zasloužila především společnost VIA Tech. Nyní ovšem nadešel čas a spojení P4 + DDR tady máme přímo v originálu = od Intelu. Pokud tedy sledujete výkony sestav s procesory Pentium 4 ve spojení s různými typy pamětí, v následující recenzi se dozvíte vše potřebné...

D845BG - první deska s DDR od Intelu
Jak jsem již naznačil v nedávném preview „Ustupte prosím – Intel a DDR přicházejí“, dostali jsme k recenzování základní desku Intel D845BG, která je prvním intelovským P4 řešením podporující paměti DDR. Jak si vedla v testech a v porovnání se svými SDR a RDRAM kolegyněmi se dozvíte dále.

Intel chystá 1.3GHz/256K Celerony
Prodejci byli informováni, že Intel chystá nové Celerony s 256kB cache. Objevit by se měly již začátkem roku (3.ledna?) a měly by nahradit předchozí Celerony na stejných frekvencích. Intel nabídne hned tři: Celeron 1.0A (BX80530F1000256), Celeron 1.1 (BX80530F1100256) a Celeron 1.3 (BX80530F1300256). Všechny tři jsou pak určeny pro 100MHz FSB. Jen o několik dnů později (jak jsme vás informovali již koncem listopadu) by se na trhu měly objevit P4 2.0A a 2.2 s 512kB cache, ovšem jen pro Socket N (478 pinů). A ještě ceny: C 1GHz/256 75U$, C 1.1GHz/256 $90, C 1.2GHz/256 $105 a 1.3GHz/256 $125. P4 pak vyjdou na $440 (2GHz), respektive $629 (2,2GHz). Zajímavé je, že původně chtěl Intel tyto P4 prodávat o něco levněji, a to až o 20U$! Ceny jsou to pro distributory.

20:12 Recenze a testy
20:09 Všehochuť
20:08 Užitečné prográmky
20:06 ATI DVD Player 5.0
20:04 MSI BIOSy
20:03 GigaByte BIOSy
20:02 FIC BIOSy
20:01 Asus BIOSy
20:01 Abit BIOSy
19:31 Pentium 4 se 533MHz FSB ve druhém čtvrtletí
19:23 Duron MP zmizel z roadmapy
00:22 Chipset i845D - jen průměrný produkt

LEVI Support
19.12. - Nový BIOS pro Abit ST6 a ST6-RAID (v6A, podpora Celeronu 1.3GHz)
18.12. - Vydán USB patch pro SiS čipset a Windows XP

VIA KN266 - výkonnost a mobilita pro AMD
Jak již sám název napovídá, tentokráte VIA přichází s čipsetem podporujícím procesory AMD. Je to tedy obdobné řešení, jakým byl první integrovaný DDR čipset P4M266 pro Pentium 4, tentokráte ale pro platformu procesorů od firmy AMD. A jelikož se grafická jádra S3 Graphics osvědčila...

Ještě jednou Detonatory nVidie
Díky upozornění dvou čtenářů jsem se dozvěděl, že u nVidie už zase lze stáhnou normální Detonator drivery verze 23.11. Jak jsem psal včera, byla tam 21.83. Buď se rozhodli, že to není jejich problém, nebo jsou tyto detonátory trochu jiné než ty 23.11 co byly dříve. Pokud by někdo z těch, jimž dělala dřívější 23.11 problémy, byl ochoten ozkoušet i ty co jsou tam vystaveny nyní a dát ostatním info, rád ho zveřejním.

Duel ve vyšší-střední třídě: Athlon XP 1600+ vs. Pentium 4 1.7
Doplněno/Oživeno: Téměř každý rytíř se ve středověku účastnil turnajů bojujíce o přízeň sličných dam. Nyní, v 21. století, se pořádají klání nová - rytíři byli nahrazeni procesory, a ti zase bojují o přízeň potenciálních zákazníků. Jedno takové klání procesorů jsme pro vás připravili. Athlon XP 1600+ vyrazil na svém koni, aby porazil ne první pohled silnější Pentium 4 1,7 GHz. Kdo vyhraje? Čtěte dál ...

21:18 Nové opravy pro IE 5.5 a 6.0
20:27 Jak dostat z chipsetu nForce největší výkon
19:57 AMD 760MPX - další vada na kráse?
19:42 Asus BIOSy
19:41 Recenze a testy
19:05 AMD oznámilo 1GHz mobilní Duron
18:49 3. ledna Intel představí Celeron 1.0A
21:19 Recenze a testy
20:35 Visiontek bude dělat referenční designy pro NVIDII
12:02 Které detonátory jsou nejlepší?
10:29 Chipsety A4 a A3 od ATi

Pondělí, 17. prosince 2001 AthlonXP 1600+ 1,4 Ghz na 1,88 Ghz a nastavenie BIOSU na MSI K7T266 Pro2
Pondělí, 17. prosince 2001 Bigtower Chieftech
Neděle, 16. prosince 2001 ABIT BD7-RAID
Neděle, 16. prosince 2001 Update VIA 4in1 4.36a
Neděle, 16. prosince 2001 Copak je to za vojáka???
Neděle, 16. prosince 2001 Jak na Peltiera...
Pátek, 14. prosince 2001 AthlonXP 1600+ s matičnou doskou SOltek 75DRV2 od DC-ho
Pátek, 14. prosince 2001 Úprava chlazení grafického jádra
Pátek, 14. prosince 2001 Abit KR7A-RAID

LEVI Support
16.12. - Aktualizován ovladač čipsetu VIA 4IN1 verze 4.36 r3
14.12. - Nový BIOS pro ECS P4VXASD (verze z 7.12.2001)


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