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ASUS A7V266-E Motherboard
Select Page Introduction, the first impressions ASUS' Turbo mode, overclocking Results, conclusion Certainly one of the recently most wished for motherboards has finally appeared in the shops. After numerous assumptions and pictures of "pre-release" samples, ASUS A7V266-E is finally among us. Just as a reminder - A7V266-E motherboard is based on VIA KT-266A chipset of the latest generation that is also currently the fastest platform for AMD's Socket A series of processors.

Shuttle AV45GTR Motherboard
Those guys at Shuttle work fast- REAL fast. No sooner had we heard about VIA's new "A" version of their P4X266 chipset, we got an email from them asking us if we would be interested in reviewing their board based on this chipset and within five days of that, the AV45GTR arrived. Although it has hardly been a few months since the original P4X266 chipset came out, VIA probably started feeling the heat with both SiS and ALi announcing and releasing their P4/DDR chipsets with DDR-333 support. And thus VIA decided to tweak their chipset to improve performance and add ATA-133 support- however, DDR333 is still not supported. Lets find out how this new P4X266A chipset based Shuttle AV45GTR performs.

DFI NT70-SA Motherboard Review
It wasn’t long ago that I realized that the days of the PIII Flipchip were seriously numbered and the time would soon be upon me to get onboard with the P4. I would of preferred to wait until I was ready, spending more quality time with the Tualatin, but the good folks at DFI were not going to allow that to happen. Recently I received an email from my friends at DFI, informing me that a new P4 motherboard was on the way from Taiwan and it was time to fire up the review machine.

Iwill XP333-R Motherboard
From the people who brought you the world's first available DDR mainboard, the KA266. Now come's the world's first DDR 333mhz mainboard, Iwill's XP333. Like Iwill's previous DDR boards, the XP333 is also based on the ALi Magik 1 Chipset which BTW was also the first DDR chipset available for the AMD Athlon and Duron processors. Using ALi's Magik 1 C-version chipset, Iwill again promises to deliver the newest technology into your hands with the release of their XP333 DDR mainboard.

VIA’s P4M266 chipset
Today I give you the worlds first look at VIA’s P4M266 chipset. This exclusive will give you the rundown on VIA’s latest chipset whilst demonstrating the power of the new VIA ProSavageDDR integrated graphics engine. The P4M266 not only boasts VIA’s latest integrated graphics solution, but also offers Ultra ATA133 support, boosting an extra 33% more bandwidth between the CPU and Hard Drive over ATA100. To make the chipset even more innovative VIA have added support for integrated 3Com networking, both these enhancements have been made possible by the introduction of the VT8233A south bridge.

Abit BL7 RAID Motherboard
Pentium 4 gained a lot from the market attention lately. As we were able to find out from the Intel Round table held here in Romania Pentium III is no longer manufactured and the actual Celeron will be discontinued early next year. It's not a surprise that Intel doesn't manufacture Pentium III any more, but we found quite interesting that they will renounce to the IA32 traditional architecture Celeron so soon.

MSI K7T266 Pro2 KT266A Motherboard
Everybody knows what to look for when buying a motherboard; feature, stability, performance and price. Each motherboard manufacturer chooses to excel in one area, e.g. Asus is famous in stability not price. MSI, on the other hand, chooses to offer a good compromise on all four areas. It offers a stable platform, reasonable price, good selection of feature. We will see if it can uphold the tradition in this K7T266 Pro2.

Soyo SY-K7V Dragon Motherbaord Review
The concept of 'designer' hardware seems to have sprung up fairly recently due to the increasing popularity of the case modification scene. Personal Computers have long since passed being the boring beige boxes that sit under your desk, whirring away and have turned into something to look at and admire.

Asus Intros AN266 nForce Motherboard
Taipei, Taiwan, November 19, 2001 – The world’s leading motherboard manufacturer, ASUS, today announced the release of the A7N266 Series NVIDIA nForce-based motherboard for socket A processors. The A7N266 Series is the premier motherboard offering complete integrated features without sacrificing performance. Built upon the advanced nForce chipset architecture, the A7N266 Series features powerful GeForce2 level 3D graphics, 5.1 audio and integrated LAN for an all-in-one solution with exceptional performance and value. Available models include A7N266-E with Dolby™ 5.1 audio and the A7N266 with onboard C-media 6-channel audio.

Review of the MSI K7T266 Pro2/RU Via KT26A (Socket A)
Also MSI mixes together immediately in the via KT26A-Klasse and presents with the fire-new K7T266 Pro2/RU the flag ship in the product row. In our via KT266 chip set at that time comparison, got the K7T266 pro the performance crown. Mittlewrweile received very many inquiries to us bezuegl. this plate and are very glad therefore we, which we can present you this Review finally. How well the update succeeded on the new chip sentence revision, we will detailed report you at some tests.


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V dnešní recenzi se podíváme na základní desku Soltek SL-85SD+, která je stejně jako mnoho současných modelů „oblečena“ do červeného kabátku.

21:17 ASUS Stuff
21:17 Ovladače od Creative
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21:02 Recenze a testy
19:37 Co chystá EPoX
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21:15 Microsoft vs Intel
21:05 Recenze a testy
21:03 Twins cooler pro Pentium 4
20:40 ALi AGP ovladač
20:38 HighPoint stuff
20:36 3COM ovladače
16:33 Problémy Memtestu 86 s deskou ECS K7S5A

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První pohled: ABIT KR7A
Jedna z nejočekavanějších desek tohoto roku ABIT KR7A s čipsetem KT266A se již brzy objeví na trhu. Připravili jsme si proto pro vás první nahlédnutí pod "sukně" této zajímavé základní desky. Má cenu KR7A kupovat? Překoná tato deska konkurenci? Odpověd hledejte v článku ...

LEVI Support
19.11. - Nové ovladače pro modemy Pine (FM-3621/3623) a Windows XP
18.11. - Vydán výchozí BIOS pro desku Abit KR7A (5D z 7.11.2001)

Souboj procesorů AMD a Intel Procesory
V laboratořích známého serveru Tom's hardware guide byly provedeny velice zajímavé testy v nichž své síly poměřily procesory odvěkých rivalů - společností AMD a Intel. Zajímavé je zejména srovnání nových procesorů Duron 1.2 GHz s jádrem Morgan a Celeron 1.2GHz s jádrem Tualatin.


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