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Elitegroup Motherboards, or ECS as they are known, has have just recently made a name for themselves. Though being around for nearly 15 years, it has only been in the last two that ECS have really gained any popularity.

Epox 8KHA KT266
Five years ago if I said the name Epox, you would probably have asked "Who?". Now, if you mention Epox, just about everyone knows who you are taking about. Epox's most famous line of motherboards were the MVP3 PC100 Socket 7 line of motherboards supporting its own AGP 2x slot.

Iwill KK266 Plus Review
Active Hardware has posted a sweet review of the Iwill KK266Plus mainboard....it's based on the VIA KT133A Chipset...featuring onboard 6-channel soun....and must be considered one of the best KT133A based boards ever made...read on and find out why ! :)

Abit KG7-RAID Motherboard
After hearing rumours about this KG7 here and there, the great moment finally came: the KG7 RAID was released to the public and a few days later I had the board up and running in the O˛ testlabs. With the KG7, Abit has its first attempt at building a socketA motherboard featuring DDR memory. As you may or may not know, Abit plans to carry two socketA motherboards with DDR support: the KG7 which we are looking at today, and the KR7 which is still under developement and should be out within the next few weeks.

Iwill KK266 Plus VIA KT133A socket A
The IWill KK266 Plus is the latest revision of the original KK266 motherboard. In fact, asides from a few minor modifications and a new audio circuit, the two appear to be practically identical; they come with the same features, offer the same functions, and integrate the same various refinements.

The Gigabyte GA-7DX Rev 4.0 AMD 761TM Mainboard...
Continuing our season of motherboard reviews we are glad to show the Gigabyte GA-7DX another motherboard using the AMD 761 chipset and the Via VT82C686B Southbridge.

ECS K7VTA3 ATX Socket A Motherboard Review
We take a look at the ECS K7VTA3 based on the VIA KT266 chipset. This is the first ECS board I have reviewing myself. Yes, that is a pink PCB, in stark contrast to the black Soyo K7V Dragon I looked a couple of weeks ago.

Iwill KK266+ KT133A Motherboard
The KK266+ is another great motherboard from Iwill. It is fast and stable with high overclocking ability. The onboard six channels sound is also big bonus as it is far better than any ordinary onboard sound chip.

DFI CS62-TC Tualatin Motherboard!
In my reviews I have tried to be consistent in regards to the type of benchmarking I do. Running hours of benchmarks so at to get the best all around picture of particular board or product. During the last few reviews a few thing have become apparent. I have found the most benefit from the other labor-intensive benchmarks like the Mad Onion Suite and the ZD Bop scores.

ABIT's motherboard roadmaps
By the first quarter of the year 2002, you can expect ABIT to release eight different motherboards - five for the Intel platform and three for the AMD platform. Here's the list of new mothrboards you can expect from ABIT in the near future

Iwill KK266Plus Review
I also saw on Blue's that Active Hardware has posted a review of the Iwill KK266Plus that is also based on the VIA KT133A chipset.

Asus A7V133-C Review
I saw on Blue's that Checkyour6 has posted a review of the Asus A7V133-C. This board uses the VIA KT133A chipset.

GHz Athlon Review
AlantaOC have posted a review of a GHz Athlon they got up to over 1.5GHz.

VIA KT266A Board List
JJC let me know that VIA has a page up that lists upcoming VIA KT266A boards.


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Kanál AvantGo

RAF'S Hardware
14:35 nVidia Windows 2000/XP Refresh Rate Fix
10:15 Recenze a testy

Skutečným 64-bitovým procesorem Intel bude až McKinley
Prvního „použitelného“ 64-bitového procesoru od Intelu bychom se měli dočkat už příští rok...

RAF'S Hardware
20:39 Dualni zakladni deska od Gigabyte
20:30 Nove Epox biosy s podporou Palomina
20:39 Recenze a testy
20:38 Microprocessor Forum
11:42 NvMax Beta v3.00.50
10:26 FIC VC11 a VC31 BIOS

Další grafická karta MSI (55)
Firma MSI ohlásila vydání další grafické karty (pokud se nemýlíme, tak již deváté), která je postavena na čipu NVIDIA MX400 - MX400 Pro-TD64S (MS-8837).

Desky MSI VI.
Po šesté se vracím k deskám MSI. Jak již zde bylo v komentářích zmíněno některé desky MSI s čipsety KT133 a KT133A mají malou chybu v napájení CPU...

Chystá se smršť nových procesorů
AMD, Intel, Transmeta, VIA, ti všichni chtějí předvést své nejnovější procesory v jediný den.


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