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IWill XP333-R Overclocking Review
IWill has been manufacturing boards based on ALi MAGiK1 chipset ever since the first revision came out. IWill KA266 has came a long way seeing a number of revision of ALi MAGiK 1 chipset on it and there are many ups and downs along the way. Nevertheless, IWill has came out with their XP333-R board based on new ALi MAGiK1 revision C1 chipset. This board is perfected from users' point of views that will satisfy the demand of the users so we are going to take a look at it from an overclocker's point of view.

ECS K7VTA3 Rev2 KT266A Motherboard Review
Back in August of this year, I did my first review of an Elitegroup motherboard, the ECS K7S5A motherboard that was based on the SiS 735 chipset. This board was a huge success for the company and was the stepping-stone they were looking for in order to enter the PC enthusiast market in the US and in Europe.

MSI nForce Motherboard Review
With nForce having been around for a little while but not in serious quantity, we were eager to get our hands on a board. MSI were happy to oblige with a full retail box of their nForce offering, the K7N420 Pro. NVIDIA have really pushed the boat out with their debut PC chipset and have come along way from the old Riva boards and partnership with SGS Thompson.

EPoX 8KHA+ Socket A Motherboard (KT266A) review
Epox's latest offering for AMD CPU owners has been built around the VIA KT266a chipset, this newer revision of the chipset is supposed to improve memory performance among other things, first of all here we have some key points for the chipset:

EPoX's KT266A
EPoX stepped back into the enthusiast mainboard arena with their KT133A board. When we spoke to their folks at both Computex and Comdex, they seemed to want to continue filling our niche market. With that I give you their KT266A mainboard. If you don't want to upgrade after you read this, you may want to take a pulse.

Intel 845D (i845 B-Step) Chipset Review
We have already complained in our articles that the situation in the chipset market has been changing amazingly fast lately. It is valid for the Athlon chipsets market as well as for the Pentium 4 chipsets. However, if the situation with Athlon chipsets has become more or less clear already (for more information, please, check our recent VIA KT266A Chipset Review), then the state of things in the Pentium 4 chipset market still has a lot of surprises ahead. Anyway, the major occasion, which should play a really important role in determining the near future of Pentium 4 processors is approaching us inevitably fast. And this occasion should be the upcoming launching of Intel 845D (B-Step) chipset - the first core logic from Intel supporting DDR SDRAM.

Motherboard: MSI K7N420 Pro Review
MSI is well known on this site and around the world as the company that wants to be the number one bad boy in the Silicon manufacturing market. Always keeping in step with ASUS has earned them the second place spot in the world of motherboard manufacturers for the past few years. They are constantly trying to reinvent themselves and gain ground in the technology field. This fact has kept them growing for the past few years, in a market that has slowed down considerably for most companies.

Review - Shuttle AK31A (KT266A)
Motherboards, they are probably the most important componant in the system. Motherboards are far to often overlooked more than the processor, or video card. Shuttle Computer, a midsize company based out of Taiwan was made famous in the socket-a arena by their AK31 motherboard based on the VIA KT266 chipset. Shuttle saw a pretty good sucess with the AK31, but since is was on the buggy KT266 chipset, some AMD760 based motherboards, such as the EpoX 8K7A were doing better.

DFI WT70-EC Motherboard
On the market today, DFI is one of the biggest motherboard manufacturers in the world. They manufacture a broad range of motherboards from those old socket seven boards all the way to the new socket 478 boards. Today we managed to get one of DFI's socket 423 boards for review. It isn't too fancy, but with an estimated street price of only $150 USD, it is a huge bargain!

EPoX 8KHA+ KT266A Motherboard
Some time ago VIA released the successor to the very popular KT266 chipset called KT266A. Due to a lack of strong chipset performance in it's predecessors, demand was high for this one. Especially in memory benchmarks, the earlier VIA chipset was getting it's bottom kicked by the others. That was one of the main reasons why AMD decided to keep their own chipset available to motherboard manufacturers. As you know, AMD released the 761 northbridge just to give 3rd party manufacturers enough time to come up with one of their own chipsets. When VIA released the KT266, people were a bit dissapointed because the AMD chipset was kicking the living daylights out of it and AMD had no other choice than to keep their own chipset in circulation.

All you ASUS fans are foaming at the mouth for this one, as it packs the extremely fast KT266A chipset. Has ASUS done us proud this time round? And, yeah, what if your heatsink falls off?

MSI K7N420 Pro - nForce Motherboard
Today on review we have the MSI K7N420 Pro motherboard, a SocketA motherboard using DDR memory. This motherboardboard is the first non-reference board using NVIDIA's "Crush" or nForce chipset. Why is the nForce chipset so interesting? Well, for a start, it's the first attempt at a motherboard chipset by NVIDIA, who have over the last two years established a strong domination of the video chipset industry. The way the motherboard chipset industry works is very similar to their approach to video cards. NVIDIA design and produce the chipsets and sell them to other companies who produce usable products around them. So, given their experience we'd expect them to have some success in this new market. The development of this new chipset has been watched with much anticipation and it's finally here.

Gigabyte 7VTXH (KT266A chipset) Motherboard
With a lots of boards based on KT266A chipset available in the market, another board from Motherboard Giant Gigabyte is going to splash the hardware market with the board namely GA-7VTXH which is again based on KT266A chipset. Also, with this board Gigabyte is also giving away Dual-BIOS :o)) It`s a feature of the board so that in case if the BIOS is destroyed through improper flashing of the BIOS, or through manual modifications of the flash file then motherboard would be able to use the other BIOS "backup BIOS' available onboard.

Tiger MPX (S2466) Motherboard
The Tiger MPX provides breakthrough performance for power-user PCs, ultra-fast workstations and entry-level servers. Designed around the AMD-760 MPX chipset, it supports two AMD Athlon MP Processors and features a 66MHz 64-bit PCI bus for superior I/O performance. The Tiger MPX also supports high-speed Double Data Rate (DDR) memory, multiple 64-bit and 32-bit PCI perpherals, a 266MHz system bus, 4x AGP graphics card, dual-channel ATA-100, and more. For cost-effective, cutting-edge SMP performance, choose Tyan's Tiger MPX.

MSI 845 Ultra-ARU
Ever since the Pentium 4 architecture was unveiled one question that the technical community has asked repeatedly and loudly was “When will the P4 gain DDR support?” At the time Intel dodged such questions, choosing instead to repeatedly emphasize its own positioning of RDRAM as the top-performing memory and chipset technology for the new processor.


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Jsou nyní na řadě sériové paměti?!?
Tak již došlo i na paměťové moduly, říkáte si.. Ano jisté snahy o sériové paměti jsou patrné, ovšem na "SerialRAM" v pravém slova smyslu si budeme muset ještě nějakou dobu počkat, i když kdo ví. Nicméně se dnes zcela určitě dozvíte něco málo o paměťových buňkách 1T/1C.

Chipset AMD-760 MPX oficiálně uveden
Včera firma AMD ještě vydala oficiální informace o chipsetu AMD-760 MPX. Jde o chipset pro dvouprocesorové Socket A systémy. V článku se dozvíte, jak se liší od svého předchůdce AMD-760 MP, jaké technologie podporuje a dozvíte se informace o prvních šesti základních deskách na něm postavených.

nVidia uznala svou chybu
nVidia potichu na webu přestala nabízet ke stažení Detonatory XP 23.11 a navrátila se rovnou až k verzi 21.83. To potvrzuje slova jednoho našeho čtenáře: "Tyto problémy měl již detonator 22.50. Poslední, který ještě fungoval byl 21.88.". Jde o problémy, které jsme popisovali minulý týden ve čtvrtek (tady a tady) a o jejichž opravu na VIA chipsetech se postaral poslední VIA 4in1 ovladač (viz Bleskovky). U ostatních chipsetů oprava nebyla a stále není dostupná. Na druhou stranu, pokud se podíváte na stránku driverů u nVidie, najdete tam u Windows 9x, ME, 2000 a XP mimo Detonatorů XP 21.83 ještě Detonatory XP Stereo 3D, které zůstávají postaveny na verzi 23.11. Třeba se u nich chyby neprojevovaly, kdo ví.

Intel upravuje ceny čipsetu i845
Inovovaný čipset i845 B0 disponující podporou pamětí DDR SDRAM ještě nebyl oficiálně představen a Intel již upravuje ceny.

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14:01 Via oznámila integrovaný chipset KN266
13:51 AMD oznámilo chipset AMD-760 MPX
13:26 Windows XP - tipy a triky

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LEVI Support
13.12. - Nový BIOS pro AX3S-U (v1.05, přidaná podpora Tualatinu)
12.12. - Vydán nový ovladač čipsetu VIA 4IN1 verze 4.36


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