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Epox 8KHA+ KT266A Motherboard Review
Epox has quickly worked to become one of the best know motherboard manufacturers in the market today and it shows. Unless you have been hiding from motherboard information recently, you will have heard of the success and popularity of Epox’s AMD-760 chipset based 8K7A motherboard. This board reigned supreme as our top pick for a motherboard for quite some time. Epox was even able to show off the slightly under-powered original KT266 chipset in their 8KHA motherboard just a few weeks ago.

ABIT KT7A v1.3 BIOS which supports AMD XP CPU's
Abit has released a bios for it's v1,3 mainboard called the KT7A, but as Julio informed you about earlier this is only for v1,3 of this mainboard, the earlier versions doesn't support this CPU (XP) in hardware...
1. Support AMD AthlonXP CPU.
2. HPT 370 RAID BIOS version 1.11.0402.
3. BIOS compile date: 10/12/2001.

SiS645/SiS961 Open Architecture DDR333 Chipset Review
Aug. 9, 2001 will be considered to be a turning point in the era of the latest technology, which is easy adaptable to pocket. On this day Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. (SiS), a leading core logic and graphics supplier announced its SiS645/SiS961 for Intel Pentium 4 Platform with DDR333 Support. At that time also the controversy between intel and VIA was on full strength and suddenly SiS came to picture. And we were again first to introduce you with the chipset as usual :o)

Gigabyte GA-7DXR AMD-760 - motherboard
AMD has had quite a success story in the past year, even though their current financial situation might imply other wise. Not only have they been able to claim the speed crown with the ground breaking performance of Thunderbird processors, but they also saturated the value market with the high performance/low priced Durons.

Soyo SY-K7V Dragon VIA KT266 socket A DDR - motherboard
As a manufacturer, Soyo has long had a reputation for producing quality products; a fact that's made them quite popular with the general, computer-buying public. Still, they've never shown too much interest in meddling in the Overclocking arena in the past. That all seems set to change with the introduction of the SY-K7V Dragon, though.

Download BIOS for KT7A / KT7A-raid V1.3 and newer
kt7s5s.exe Support AMD AthlonXP CPU.
HPT 370 RAID BIOS version 1.11.0402.
BIOS compile date: 10/12/2001.

kt7s4t.exe Support AMD 1.4GHz(133) CPU.
HPT 370 RAID BIOS version 1.11.0402.
BIOS compile date: 08/24/2001.

kt7s3n.exe First release for KT7A/KT7A-RAID V 1.3 or newer.
HPT 370 RAID BIOS version 1.11.0402.
BIOS compile date: 07/05/2001.

There has only been one good thing come out of the world's worsening economy and that is prices on good and services are remaining low. Especially on computers and computer upgrades. It wasn't too long ago when a 128mb module of memory meant that you had a "God like" computer. 256mb modules was something you dreamed about and 512mb modules was just a myth that only Network Administrators who worked at multi million dollar companies talked about. Today, even us lower class citizens can afford a stick of 512!

A preview of Leadtek WinFast 7350KDA - motherboard
The success of SiS735 is in its low price/performance ratio which really stunned the users worldwide. This is definitely very true for the ECS K7S5A which was priced at a mere USD69 and the expansion of the ECS sector forum with a 2017 topics and 13330 posts just within 2 months since the inception of this forum. It just proves one thing, users prefer low cost high performance boards.

Abit KG7 RAID Motherboard Review
Take just about any motherboard on the market today, pack it in a box and put the Abit name and logo on the front and you can be sure everybody will want it. This kind of loyal following doesn't just come from clever marketing and hype, it comes from generation upon generation of high performing and innovative products that always seem to take the best of what's on offer then add to it. Abit motherboards are amongst the most desirable on the market, but in a fickle world they also know that a reputation like theirs can't just be taken for granted and that every new product needs to exhibit that Abit magic that will keep them in the hearts and minds of the true enthusiast.


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Plány Intelu – redukce cen a uvedení „osekané“ verze Pentia 4
Intel se vrací na výsluní a kromě výrazného zlevnění nových procesorů připravuje nový low-endový model.

Opět nová pouzdra, tentokráte pro 20 GHz procesory. A také vícečipové CPU.
Nové zapouzdření umožní rychlejší čipy s jednou miliardou tranzistorů. A co nová technologie přinese a především, kdy se rychlejší mikroprocesory objeví na trhu? Navíc se hovoří i o vícečipových procesorech...

11:32 AMD roadmapa
16:09 ATi Radeon WHQL drivery
12:56 Abit KT7A a KG7 BIOS

Sbohem RAMBUS? Paměti
Výrobci základních desek se shodují v názoru, že již tři roky trvající zápas pamětí typu R-DRAM zanedlouho skončí.
Athlon na frekvenci 2,24 GHz
Kam až sahají hranice přetaktování procesorů Athlon 1.4 GHz? Odpověď můžete nalézt na serveru Vr-zone.com. Dozvíte se, jak takový procesor přetaktovat přes hranici 2,24 GHz, což je opravdu impozantní výsledek. Co k tomu potřebujete?

Desky s čipsetem VIA KT266A v prodeji
12.10.2001 Uplynul téměř měsíc od oficiálního vydání nové opravené verze čipové sady VIA KT266 s vylepšeným paměťovým řadičem


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